Old country kitchens: 10 ways make

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Today, to find time to communicate is not just like, not something that your friends and even your own family members, and that you have to collect all conversations on or in the morning or in the evening, coming home from work. Since this time coincides with the time of breakfast or dinner, it turns out that such “conversations action” often takes place in the kitchen. And this is another reason to make it specific and multi-functional space as comfortable as possible. Cozy old country kitchen should be a haven of home heat, able to support the family solidarity.

Comfortable home old country kitchens

Sometimes modern women, especially residents of megacities, trying to hold in her kitchen as little time and committed, not because they are busy with career advancement, or they frankly do not have enough time for cooking, and in view of the fact that their kitchen completely wrong organized labor zone. Mistress has to rush from one corner to create something edible. But this is incredibly tedious! Therefore, creating a nice old country kitchens is sure to take advantage of such a design course, usually a triangle. It states that the refrigerator, stove and sink should be the vertices of an imaginary triangle, because the hostess at work in the kitchen mainly moves between these three points.

A great idea would be to split the kitchen area. Ideally, the dining group will be located at a substantial distance from the plate. Do not use the dining table as a work surface; better think how to arrange a convenient space for this in the area “kitchen triangle”. The working area of old country kitchen decor will only become practical when all commonly used utensils will be placed at your fingertips. The large spacious kitchen resolve the issue of its rational placement will not be a problem, but what to do in a limited space in which everything is not enough space?

There is a solution: use in the decoration of a kitchen standard headset. Choose room furniture, ordered according to their own sketches. While working on the decor cozy kitchen, engage each square centimeter, not only sex, but also the walls. In a small room should be an abundance of wall cabinets and shelves. At the same time on them, and they should be stored only really need you in the kitchen things, not useless decorations, and vain occupying valuable space and do not carry any practical use.

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Also, do not buy for a modest kitchen is not too dates of your appliances, especially a technique that duplicates the functions already present in everyday life.

How to create a cozy old country kitchen

To create a cozy interior, of course, you need to properly and place the wall, and to buy nice furniture, but most of the work in this direction will perform:

  • Textile
  • Lighting
  • Lovely trinkets
  • Games with light

It is impossible to make the atmosphere comfortable old country kitchen designs if it is properly illuminated. Believe, you do not help any tricks! Since we are talking about a specific room, and the light in it is distributed is unusual. On the one hand, the kitchen should be brightly lit, so you could easily find the right little thing in the closet, make dinner or spend cleaning, and with another – flowing light should be soft, the most diffuse and create an easy intimate mystery, conducive to relaxation and conversation. But how to do that? The best way to solve all the problems and get really cozy kitchen – different tier coverage. Let’s start a conversation with the ceiling lights. Its main purpose – to maintain in the evening at the proper level lighting. Rationally does this include partially illuminated, and then you will be much easier to adjust the light intensity according to the situation.

At arrangement of ceiling lighting can be used:

  • Built-point devices
  • Overhead lights
  • Bus lighting
  • LED tape

The working area needs to be brighter and more focused illumination. With this task perfectly cope:

  • Overhead lights. It may be fluorescent, halogen or LED. These models served directed streams of light, so the cooking process becomes really comfortable. Any of the above types of luminaires are mounted under the cupboards, more precisely, on their lower surfaces.
  • Unusually light will be perceived in open shelves.
  • Miraculously option is glass, and an apron with integrated lighting. It should not be ignored and the dining area. Here, the perfect solution would be low-hanging over the table lamp with the beautiful original canopy or shade. If such old country kitchen designs for the style of decoration of your cozy kitchen seems too cumbersome, you can use several fine suspensions with slight shades. In the case when the table abuts the wall sconce can be used, directly pouring out the light on its surface.

Remember, properly chosen lighting design:

  • Perfectly complement the kitchen ambience.
  • Emphasize the interior dignity.
  • Hide from the eyes of outsiders existing flaws.
  • Decorative inclusion as a source of comfort
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The special atmosphere in the room only appears when filling it with stylish accessories and decorative elements. Sad room instantly transformed with the advent of the original decoration of the clock, painted sets, vases and figurines. The situation in this old fashioned country kitchen designs will be more solemn, but this does not become less enjoyable.

Emphasize the home comfort of the room will help children’s drawings, magnets on the refrigerator and, of course, potted flowers. On the table can show off the kettle, surrounded by cups or fruit stand in a beautiful wicker basket.

What use items and how many decorative elements will be present in your cozy kitchen you decide on an individual basis. The main thing is that all the administration was perfectly coordinated with each other and with the surrounding space.

The cozy kitchen and a sense of style

In design there are fashion trends, too, so modern kitchens are increasingly meet our minimalist, modern style and high-tech interior.

These areas liked the townsfolk for the clarity of lines, simple shapes; do not overload furniture and the ability to see in the decoration of such modern materials such as plastic, metal and glass.

The minimalist decor

The kitchen, which has such an interior, always light and airy. A characteristic feature of minimalism became monochrome, which certainly gives the kitchen volume and expands the space. To get a cozy kitchen, the dominant color is better to make some shade of the color spectrum of light.

Such kitchen furniture is present in a minimum amount. All the items that appeared in the atmosphere have flat facades and straight silhouettes.

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The coldness of minimalist decor can be mitigated by the presence of objects made of wood.

High-tech in the kitchen decor

This style is perfect for such multifunctional rooms such as kitchens. It makes the situation in these modern and devoid of originality. The main advantages of this are practical decor, colorful, gorgeous light and crisp lines.


The comfortable old fashioned country kitchen designs is also used differently tiered system coverage. Furniture is made only necessary, but its design always has additional functionality. The interior in the spirit of high-tech – the realm of glass and metal, so the furniture attracts attention for its unusual facade and lots of chrome elements. Her addition becomes modern technology, which should be a lot in such a decor.

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