5 rules of outdoor kitchen cabinets

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Mini outdoor kitchen cabinets designed for the smallest of kitchens. They have two advantages – they are compact and inexpensive. Dimensions corner bench in this category start at 1 x 1 meter. Usually buy them in a set of kitchen sets to inexpensive economy class.

Corner with a table

Very often in a series with a corner bench or sofa manufacturer offers a table, stools, chairs sometimes. If your choice was finished kitchen furniture, note that if a large enough table top at the table, that your family was comfortable to use it? Compact models are often equipped with a very small dining table with round, square or rectangular table top. Rectangular table in this case, more functional, especially if the area will benefit from more than two people.

If you decide to pick up the table yourself, pay attention to practical table-book or a modern model-transformed. When folded, they take up a minimum of space. But expanding a table, you get a great and convenient tabletop. Modular corner

Some corner sofas kitchen have a “monolithic” structure, their configuration can not be changed. More comfortable, modern, modular corners. If desired, their components are transformed into independent pieces of furniture (direct sofa, chair or ottoman) and can be used separately. Another significant advantage of modular models – the left and the right wing can be easily interchanged.

If the kitchen is very, very small (for example, in an apartment-Khrushchev), instead of the corner of the couch or bench with the back set with a soft seat or banquet. To sit at the table was comfortable on the wall you can hang the bags (they are attached wrestling or Velcro tape). Visually, this dining area will look more compact.

How many seats do you need in outdoor kitchen cabinets?

Choosing a kitchen corner, pay attention to how many people will be able to accommodate him. Focus on the golden rule of ergonomics: to sit comfortably, a person needs to seat width of about 60 cm.

Corner with one side longer than the other, much more comfortable and roomy “square” models. But sofas L-shaped or L require space and are better suited for the kitchen more than 7-8 square meters. Select the material of the body

Cheap kitchen corners of laminated chipboard

Kitchen furniture economy class more often made from chipboard. Many fear that the chipboard could be dangerous to health. Large manufacturers use high-quality and safe slabs that are finished with veneer or PVC film, and the edges are closed securely special edge. if you want to ensure the safety of furniture, be sure to ask the seller the hygienic safety certificate for the materials used.

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DSP – short-lived material. My friend (by the way, the woman is quite average build) recently told the following story. She stood up on the seat of the sofa cheap kitchen, bought on the occasion of the nearest furniture store, wanted to get something from the shelf above the desk. The seat is made of chipboard, simply break through under her weight. Unfortunately, not uncommon cases where the carcass of cheap chipboard loosened just a few months.

Kitchen corners in outdoor kitchen cabinet

The inexpensive models made of solid wood is used softwood (usually you can find area of pine). Models of an average price category have a frame made of birch. The properties of this wood is more durable and reliable than the pine, and the birch furniture is cheaper many other types of wood. The most expensive are the corners of a body of solid oak, beech, walnut and ash. Most often they are made to order. Good and affordable option – a model with a strong frame made of polished furniture plywood 15 mm thick.

Sometimes to create more stiffness and strength manufacturers use metal inserts or wooden beams. Possible combination of different materials. For example, the corner legs are made of solid, sides – from chipboard. Select filler

Outdoor kitchen cabinet corners with foam rubber gasket from is quite inexpensive, but its properties such “stuffing” is inferior to polyurethane. The denser the foam, the more durable furniture. But it is destroyed rapidly under the influence of moisture, air and the human body heat. Standard warranty period of the foam filler – only 1.5-2 years.

Dining corner and sofas with polyurethane foam inside are more expensive, but they can last you up to 10 years. Such filler option is considered more eco logical quality and durable. It has increased elasticity and tensile strength, it recovers quickly form. What is needed, if you frequently take guests or have small children.

Kitchen facilities can have a different seat rigidity. It can be hard, soft, semi-soft, high elasticity, and so on. N. If you do Area to order, the degree of softness you can choose your own.

What you need padding outdoor kitchen cabinets kits?

Furniture fabric

Most often used for upholstery of kitchen corners use modern furniture fabrics. They may be completely synthetic or natural fibers are combined with artificial. Such textiles are much stronger, more durable and more practical than all-natural fabrics. It’s easy to clean, it is resistant to moisture, dirt and UV light for a long time keeps the brightness of colors and beautiful appearance. A great option for the kitchen – a fabric that has a special protective Teflon coating. It repels water well and any contamination. Domestic manufacturers of upholstered furniture for kitchen prefer Packard, flick, repaired, tapestry, polyester, acrylic and valor with special treatment.

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Which design corner select – designer tips

Upholstery corner can complement the interior of the kitchen, as if repeating it used to color or impressive contrast with the colors headset and finishing materials. Especially good contrasting furniture will look in kitchens in neutral colors, especially in the light and beige colors.

The choice of upholstery colors and kitchen lighting effect. If you go to the north side, prefer warm colors in your kitchen little natural light, and the window: sunny-yellow, orange, warm beige, coffee with milk. Very popular corners upholstered in shades of brown. Such furniture is in harmony with the kitchen set made of solid MDF or finished wood. Bright colors are good for small kitchens, but such padding may be too brand. Although if it is easy to clean, feel free to choose area with a cloth or skin cream, sand or light beige.

Fitted kitchen in any case include a dining group. What does it mean? Dining Group – dining table and chairs made in the same style. Data items of furniture must meet certain requirements, design, quality and reliability.

How to choose outdoor kitchen cabinets kits?

The number and design

No matter what size kitchen. An outdoor kitchen cabinets kits element of everything, is the presence of the table and stools or chairs. At the same time, the appearance of the furniture must meet the interior design. Particular attention should be paid to the size and furnishing.

If the apartment is small with a tiny kitchen, a dining group may consist of a fold-out items. This option is convenient and practical. For a spacious kitchen facilities in a country cottage, dining group for the kitchen in the photo, they can be made of expensive wood and have fairly large dimensions.

By purchasing a table and chairs perfect pick set made in Italy, which initially provides all necessary items dining group. In this case, the elements are made of the same material, and have a common design. But if there is no suitable commercially available kit, you can choose a table and stools, presented separately, but have a similar design.

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Choosing a table

The table is the main subject on any kitchen. Therefore, his choice should be given special attention.

Very convenient, it is a dining group with a folding table in the kitchen. This option allows you to save a useful area for everyday use, and use the dining area for entertaining guests in full as required. Folding table convenient to use a small kitchen, however, and the dimensional room a piece of furniture will be very useful.

Catalogs of producers of furniture for kitchen Malaysia and Italy, offering customers a wide selection of chairs and stools for kitchens. Since the seating experience tangible weight load, the quality and reliability of these pieces of furniture should be perfect. As a rule, manufacturers of components or six tables with four chairs.

According to the designers, it is the number of seats, is best for family. If necessary, the dining room group can be retrofitted right amount of chairs, stools or folding buy products. The catalogs of Malaysian furniture companies and Italy, you can find a wide range of chairs for kitchen use. The kitchen can decorate the dining group, consisting of a table and seating area. Today on sale, you can find great sets Malaysian production. Represent kitchen sets and domestic manufacturers.

Corners for kitchen, are made of wood and chipboard, the upper portion may be made of fabric or leather. Very convenient and practical models are corners, equipped with spacious niches for storage of various items. Manufacturers offer a kitchen seating in a variety of colors. Thus, the buy dining room group for the kitchen, at the nearest furniture store or the catalog submitted by the manufacturer of furniture. Choosing the right model, consider the size of the kitchen space, colors and sizes, the selected set. The interior of a luxury kitchen, you can decorate a large dining table and a set of six wooden chairs. In a small kitchen is better to buy a folding table and stools.

Kitchen wood of pine, beech, larch, oak furniture becomes a common attribute. The range is characterized by a variety of styles, materials and functionality. Options are different: complete sets, semi-finished products requiring handling and assembly, furniture sets, made to order.

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