Small kitchen designs with island: 5 tips

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Use these tips for the repair, and get the best, convenient, practical and memorable interior small kitchen designs with island.

What plan cannot be found only in our apartments or private homes? Small rooms – it is not the most serious challenge for homeowners. We have learned to combine the kitchen with living room with balcony, suite with bathroom. But what can be done with a narrow (and sometimes even extended) kitchen? One type of such facilities even called “kitchen-galley”, apparently, is very reminiscent of a ship’s compartment for cooking. What is the design of the narrow kitchen: there can be placed and how to apply? Consider the following.

The basic layout of narrow kitchens:

  1. Single-row or linear kitchen

The saddest option for most narrow kitchens. The linear kitchen is a kitchen, extended along one of the walls. Near a window or close to the entrance put the refrigerator, so as not to break and so small work surface. Inconvenient due to the fact that “the working triangle” in the stretched line. This causes the owner on a daily basis, “wind the” extra meters. In the middle of the sink is usually made to separate gas or electric cooker from the refrigerator. Typically, such facilities are so narrow that nothing here cannot deliver. In such cases, either there is a separate dining room or have to put narrow table for the family closer to the window.

In this case, an alternative could be furniture-or trans-countertop (like the bar, fixed along the second wall). You can develop a reclining table or countertop to be decomposed only at lunchtime. If there is room, the opposite linear kitchen wall usually remains empty. If the kitchen is short, it is possible to leave a bright wall or add reflective surfaces (decorative panel overthrown the whole wall, or large decorative mirror-plates). If it is very long, it creates a tunnel effect, which can be removed with the help of a large object on the wall, such as a TV or a picture, combined with the color of the headset. To reduce the length of the kitchen, you can also paint the wall with a window in bright colors (red, yellow, and green, blue) or stick with interesting wallpapers themed kitchen. Still be able to divert the attention of the other texture of the material, creating here a false brick or masonry.

  1. Double-row, or parallel to the kitchen
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Most often, it is set in moderately narrow, but long small kitchen designs with island. This cuisine is a two kitchen units located opposite to each other. In this case, you can meet the conditions of an optimal “work triangle”, is located in front of the sink stove and fridge (another location is inconvenient, because the hood is difficult to move to the opposite side). The width of the aisle between the two rows must be at least 90 cm. You can expand the kitchen space visually or by removing all top boxes, or only on one side or order a light wall cabinets. If a kitchen has a balcony, it can be combined with the room. The resulting long space can be divided into two parts. In the first, near the entrance, is located two-row kitchen, while the second can be arranged dining area with seating and a TV. To separate the two zones can be either a bar or arch.

  1. Tripartite, or P-type kitchen

This option is suitable for most square premises. This kitchen includes kitchen units, dispersed along three sides of the kitchen. It is interesting, as the involved area of the window. Usually there is removed the sill and establish in its place the work surface with sink. Cooker is not recommended to incorporate, as inconvenient to mount the hood and will be located near flammable curtains. In this kitchen does not get to set the table, so the dining room is just in another room. Young couple can use the original design ideas (such as a retractable stage and seating). But such a plan for the hostess – the most convenient, because all at your fingertips, just need to turn around. And a lot more storage space for kitchen utensils than in other cases.

  1. Corner, kitchen or L-type
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The most common design of the narrow small kitchen design with island. There are two possibilities. The first – set an angle near to the entrance. Then the dining table can be placed near a window. The second option – a corner near the window. In this case, the sill is removed and replaced or put extra work surface or countertop put the bar, beneath which there are chairs or drawers with household items. Decorate free wall just as in the case of single-row kitchen. If the width of the kitchen allows, then near the wall can also put a small narrow table. To divert attention from the narrow walls, the floor can be made of dark or saturated colors, good focus can become a bright rug.

Why we are so stubbornly reject many of the latest design solutions? Why consider inappropriate the bar part of the interior in the kitchen? Is it because that the broad soul for many years of life to bite the minimum possible number of square meters? After all, most of us are not motivated by conservatism and banal “nowhere to put.” But, believe me, the bar and the kitchen is available for larger rooms, and small.

The bar for the small kitchen design with island: the main purpose

First, we define what bar is and how it can be useful. This is – a natural extension of the kitchen wall, a high table called abroad “coffee table”. His first mission – a convenient surface for breakfast or a light snack. Especially an element kitchen interior chooses bachelors of both sexes. Perfect morning of modern man: to make a sandwich / oatmeal for a quick hand wash down and a big mug of coffee / tea, leaning on the bar, or sitting on a special bar stool. At the same time looking at the TV or browsing social networking news on tablet lying on the table.

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The second option is the use – extra work surface. Strongly useful thing in small kitchens, especially during the holidays, when the amount exceeds the cooked food area countertops.

Third, it is – a few drawers, shelves, Riesling bottle, fruit vendor, etc. What mistress refuses such a gift? Because space in the kitchen, where you can hide the dishes, towels, various little things – not always enough. The rack can be built even household appliances such as microwave oven and mini-fridge.

What you need to have in the small kitchen designs with island

And, the last bar to the kitchen often plays the role of a partition between the cooking and dining areas, between the kitchen and dining / living room. With this arrangement, it must be remembered about the harmony between appearance and furniture of this element in the next room. If the rack is located inside the kitchen, it should look as part of the work area and to be made of the same materials (artificial stone, laminated particle board, metal, and plastic, wood).

Of course, if the house is full of young children and the elderly, the bar, probably will not be too often used. But if you live in an apartment one person or young couple, it is possible to opt out of a bulky dining table, buying a folding option for crowded celebrations.



Now you need to decide what type of bar for the small kitchen designs with islands will be appropriate in your case. Attention, there are options for small spaces.

1. Stand-island. The proposal for the lucky owners of spacious small kitchens with islands designs. Provided in a separate table, on the one hand, he closed the door, and on the other – there is room for legs and chairs (at least 25 cm deep). Typically, these tables are doing wide (1-1.2 m), to take place under the hob or sink, and a space for plates and cups.

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