5 ways to use country kitchen sinks and other


Fill atmosphere comfort advised accessories made of natural stone, wood and vibrant colors. They really know how to fit into the concept of stylistic directions.

Some tips decorate the kitchen with his hands

If you decide to elevate the kitchen with his hands, then start with the curtains. Pick up for a window decoration of a style and material that would perfectly match with the rest of the interior decor. But really cozy kitchen will be, if you sew the fabric of this chair covers and decorate their ornaments or bows. Remains can be cut to put on oven gloves and apron sewing.

Add color setting knit openwork embroidery tablecloths and striped textiles. The cozy country kitchen sink is created by trial and error, so stock up ideas and patience. Of course you have to work hard, but the end result will be you this award. Thus, the “turn” imagination and safely get down to business!

Do not go around taking pictures floors. Put them on mats of straw patchwork or track. Kitchen – one of the favorite rooms in the house, not only housewives housing, but absolutely the entire household. Probably therefore I like to make this part of the house is not only practical and functional, but also a terrific cozy. Unfortunately, even today, not everyone is lucky to have a bright and spacious room for cooking. Many are content with modest areas. Naturally, the question of “how to make the kitchen space” is a natural and vital. In this respect, it is worth considering L-shaped arrangement of furniture in the room and actually own interior design kitchen corner.

Corner suite can not only have an elongated shape, but square, which makes it very compact arrange the furniture, even the smallest of kitchens. This furniture takes up little space. Angle options enable compose the work area and wash plate such that the cooking process becomes comfortable, and, most importantly, safe. Stove and sink shared work area and thus eliminate the possibility of splashes from the sink to the working burners.

Well-respected in this case and the rule of “triangle”. Control points that are a refrigerator, hob and sink, and are conveniently separated workspace. Everything you need is always there, as they say, is at hand.

To add comfort, interior design kitchen corner can be added to wrestling.

This lightweight hinged structure made of hollow tubes that hang on hooks, or equip shelves. Riesling can be placed on any utensils like ladles, skimmers, spatulas or put napkins, spices jars and simply etc.

Modern country kitchen sink decorate in the most incredible interpretation that allows them to be used to create even the rarest stylistic interiors.

Decor interior design kitchen corner

Decorative elements in the kitchen – not a luxury. They must be present in its decor, because it is only with their help can be given a headset and an additional gloss complete holistic view, with the presence of a decorative finish only slightly affects the value of the entire product.

The modern corner kitchen is often a bar, which in addition to the basic function plays the role of an elongated work surface. Mounted such a stand on the console, which can in turn:

Is a continuation of the headset?

  • Attached to the wall.
  • It is rendered in the kitchen area.

By tradition, the bar is surrounded by high stools. The presence of the bar in the home kitchen atmosphere – this is the best characteristic of refined taste owners of the apartment. This suggests that those who live in the house of a young soul and a kitchen for them – it’s not just a place of cooking and eating, and really loved island of comfort. Sitting with the family and you can arrange for a simple table, bar desk is calling for more liberated and intimacy.

With the help of the bar in the interior design of the kitchen corner, you can easily create a relaxed atmosphere.

There at the bar, and another plus. From now on, meeting a bite, you do not need to cover a large table; you may well be used for this bar. Well it is for the coffee break. Remember, the earlier you do it all on the move, trying not to fall under the impact of relaxing and of calling to continue the meal Enchanting traditional dining room table. The bar of the temptation you will not have.

The country kitchen sink ideas of the headset is possible and even necessary to use LED backlighting. Particularly good progress in this area of the bar. The room instantly is added comfort, and present will really feel relaxed and comfortable. When interior design small kitchen is recommended to play on the location of hanging lockers, which are attached not to the standard line, and hung in full asymmetry. This design positioning elements in the angular space in several ways. The angle itself can send a car wash. If your sink is not a corner model, it is to shift from side to side. Usually the sink is always set grid for drying dishes which someone left open, and someone is hiding in the closet.

In certain interior design styles corner kitchen in the corner put the working surface of the headset. In this case the worktop, make a single blade, should have a characteristic shape. You can arrange the working angle and docked it two thumbs up, as long as their doors opened fronts in opposite sides of the corner. Above the work surface should certainly be cabinets, which, however, can be replaced with a corner shelf, which also makes the room environment is somewhat easier.

Stealth country kitchen sink faucets on small areas

While working on the interior design space design small corner kitchen much attention should be paid to combining functional areas. So, for example, washing can be transformed into a table for cutting and kitchen refit under the pantry for food storage.

Corner kitchen not only solve the problem of the release of the space, but they are a real salvation when poorly positioned in the room windows or doors. In this case, come to the rescue of the headset, made to order. The furnishings are using a model with bright facades. Dark furniture, of course, adds respectability room, but in this case it is “steal” the already meager space. On comfort in a kitchen cannot speak.

Perhaps the most important milestone in the kitchen renovation will be its decoration. This is no accident! From this stage it depends on aesthetic satisfaction, as well as the durability of all the work done so and materials for decoration you need to choose the highest quality.


Special attention will require the design of country kitchen sink faucets. Why? Because the kitchen – a specific room. This is not only happening delicious dishes, but also eaten, and therefore, the environment must awaken the appetite. In this sense it is very strongly influenced by color, so in the selection of wallpaper this fact must be taken into consideration.

For a long time in the kitchen was outcasts. They were considered very short-lived and incredibly mark. For those distant times this view, it was quite true, because in addition to paper very poor coloring Soviet industry did not offer anything. Today, the quality and endurance of the problem completely resolved and the main problem is the need to select appropriate options. And here fit and confused. Let’s try to ease your work and tell you about how to properly select the wallpaper in the kitchen.

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