All white kitchen, from the classics to the modern

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A white kitchen is aristocratically refined, stylish, elegant, festively-good-looking, air, but awfully impractical. A white color in the interior of kitchen is appropriate only at an irreproachable cleanness! If you it is difficult to name cleanly, and cleaning up is not included in the list of your favourite entertainments, it is better to choose the less easily soiled colors. Deciding to do a rate exactly on white, will not be lazy to spare due attention to the selection of materials that must easily wash and possess грязеотталкивающими properties is considerably facilitates the care of your Snowhite.

From the classics to the modern

A white color got wide distribution in registration of interiors in America and Europe of 20-30th, where he became the symbol of aristocraticness and sufficiency. In 60th of the last century in white the accommodation was dressed up by the followers of minimalism, in order with his help to underline a brevity and rationality deprived gloss and decorations  of minimalism interiors. In the Scandinavian interiors simple clean lines and natural materials predominate in that, the white is traditionally associated with rest, by a comfort and by naturalness. Does it turn out that a the same color can carry a quite different parcel? Just like this! All depends on the chosen style, forms and invoices. A white color in general is paradoxical, in fact he consists of all colors of spectrum, and consequently, provided with all inherent to them descriptions. No wonder that with his help it is possible to create an interior practically in any style, here a white interior can be both restrained and modest or refined-refined and deliberately luxurious.

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Choosing a white interior, quite unnecessarily limited to boiling away-white. The white has mass of interesting tints and nuances, not to take advantage of that simply inexcusable: color of ivory, color of magnolias, natural cotton and flax, baked milk and creams, space coffee-and-milk, color of mother of pearl, marine shells. Unlike cleanly white, they are completely deprived cold strictness and hospital sterility, that allows to introduce a comfort and heat in the interior of kitchen.

A white color is an ideal decision for a little kitchen. Whatever style you chose, the white moved apart borders always visually, extends space, filling with him air and light. And let the real sizes of your crumb remain former, but she really will seem more spacious and lighter. Doing a choice in behalf on white glossy facades with a mirror effect, and also in behalf on sets with transparent and semilucent facades, you will be able on a maximum to “move apart the walls” of small kitchen.

Without a white color not to treat on a kitchen in style of Provence, where he complements the tints of beige perfectly, color of marine waves, terracotta, ochres, and also redolent the crayon-blue and gently-yellow tints of flowering meadows of Provence.

Milk-cream tints in finishing and durable white kitchen furniture with high suspended closets, massive stands and fanciful facades with decorative insertions, figured furrows, relief decor and effect of patina is an inalienable attribute of kitchen in style classicism. Less florid modern classic interiors in a white clothing look very refined and elegantly.

Strict minimalism and ultramodern hi-Tec with clear lines, laconic forms, it is ideally impossible the smooth facades deprived some decorative excesses to present without snow-white-white, that underlines good organization, functionality and rationality of interior of kitchen by the best character. Popular combinations of colors for a minimalism and  hi-Tec: white with grey, white with black and white with red.

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A showy black-white kitchen never loses the actuality, and she is very practical besides – a black can be used for finishing of the most easily soiled surfaces maximally involved in the process of preparation of food.

Eye-catching accents

White on white – it, certainly, too variant, but very unforeseeable. Quite often such combination, especially in boiling away-white execution, causes associations with the sterile cleanness of operating hall. Do you aspire to it?! Hardly.

Combination of glossy and mat, smooth and relief invoices will help to avoid to monotony. The figured facades will look especially interestingly. A successful decision for a white kitchen is a purchase of kitchen set with a practical contrasting dark bottom and white top, that, “dissolving” in snow-white walls, looks weightlessly and does not overload space.

White walls serve as a wonderful background for furniture and accessories of warm coffee tints, color of tree and terracotta, giving the interior of white kitchen the special nobleness, and introducing the atmosphere of comfort and heat in a house. To fill with a kitchen freshness and coolness combination will help white with blue, blue or turquoise is an excellent variant for a kitchen in marine style.


A white kitchen is ideal basis for bright accents, thus on a white background all colors look considerably brighter and more saturated, what alone or in combination with other colors. Even the small coloured detail, sharply distinguished on a neutral background, in a white interior acquires the special sounding. To dilute a blameless whiteness the coloured disseminations simpler than simple : we buy bright tableware, accessories, table, chairs, Text. and, as if on the wave of magic stick, a kitchen will begin to play new paints! Later, when strings of the soul will begin to sound in the new key, not bringing in some cardinal changes in an interior, we simply change the coloured “spots” and our Snowhite again transformed!

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