Antique kitchen utensils: design ideas for any kitchen

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Every designer knows that little details make big difference in any interior. An interior of kitchen is by no means an exception. Details can bring life into kitchen, give it unique character and even tell the stories about its inhabitants.

Details can be easily removed so it makes them a miracle tool for a quick change of scenery. Thus, whether we plan a brand-new kitchen starting from the walls, think of renovating and refurnishing it or just want to refresh it by adding few accents, we turn to details.  

Speaking of kitchen, the most essential inevitable details are kitchen utensils. Antique utensils can be used in any kitchen style if styled properly; they offer a wide field for design experiments.

What are antique kitchen utensils?

Antique kitchen utensils form a broad category comprising all kitchen tools, pottery and dishes that have been used in households in different historical periods. For design purposes, along with original garments they use as well newly made ones, replicating the style of a certain era.

Some of them may belong to the era of antique Rome and Greece, while others were in a wide use just 10 years ago. Some kitchen utensils can still serve their initial purpose while others can be used only as elements of décor.

Where to get antique kitchen utensils?

There are several sources of antique kitchen utensils.

  • Your attic, cellar, old grandmother’s house, old summer cottage, etc. This first source, being the cheapest one (that is free) is often underestimated. Though it can bring some real treasures, not only caring a mark of historical time but keeping a family history.
  • Garage sales and specially organized Sunday markets. Another budget source of exclusive kitchen details for those who don’t have attics, cellars and old grandma’s house.
  • E-bay and other sites of such kind unite people from all the world and one can literally find anything there.
  • Special antique shops and shops that sell goods for home design. They usually have rather high prices but offer goods of high quality. Wide variety of items sold allows finding kitchen utensils of any particular style your kitchen design requires.
  • Antique auctions. At auctions it is possible to buy real works of arts or, for instance, antique kitchen utensils that belonged to some famous person or have been used in a shooting of well-known movie. Those items are extremely pricy though so not everyone can afford them.

Some practical design ideas how to incorporate antique kitchen utensils in different kitchens:

  • Antique brass and copper kitchen utensils will perfectly match antique brass faucet. One can find old pots, kettles, jars, bowls, bolters, colanders and even baking molds made of these noble antique metals. Just a couple of such items hung above the sink will really put the whole kitchen design together.
  • Clay pottery will look just right in the luxurious antique Greece and Rome inspired kitchen interiors.
  • Enamel coated pots of pastel colors and romantic floral ornaments are very welcome to kitchen made in styles of vintage and provence. Bread bin, decorated with decoupage, enamel and china condiment boxes will fit in this style, too. Old-fashioned china plates hung on the walls will give a kitchen complete look.
  • If there is an antique kitchen hutch in the room, it will be just the right place to expose all these goodies. In this case, best designer effect will be achieved when using kitchen utensils of the same historic period as a hutch.
  • Some of antique kitchen utensils could be very useful while creating that special vintage look. Among them are such handy items as various boxes and jars for grains, flour, tea and coffee; wine clay or copper jars, bread bins, napkins holders, etc.
  • Rough vintage utensils made of steel, such as can and bottle openers, vintage wire kitchen tools and dicers can find their places in a modern and hi-tech kitchen environment. They can be just hung on the wall hooks to give to a typical urban style this unique touch.
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  • There are also many creative ideas how to make new things out of old kitchen utensils. Such crazy ideas as old copper bowls or rectangular graters transformed into lampshades and hung just above the bar stand are perfect for a trendy loft kitchens.

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