Antique white kitchen cabinets, 16 photo

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Actuality of registration of interiors in style of the last centuries grows every day, people are all anymore attracted by designs “under old times”, all more often in houses it is possible to meet interiors in English (London) style, in style of epoch of king Lui and even in style of ancient Egypt. No less popular ancient style became to date, style for natures refined, loving perfect forms and aspiring to harmony in everything. Any apartment executed in this style acquires the atmosphere of Ancient Greece and Rome, filled with the special sublimity and refinement, a kitchen in ancient style did not become an exception.

Determination of style

Furniture for a kitchen in ancient style differs in the row of features. Firstly, she possesses imposing enough sizes, and, requires corresponding areas. Secondly, as decorative elements columns that too obligate to the presence of the high ceiling are used. Therefore, make a design a kitchen in ancient style, take into account these specific moments.

Choosing the color of furniture for a kitchen in ancient style, remember that she must not contrast the walls of apartment with a color. It is desirable to give preference to the light colors, it contingently the feature of coloristic in ancient style. Use for registration of interior of kitchen beige, cream, white, powder-pink tints. An ideal variant combination will become white and gold colors or contrasting white and black. Also you can unite all these three colors, that, undoubtedly, will give the apartment of luxury and pomposity.

Strengthening the effect of antiquity is possible decorating kitchen facades a bas-relief or decorative pattern, to inherent times of ancient Greece. For making of surface for working surfaces it is desirable to use a marble, this material is associated with architecture of ancient times. At making of furniture for a kitchen in ancient style it is recommended to use different decorative elements as columns, fretwork and finishing from a trimstone.

Choosing a table for a kitchen in ancient style, give preference to the models with cabrioles, one of distinctive features of this style, or as lion’s paws. Surface can be made both from a tree and from glass. The second variant will give the interior of kitchen of greater gracefulness and lightness. Underlining belonging of interior to ancient times is possible, using chairs without backs, just the same models were used in the houses by ancient Greeks and Romans

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It is also needed to watch out for shell. It is not needed to acquire a modern shell from Sunfayance, in a kitchen in ancient style she will look inappropriate. Choose shell gold or silver colors, made from a metal. Also a good variant a shell will become from a marble or artificial stone imitating a marble surface.

Designing the interior of your kitchen in ancient style, you will become the possessor of wonderful dormitory and meeting of your guests. Every day arriving in such kitchen, you, undoubtedly, will get only positive emotions and will feel itself part Greek civilizations.

Regardless of style of kitchen, be that industrial, modern or traditional, closets-pencil-cases introduce stability and harmony in any spaces, creating the classics of kitchen style.


The real closet-pencil-case can look simply enough by virtue of the rectangular form. Due to a frame and facade panel such closets are also known as framework furniture. From 1800, peak of popularity of closets-pencil-cases, the design of this kitchen furniture suffered the great number of changes. The overall modules of kitchen sets can be divided by one or a few sections are by means of middle vertical, horizontal or intermediate squared beam.

You will choose wood super internalss, for example maple, birch or nut. At making of closets-pencil-cases it is necessary to do an accent on functionality, and high quality of wood will say self for itself. Wood of nut looks blamelessly in this kitchen, besides very modernly.


A reiteration was the distinguishing feature of closets-pencil-cases. Built-in closets and boxes created the well-organized type of kitchen. Today there is a number of large boxes in many kitchens, that perfectly combines from such kind closets. Because the forms of closet-pencil-case are very rather rude, the corners mowed a bit for giving of design mildness acquire all greater popularity. Such little, but useful details give any new character to any kitchen.

Types of finishing of closets-pencil-cases.

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Dyed facades.


Such type of finishing gives more modern style acute, direct and cut away angles that is so characteristic to this style of kitchen closets. Depending on the used wood, defects can appear on joints, because a tree has a feature to broaden and compress in course of time, but it in any way will not affect on durability of doors of closets.

Bright-polished facades. After painting, polishing means gives facades the type of antiquity. Every closet is artificially “made” old, polished and covered by a stain. It is complex procedure and enough long.

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