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Best Kitchen Faucets 2020 [reviews]

Welcome. You have probably already heard HOW important it is to have a nice kitchen faucet.

So, rather than concentrating on that let me explain WHY it is important to get the best kitchen faucet you can afford:

  • The comfort. A housewife spends half an hour a day on average washing the dishes. There is a lot of contact with the faucet during that time. So, in order to make cleaning a less annoying process, one should definitely have good kitchen equipment.
  • The economy. A good faucet can be a profitable long-term investment. It doesn`t break every year, it keeps the brand new look longer. This is one of those things, that you want to buy once and then just have it working. A reliable faucet will save lots of money and nerves in the future.
  • The style. The sink is not the most eye-catching thing to be honest. It is not something everybody looks at, while the visits. However, a good faucet is the thing that will surely be noticed and complimented.

So, investing some money in a faucet and sink seems like a reasonable idea. The only thing left is to pick one and have it installed. This is where the whole case starts being tricky. There are so many factors, that you need to pay attention to: the manufacturer, the brand, the material, the type and many more.

What this Article is

Luckily, this whole guide is here. It has a bit complicated structure, so, before jumping right into action, let me explain what the idea behind the text is, whom it was written for, how the material was chosen and how to correctly read it.

The Idea

The purpose of creating this article was to help people to choose the very right faucet. The goal I followed, while writing it, was to cover as much material as possible in simple words, to give the readers the general idea on how to choose kitchen appliances, and to share the best kitchen faucet models in 2020.

Whom this article is for

Basically, for anyone who needs help with choosing a faucet. A lot of models are covered here, so everyone should be able to find something useful.

How the material was picked

The main content in here is the review of the kitchen faucets. All the models were not just randomly picked. There was a lot of work behind making these choices. Shortly, there were things I paid the most attention to:

  1. The manufacturer. The models here are produced by the well-known brands. I can`t say, that they are world-known, because, well, nobody knows about faucet makers. But, at least, if you try googling these manufacturers, you`ll find many positive reviews.
  2. The versatility. Each kitchen requires an individual pick. However, there are some faucets, which will look and work decently in any type of kitchen. I made sure to include those models in the list.
  3. The average rating. Well, obviously, only the top-rated appliances made it to the very top.

The process also included consulting with the plumbers and talking to the people who actually use the faucets described below. So, even you decide to make a blind pick from this list, you`ll get a decent option.

How to read this article

Well, actually you can just read it top-to-bottom, but just in case you have some questions about the structure. I picked three price categories (below 100 dollars, 100-150 dollars, 150-300 dollars), which are the most popular ones on the market. Then I picked the five best faucets in each category and made a short review for each of them.

Finally, this intro part is over, and we can check out an actual review.

The Best Kitchen Faucets under 100 Dollars

Let us start with the most affordable kitchen faucets, the ones under a hundred dollars. They might be somewhat simple, but these very models have high material quality and functionality. Let us take a brief look at the table first.

Model/properties Material StyleDimensionsFinish
Vesla Home modernBrassTraditional6 x 25 x 66 inchesBrushed Nickel
KINGO Home BrassModern29 x 11 x 3 inchesBrushed Nickel
Faucet WindemerePlasticTraditional19.2 x 11.7 x 2.5 inchesOil Rubbed Bronze
Pull down-Arofa A01LY commercial Brass/MetalTraditional27 x 11 x 3.2 inchesBrushed Nickel
APPASO K127-BN Pull Down Stainless SteelClassical23.6 x 10.6 x 3.1 inchesBrushed Nickel

While choosing the best cheap faucets for kitchen, I tried to concentrate my attention on high functionality, rather than on an appealing look. Most of this appliances here are made in a traditional style and don`t have many features, but they still are a decent choice for any type of kitchen due to good performance.

The last important general thing to mention about these faucets is that they all have a standard size. It means, that they are suitable for all common sinks, however, if you have a rather big or a rather small sink, better consult the plumber.

Vesla Home Modern

Мesla Home Modern

Let me open this top with a brand new model of Vesla Home. This Chinese manufacturer has been around for eight years already and started delivering products of high quality since the very first year. So, having a Vesla faucet in this list was an obvious decision.


There are the following advantages:

  • Design. This is a really simple-looking faucet with a single handle and classic shape. However, there is one detail, that makes Vesla Home modern differ from the other faucets. It is the tulip shaped tip. Looks fresh and nice all the time.
  • Functionality. Well, this faucet actually has some features. It can pour water in three different modes: stream, spray and pause. The first is classical, the second and the third can be used for improving the washing experience.
  • Durability. Every model comes with a 10-year warranty, so the company is absolutely sure about the product quality.

This is a multifunctional model, with a nice design. It is also easy to install in any type of sink. There are, however, some complaints due to the fact, that the faucet needs to be tightened every month. They come from people, who tried installing it by themselves, so for better experience contact a plumber.



KINGO is a manufacturer from Africa. Actually, Africa has large natural metal minefields, so African manufacturers save money on material delivery. That`s why they are able to deliver high-quality faucets for low prizes.



Kingo`s faucet has several bright sides:

  • Flexibility. This kitchen faucet has literally flexible construction. It can be rotated in a 360 degrees radius. No more problems with reaching certain spots of sink. This facility also provides a wide field for experiments with the sink design.
  • Pull-down spray. There is a built-in hose in this faucet. Sounds crazy, works great. In cases when even 360 degrees rotation is not enough, one can simply take the hose out and stretch it up to 20 inches.
  • Self-cleaning tip. The tip of KINGO Home has a rubber tip, which prevents hard water build-up. This faucet will be looking like a new one for a long period of time.

KINGO`s faucet is the best decision for open-minded people, who enjoy trying new things. This appliance has a modern look, modern features and a truly modern affordable price. On the other side, it might be inappropriate for a classical conservative kitchen.

Faucet Windemere

Faucet Windemere

If the two first models scared you, here is the one, that is more classical. It is also produced by an American company, so the quality of the build remains undoubted. This is just your average nice-working light kitchen faucet.


So, here are some hard arguments on why picking Windemere`s product is a good decision:

  • Compactness. This model is the perfect combination of durability and lightness. All the inner details are made of metal, while the outer decorative part is plastic.
  • Side sprayer. Windemere will not leave a customer with just a plain faucet. Every customer gets a hose and a side sprayer as well. These tools allow to transform a usual faucet into a cleaning machine.
  • The life-long warranty. There is no better proof of durability, than a life-long warranty. Windemere`s product has it.

There is one thing in particular, that I don`t like. This faucet has two handles, so controlling the temperature will not be that comfortable. On the other hand, the amount of handles is more the matter of taste than a practical issue.

The other thing is the installation process, which is said to be hard. Contacting someone who knows how to properly install a faucet would be a great idea.

AROFA Faucet

AROFA Faucet

We`ve already had an Asian, an African, and an American brands. The time has come for the European one. Let us take a look at kitchen appliances manufactures in Spain and talk about them a little.


AROFA`s model has all features of a decent faucet:

  • Great material. Combination of brass and nickel of high quality exclude the probability of rusting. These metals have really nice touch as well. Finally, it is easy to clean this model, as it has a simple accessible shape.
  • Design. This is a high-arc metal faucet. The most classical and the most popular design among all the kitchen faucets. A really convenient and nice-looking thing.
  • Easy to install. The designers made sure to make this product an easy-to-handle one. The delivery kit has an instruction, so every person can go through the installation process with no problems.

This might be a very simple faucet, but also a very reliable one. It has the highest internet-rating among all the cheap models. Lots of people provided positive feedback about AROFA company and their products.



We finish the first part of this top with another European product. APPASO K-127 is known for being one of the most durable kitchen faucets. It is made of stainless still and has durable ceramic valves. Therefore, APPASO K-127 will serve for a very long period of time without a need to make replacements.


Here are some more positive facts about this model:

  • Safety. APPASO is a very safe faucet healthwise. It meets the highest standard requirements, even in the Unites States and Canada.
  • Temperature resistance. Well, it is just a little nice feature, but you don`t meet it often, so it is worth mentioning. The faucet is made of temperature resistant material, so it will always have the same temperature, whether the hot or cold water flows through it.
  • Anti-drip technology. The tip of this faucet is made in such a way, that water will never be dripping. Just a nice thing to know.

APPASO is a nice piece of appliance, that guarantees convenience in the kitchen.

So, these were the best faucets under 100 dollars. They all have similar features, so feel free to choose whichever you like the most and have it installed. If you want to check other models though, feel free to proceed to the following top.

Top Rated 100-150 Dollar Kitchen Faucets

The logical continuation of this top would be the list of mid-range priced faucets. Well, here it is, with the best kitchen faucets, priced from 100 to 150 dollars.

Model/properties Material Styles Dimensions Finish
Kraus KPF-1650SS  BrassCommercial8.8 x 1.8 x 26.2 inchesStainless steel
Fapully Commercial Single Handle Pull Down Sprayer  BrassModern24 x 12.2 x 2.8 inchesBrushed Nickel LED
AIMADI kitchen faucet  BrassContemporary 28 x 12.6 x 2.8 inchesBrushed Nickel  
Fapully Pull DownBrassComercial24 x 12.2 x 2.7 inchesBrushed Nickel
FORIOUS Touch Kitchen Faucet CopperModern65 x 29 x 9 inchesBrushed Nickel

These faucets have a bit more complicated design and have slightly better feedback. Apart from that, these pieces of appliance are all of very high quality, which makes them suitable in most kitchens.

Kraus KPF-1650SS

Kraus KPF-1650SS

Kraus is an old Swiss manufacturer. It produces simple yet effective faucets. This very model has an effective performance and nice reviews. People using it are satisfied. And here is why.


There are the following pluses:

  • Two modes. This faucet has a general streaming mode, when the water simply flows and the steam mode, which actually turns water into steam. This feature is very useful, when a large amount of dishes needs to be washed.
  • Durability. Kraus KPF-1650SS is a model with commercial durability. It is a home faucet, but the manufacturer claims, that it can easily be used in restaurants. Kraus supports the words with the lifetime warranty.
  • Flexibility. Of course, such a faucet is not just a stale model. It has a built-in 25 inch long hose, which makes cleaning much easier.

So, in general this is a good faucet for a big house or even a small café. However, if your apartment is not that big, you should consider something more compact.

Fapully Commercial Single Handle Pull Down Sprayer

Fapully Commercial Single Handle Pull Down Sprayer

Fapully is a united Chinese-Italian manufacturer. Fapully managed to make it to the top mainly because of original semi-industrial aesthetic design and high-standardized quality of appliances. This is one of their best faucets.


This is what people especially enjoy:

  • The design. Fapully sprayer looks very innovative and modern. It is not a classical faucet, but a combination of handles, hoses and stale parts. It might look strange when you see it for the first time, but after getting used to, it starts looking fabulous.
  • Simplicity. The faucet looks complicated, but it is actually an easy-to-use one. Instruction, that comes with it, explains all the details thoroughly.
  • Add-ons. There are also some add-ons coming with the faucet, which increase it`s performance rating. For example, there is a pot filler, a sprayer and a steamer. Such an arsenal leaves the dirt no chance.

However, there were some complaints about the quality of this faucet. It is indeed not the most durable one, but still, it comes with a warranty, so there is no serious problem to worry about.

AIMADI Kitchen Faucet

AIMADI Kitchen Faucet

AIMADI is a new manufacturer on the market, which, however is already known for delivering some unique experience to it`s customers. Faucets by AIMADI are both reliable and innovative, which makes them attractive for any type of potential users.


Here are some specific advantages:

  • Build quality. Everything in this faucet is durable. Starting from the appearance and ending with the smallest parts. It has highly reliable ceramic valves, which help to make all the operations more smooth and comfortable.
  • Flexibility. AIMADI kitchen faucet is one of those faucets, that have a 360-degrees rotating platform. This is a super convenient facility, that comes in handy in many situations.
  • Self-cleaning technology. All the frequently contacted parts are covered in durable rubber. This simple decision helps to prevent rusting and hard water build-up. There is a small rubber tip as well, that stops annoying water dripping.

So, if you are looking for something durable and highly functional, AIMADI`s product is the best choice. However, it requires some time to get used to. Won`t be a large problem, but still, keep that in mind.

Fapully Pull Down

Fapully Pull Down

If you made it to this point of the article, you must already be familiar with Fapully. I have decided to include one more model from this manufacturer. Just because Fapully has such a wide range of faucets, this is a completely different model.


Here are the brightest features:

  • Contemporary design. This is the newest available design, which was created straight in 2020. So, if you are a type of person, who wants to have the most modern stuff, this faucet is definitely the one to check.
  • Options. The one thing that is common for all Fapully models is the amount of extra facilities available for users. This faucet can be a steam generator, a regular faucet and a spray.
  • LED-lights. Well, talking about the modern features. Fapully`s pull down comes with a built-in red LED light. It is built-in and turns on when the hot water is on. This helps to prevent burns.

As this model is the newest one, it hasn’t been tested enough. From what people have already learned, Fapully has made one more great faucet, which is a bit tricky to install and to get used to. But it performs the main function perfectly well, so there is nothing to really complain about.

FORIOUS Touch Kitchen Faucet

FORIOUS Touch Kitchen Faucet

I`ll be closing this part of a top with a somewhat exotic faucet. It is a product of a European brand, which differs a lot from all the other models. It has built-in sensors, which allow to simply turn water on and off with a touch. There is a usual handle as well, in case something goes wrong.


Sensors are not the only worthy part of course:

  • Water saving tip. This faucet had been designed exclusively to save water. This feature follows two goals. It improves the ecosystem and also saves you some money.
  • Anti-fingerprint surface. The surface of FORIOUS will always look shiny. It doesn’t let fingerprints stick on it.
  • Simple design. Despite all the named features, the model still looks very simple and elegant. It is a traditional faucet, which will fit in any kitchen.

There was not enough testing applied to this faucet, but it is really promising. The sensor is working with just 4 small batteries, lasting the whole year. If you like innovations, FORIOUS is worth your attention.

Well, these were the top-rated kitchen faucets in the medium price range. There is a bigger variety of choice already. However, more expensive faucets can be even more interesting.

The Best Kitchen Faucets for 150-300 Dollars

The bigger the budget gets, the better become the options. However, despite more expensive faucets show better performance, than their cheaper analogues, there is not a big variety of choice among them. Several European and American manufacturers have occupied the tops of the kitchen appliances market and continue sitting there, making new models each year.

Model/properties Material Style Dimensions Finish
Moen Arbor Motionsense  MetalTraditional8.5 x 10.2 x 15.5 inchesSpot Resist Stainless
Delta Faucet Leland  BrassTouch2O9.2 x 4.8 x 15.4 inchesArctic Stainless
Moen Brantford  MetalTraditional7.9 x 2.3 x 15.5 inchesOil-rubbed bronze
KOHLER K-10433-BN  NickelMinimalistic11.81 x 10.50 x 11.25 inchesBrushed Nickel
Moen Belfield  BrassTraditional21.1 x 12.4 x 3.4 inchesChrome

Well, let us take a look at these 2020 faucet models, to find out why the popular manufacturers managed to remain popular for such a long period of time.

Moen Arbor Motionsense

Moen Arbor Motionsense

Moen is an American manufacturer, that makes expensive faucets of super high quality. Although the company`s policy is rather conservative, it tries to keep up with the trends and make innovative devices as well. Arbor Motionsense is one of these devices.


Here are it`s advantages:

  • Sensors. This faucet is supposed to deliver the full touchless experience. It has two sensitive sensors, which can locate the movements and automatically trigger the water flow.
  • Simplicity. Apart from that, there is a casual handle, which can turn on the flow manually. The sensors work with the energy of several batteries, which can easily be replaced and purchased in every store.
  • Flexibility of installation. This can be either a one or three hole faucet. It can be installed respectively in a one or three hole sink.

Moen Arbor Motionsense is the great combination of durability, innovation and simplicity. This the faucet, that can genuinely be named “simple, yet outstanding”. It has all the features, it is reliable, it is waiting for you.

Delta Faucet Leland

Delta Faucet Leland

Delta Faucet is a faucet manufacturer from the United States. It has been successfully working for over fifty years. High reliability of production allowed Delta to reach the tops over the time. Here is one of Delta`s newest models.


It is like a usual faucet, but improved to perfection:

  • LED-indicators. Delta Leland has a temperature indicator with multiple colors. It changes from blue to red respectively, as the water gets hotter. This will help to avoid unpleasant experience of touching the cold water in multiple cases.
  • Big touch-sensitive panel. This faucet has a large panel with sensors in the bottom. Whenever you need to turn water on or off, but have dirty hands, you can just touch the panel slightly, to activate the process.
  • Diamond finish. It is official information, that Delta uses diamond particles in it`s finishing spray. This makes faucet less sensible to scratches and dirt and in general helps it serve longer up to two times.

So, if you have the budget and want something simple, Delta Faucet Leland is the answer. It has all the necessary features working as good as a Swiss clock.

Moen Brantford

Moen 7185ORB Brantford Kitchen Faucet Oil Rubbed Bronze

Another Moen product in this list (there will be one more after this). It is very similar to the first one, yet there are some specific features, that make this model unique enough to give it an individual spot in the list.

  • Old-fashioned design. I`ve looked through several hundred different faucets and only two or three of them had decent design for a wooden kitchen. Moen Brantford is one of them. Bronze finish makes it look super conservative and strict.
  • Powerful spray technology. Moen Brantford has an improved spraying mechanism, that makes water spray in a powerful manner. This effective feature is very helpful, when you need to have a pressure cleaning.
  • Super long hose. The standard hose that comes with this faucet is 68 inches long. It is three times as long as a regular faucet hose. Can even be used to clean the cooking panel.

Moen Brantford is an old-fashioned, convenient and somewhat conservative tap. It is good in all types of traditional kitchens, especially in the ones, that have a lot of brown color.

Kohler-K 10433BN

Kohler-K 10433BN

Kohler is a German company, that has absolutely unique standards. German engineers designed a faucet, that is not like any other faucet in these lists. It has different shape, different style and different features.


Here are the best of them:

  • Temperature limiter. There is a special knob, that allows to control the highest temperature, that the water may possibly get. There is no need  to worry, that the water will be too hot, you can simply limit it to 60 degrees and always enjoy it nice and warm.
  • The height. This tap is high enough. Although it looks a bit unusual, it is very practical. All the pots and bottles fit under this faucet for easy filling. No problems with that at all.
  • Durability. Kohler-K 10433BN is a classical brass faucet. It has a simple construction, so nothing can break there. To prove these words, the manufacturer provides a life long warranty to all the customers, that includes free fixing and replacement.

If you are making a kitchen in European style or want something, that will be both simple and unique, Kohler`s product is what you need. It is a great tap, coming with great features.

Moen Belfield

Moen Belfield

You could have already noticed, that I am really a fan of Moen. So, we are closing this top with one more Moen item. I really wanted the last position to be something special and unique, but each of the faucets in these tops is so unique, that there was nothing left for dessert. So, I decided to end this with just a generally good faucet.


Here are the bright sides:

  • A side spray. A built-in spray is a more versatile item, but nothing beats a side spray in terms of convenience. Luckily, Moen Belfield has this item in the kit.
  • Versatility. This faucet can be installed in any sink. It is compatible with one, two and three holes sinks.
  • Easy to install. Installation does not require any special knowledge, anyone can handle it. Especially with the instruction.

Well, there is nothing outstandingly good in this exact model, but it is so simple to install and use, that it remains a worthy choice.

Summing Things up

Well, those were the best available kitchen faucets for 2020. There are not many general rules on how to pick a faucet, so I am not going to leave many tips here. Simply remember, that convenience and comfort in kitchen depend on faucet a lot. So, it is not worth it, to save several dollars and buy a cheap faucet.

There is no sense in overpaying for a faucet. Just pick a matching one for the kitchen and continue living a simple life with your new appliance. This was it for this article. Thank you for reading and good luck with designing a kitchen.

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