Classic kitchen design at modern home

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The correct price in comparison with the cost of other finishing work and materials in classic kitchen design. These compounds, owing to the presence therein of similar resins have a good level of elasticity. This paint is ideal for the decoration of the wooden walls. It perfectly masks minor surface defects, so for the finishing of cottages, temporary housing and summer kitchen is better to buy acrylic paint.

The composition completely devoid of odor, so painting the walls in the kitchen everyone, even children can take part. The resulting coating can be cleaned with a damp cloth, and sometimes even to wash non-aggressive detergent if necessary. Acrylic surface does not lose its appearance even after several thousand cycles of wet cleaning. The disadvantages of the material include its high cost. This type of paint for its durability far superior acrylic blends, so it can always opt for the decoration of high load areas. The list not only the kitchen and bathroom. Such paint work at the design school corridors, staircases, medical institutions, in general, wherever there is a need for regular cleaning and disinfection with the use of detergents of different classes.

It says that when painting the classic kitchen design walls with latex paint you easily be able to brush away the pollution is not only a sponge or soft cloth and brush with a non-rigid pile, because the coating is extremely resistant to abrasion. The latex surface is “breathing”, so they are not afraid of the most dense kitchen steam. Do not you have to be faced with such a problem as “blooming” the fungus wall? In the price category latex compounds are superior to acrylic, which is understandable.

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Especially popular they did not use, but in the kitchen interiors can meet them. Choose them only for:

  • The wear resistance, which is higher than that of acrylic and latex formulations;
  • Immune to temperature changes;
  • Indifference to the level of humidity.

Such surfaces are difficult to damage. To make a scratch on them, will have to try. Alkyd compositions are always colorful. They are simply applied to the surface. They are economical. Paint in the kitchen walls will be held with a minimum of material consumption, because during drying practically no shrinkage process layers. Alkyd paint would be the ideal solution for the kitchen, if this “ointment” was not one, but a very bitter “spoon of tar.” The fact that the basis of this type of paint is used, the solvent, and hence an environmental material, however, like a fire, however.

But this is really the best solution for the kitchen interior. Silicone compositions have all the best qualities of the materials mentioned above. Moreover, they can be applied to virtually just plastered, that is, completely unseasoned surface that greatly accelerates repairs. And everything is good, but the price scares off scale ordinary buyer and this is the only reason that silicone paint has not yet become leaders of sales.

All washable paints are divided on the degree of gloss. Paint the walls in the classic kitchen designs they will provide matte, glossy and semi-matt surface. In this case, the choice is dictated solely preferences premises owners. Preferences, but excluding a single nuance is still not enough. If you are in the kitchen area are ready to clean carefully only certain portions of the wall surface, for example, over the dinner table or behind the stove, and do not wash all the walls of the whole, then a matt paint is better to forget. From frequent cleaning processing space “polish” and will be evident smoothness and shine.

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Features colors for the kitchen

To finish the global surface as long as possible preserved its high quality and aesthetic appearance, it is necessary to look for washable paint that will create the desired background color in the interior. Paint the walls in the kitchen do not complicate or delay the progress of the repair process. Material easily replace the usual wallpaper will look even more luxurious. Painted walls eliminate the need for frequent cosmetic repairs. Especially be happy with such interior solutions in the design of the surface, the hostess, in a family where the kids are growing up. Their desire for creativity manifested in the vast classic kitchen design ideas, will not bring visible damage environment: it will be possible to wash painted, scratched – paint. Note that while one cannot “align” the wall as a whole, as occurs in the case of replacement of wallpaper. The main thing to keep the label number and the name of the color used, or even better, leave a little on the composition of such a “special” case.

The correct position of the paint will be smooth and abrasion resistant surface.

  • Washable paint can be imposed not only on the plastered surface. They can be done painting structural pasted wallpaper walls in the kitchen. Generally, the paint easily rests on the brick, concrete, drywall, wood, in general, any porous material.
  • By painting the walls is necessary to prepare, and, the better quality will be carried out this phase of the work, the better the final result. So what and in what order to do?
  • It is necessary to clean the kitchen wall of dirt. Particular care is necessary to compete with traces of fat. The old finish is removed, along with the crumbling plaster.
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Look at the opened space. It should be no signs of mold and mildew. If present, these areas mechanically cleaned to clean the surface and then covered by the antibacterial composition. The resulting potholes plaster, at least – cement mixtures.

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