Comfort is stainless steel kitchen cabinets

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In general, this positive moments stores run out. To find exactly what you need, you will have a long walk along the shelves, seek out the most beautiful and high quality. Then the selected item should be attributed to the cashier and pay. And then in the evening to find that she is not suited to you.

With the purchase of the situation is somewhat different stainless steel kitchen cabinets. Pluses here much longer. Firstly, you are not looking for that same one and only thing you need to still have time to buy, this has not yet made by someone else. You just come to a company specializing in the production of a product (in our case – is the kitchen), and order what you’ve been looking for.

When ordering take into account all your wishes, you are offered all sorts of variations of the goods, and if necessary, advise on any questions.

Also note that food prices under democratic order always, since the choice of headset you are guided not only their own taste preferences, but also the possibility of your wallet, so the book is always more convenient than buying a ready-made.

What are the different types of food to order

Before you draw up the kitchen to order, you must at least in general terms, to understand what kind of cuisine can be implemented on the basis of your future project apartment.

The layout of the kitchen is of several types: direct kitchen, angular (L-shaped), U-shaped kitchen and an island.

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Direct food good for small spaces with stainless steel kitchen cabinet

Working zone – the so-called triangle – forms a straight line, where the stove, sink and refrigerator. But the length of the line kitchen, or as it is called “line”, must not exceed 3.5 meters, otherwise torment run from the plate to the fridge, from the refrigerator to the sink. Refrigerator desirable place closer to the door to get to it quickly when you get back from the store with heavy bags. Also, the refrigerator should be available to your household members that they will not interfere in the process of preparation, when suddenly want to look back in search of something to eat. Direct kitchens are well suited for extended space, as direct food very often put in the cases when the kitchen + living room or dining room.

Corner kitchen are the most common, as it is possible to place all very compact and practical. Set mostly located along two walls in a corner sink is usually put at the center of the plate, and closer to the door – refrigerator. Short distances between important elements of the kitchen headset attached to the practicality and comfort, as well as significantly speed up the cooking process.

U-shaped kitchen is not so popular in our country, their big disadvantage is that even though they look very stylish, but often take up too much precious space on the kitchen space, and of course they will only fit enough spacious room.

Island cuisine today are gaining popularity because many people do a combined kitchen and living room. Island logically separates the work area from the dining,

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Before the order is necessary to determine the future plan kitchen, about to present, where there will be a refrigerator, stove and sink. Whether or not the kitchen washing machine and dishwasher, to house a microwave oven. Of course, during all project development will change, but at least some idea of the future kitchen, you should be.

Style future kitchen is also formed of your preference. Classical kitchen, for example, is the most popular among housewives. It instills a sense of confidence and serenity, and what else is needed in our crazy time?

Therefore, the first step, you still have to decide on your future kitchen style. If it does nothing does not occur, you have the support of the designer, who has in his head all sorts of ideas. He will offer several options for the headset, will clarify the coloring of the facades and even show you a ready-made solution to the kitchen to order photos. Classic cuisine in the interior will never go out of fashion, they can say, eternal value, which is checked for years. Man always chooses the classics, when he can not give preference to a different style. For example, when we do not have a favorite modern writer, we turn to the classics, when we are not able to pick up a beautiful and stylish jeans, elegant pants we buy when we do not want an interior in the style of hi-tech (different style) it helps us a good old classic.

Classical kitchen interior will always be popular because it is designed specifically for a person to rest the soul of the bold designs and all kinds of technical innovations. Classic style is original and beautiful at the same time. Especially popular are the classic cuisine in newfangled New Age format, which combines and modern appliances, and exquisite design.

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What is a classic? Stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets in the interior?

In the classic style usually distinguish two main directions:

1) Classicism, which is based on the heritage of ancient architecture – it is the simplicity and harmony of straight lines, monumentality. This style makes the room quiet and elegant.

2) Combines three styles: Baroque, Rococo and Empire. They complete contrast to classicism. It is the ease and elegance of the interior, magnificent stucco and fancy furniture.

For a classic kitchen design used in the interior calm tones: white furniture looks favorably on the background of pastel tones of the walls and ceiling. A frequently used cream-colored, pale yellow and beige shades in the classic interior of the kitchen. The color of the floor and the furniture is sometimes dark brown, as made from natural wood.

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