Different colors in modern interiors

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In this article you will find a lot of useful tips for general color solutions cuisine. It often happens that people who do not have the architectural and design education, are facing difficulties at this stage of the design. The first thing you need to decide what you want to see in the end. And then, based on the general advice, try to make your own design project premises.

How to use the yellow color in the interior of the kitchen?

Yellow always creates a positive mood in the interior and adjusts the guests and family members on a friendly footing. In this kitchen will not be sad even in the cloudy day. This color is perfect for areas that get little natural light or heat. For people who are in a long depression, shades of yellow will be a real salvation.

Lemon yellow tones perfectly suited to the interior, dominated by black and white surface. Lemon color perfectly accents and fills the room warmth of the sun. Also you can use a light yellow color, if not very fond of bright interiors. These options are presented in fashion magazines that demonstrate the quieter examples of interiors, executed in cold tones. These colors are often used in kitchens, where the traditional style of the interior prevails. Bright shades can be used for positioning accents. For example, you can hang the painting in shades of lemon.

Also, you can run an experiment with bright colors in his room. Based on the fact that the yellow color has beneficial effects on appetite, so if you do not plan to stick to your diet, you can safely use it in the kitchen. Select the yellow color and the other two shades that will fit to the core. With such a combination you will be able to achieve the style and elegance, despite the fact that your room will be bright enough. At first glance it may seem that the yellow will look too vulgar, but it is not so. The main thing to adhere to the rules of the golden mean.

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To get rid of constant depression, you can use pastel colors. To achieve elegance, you can lay out a wall of yellow tiles. The rest of the surface must be made of neutral shades. It would be best if the rest of the walls and ceiling are white.

What colors combined yellow?

  1. If you use dark shades of yellow, you will approach a neutral range and red hues, which will create the autumn mood in the room.
  2. The yellow combined with pastel green, will make your kitchen a calm and peaceful.
  3. To give the luxury of the room, use a combination of pale yellow and gray. Depending on the intensity of yellow hues, choose dark or light gray.
  4. If your kitchen is not enough comfort, using warm shades of yellow combined with other bright and pleasant and flowers.

Bright shades of yellow in the interior

Many people believe that if you do the kitchen in a light yellow color, it will turn monotonous and boring. But they are wrong. There exists a rich palette of yellow light pastel tones. This number includes peach, vanilla, milk, pearl and other subtle colors. Also you can combine in one room shiny surface with opaque. This will give the room a special flair. The yellow color will look great in small apartments and large. Restrained yellow hues will assist you when you hide the wrong place in your room. As well as using the pastel shades you can expand the space visually. The main thing, remember that the combination of yellow and brown and dark red, the kitchen will make your boring and uninteresting. yellow walls and brown furniture can be used in the classic interior.

Alternatively, take a look in the kitchen with light wood. They are also very popular these days is allowed for you to use sticky accessories in combination with the light tones of the kitchen. Cabinets are made in bright colors, easy daily cleaning.

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The blue color in the interior of the kitchen

Blue kitchen sets look stylish and original, and is usually used in the art nouveau style. Manufacturers offer interesting options, which combine orange, yellow, beige or milky color blue boxes and cabinets. The blue color is rarely used in classical and rustic style.

Nevertheless, the blue hues can relax after a hard day’s work, reduce stress and thoughts about what happened the day

This is ideal for rooms that face the sunny side. In this case, refresh the room blue tones

Moreover, it can be applied in small kitchens to make them visually more and expand the space.

You want to make your kitchen sparkle with precision? Thanks to the blue, the room will look stylish and fresh, as if you just washed it, or do general cleaning.

In common parlance blue cabinets require proper care and cleaning, because stains and dust often visible on dark surfaces than on pale countertops and other places.

How to correctly use the red color in the interior?

The red color is used in kitchens mostly likely to appeal to active, self-confident people. Be careful with this color and its shades, if you have a mini – kitchen or studio apartment. Like most saturated colors, red, as a rule, to make your small kitchen is visually less spacious and less. Proper use of red shades are filled with positive energy and helps get rid of the cloudiness and monotony.

Red combined with golden hues produce a stylish and rich experience. He mostly looks nice in Chinese or oriental styled rooms.

However, redness may appear in a negative way, it helps the development of uncontrolled anger and aggression. Too bright colors make the room smaller and shorter. Apply red accents such as lamps, curtains, decorative kitchen utensils.

Use red elements combined with soft and pale shades of gray or even cold and blue. Look at the pictures of finished interiors with a picture of the red kitchen and cold walls or floor. Red walls correspond to black and white or gray floor is excellent floor.

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As for the content of purity red kitchen to keep attention and perform daily washing and dusting the rich red counters require special care and care.

Proper use of green

The green color, which makes the life of fresh and filled. He fills the room with energy and tranquility. This growth character updates, joy, hope, development and well-being. Green is good for the reduction of stress and tension, relax and calm. Green shades affect us in different ways. You can add a juicy green color in the kitchen decor bring a powerful energy growth, development and do well. Pale green means calm and comfort. Green Lemon encourages you to events. Olive-green and dark shades should be used very carefully, as they may cause some boredom.

Dark green color is not suitable for small room. Green is easy to combine with almost all colors. The best of them is a mixture of white and green. Mitigating white, olive colors are ideal for classic kitchens, as well as the country and the province of styles. Intense bright colors perfectly accompany the general tone, made in soft colors.

Gray modern kitchens

This is considered a neutral tone, ideal for daily living. It is more common in the modern and high-tech designs that support a color scheme. Gray can be dark and depressing when used in large quantities without any – or colorful accents. But when you use a professional is really a long trend and the squeak of the season.

Choose between saturated and pale color. Please note that a deep gray color will make your small kitchen look more small, while the high tones in shades will reflect light flush room.

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