Easy ikea kitchen design

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In our time, the hosts always ready to help come the most modern appliances ikea kitchen design, which significantly facilitate the work in the kitchen. It seems that this is fine, but how do you place a small room within the whole arsenal of high-tech?

Firstly, before the next buying bakers should think: Does it need you at all? Second, it is now sold a lot of multifunction devices. Why buy a separate grinder and a juicer, if you can buy a food processor with a host of useful functions?

Do not forget that fit in a small kitchen everything is not possible. In fact, besides the art equipment necessary space for the work area, as well as everything for a dining area. In spite of everything, a good designer is able to transform into a cozy nest is not even a large kitchen area of four to five meters, encountered even kitchen equipped at the lodge.

Most often installed in an ikea kitchen design-in appliances. These kitchen appliance manufacturers take into account all the nuances, and produced lots of different models. Incidentally, a similar technique can be built even in the wall that adds variation and releases much-needed space.

Recommendations to improve the design of the interior of a small kitchen

Six-meter kitchen is not a sentence, because even on the four-meter can perfectly fit everything you need. Especially since ergonomic furniture and modern fitted kitchen appliances allow us to make beautiful, functional and durable.

Secrets designers to increase the area of the kitchen:

  • To expand the kitchen can be at the expense of the corridor or combine it into one area with bathroom. If this is not possible, you can use for eating folding or folding table.
  • Win a little space can be at the expense of the sill, which is installed in place of table top. And it can be used both as a dining table and a cutting zone.
  • The front door is usually only interferes and takes up space, so you can just get rid of it.
  • Look for compact equipment. For example, over a small fridge can be mounted on brackets microwave.
  • Adding comfort and functionality
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True masters of design art skillfully implement ikea kitchen design, as well as its color and accessories to expand the space visually. To do this, they use a variety of tricks, with which we are currently aware of.

The interior is better to use calm and neutral tones. They are able to visually push the boundaries of the kitchen, as well reflect light. The relevance of this is increased if you decide to use a deep rich color. Glossy furniture also has good reflective properties. With regard to the use in the interior of a large number of colors, it is not the right solution, sufficient to consider two or three shades.

Comfortable furniture

Combinations of colors should be simple, so uncomplicated way you can make the space more. From the use of different patterns and complex patterns on textiles or wallpaper, it is better to give up, a small kitchen, they will tire the eyes. But if you want you can decorate the room a picture, but it should be pale and not stand out from the crowd. Perfect solution – the use of a relief ornament, color harmonizing with the main kitchen tone.

Lighting should naturally be at the maximum. From the use of heavy curtains should be discarded. It is better to decorate the kitchen light translucent curtains or roman blinds. Light brings a feeling of space, so do not limit it, but it is not necessary to go too far. Be sure to look closely of projects realized in practice, thanks to the Internet this should not be a problem. These directories are an inexhaustible fount of ideas; there you certainly can gain a lot of interesting things for themselves.

If the plan does not allow combining the kitchen with an adjoining room physically, you can do it at least visually. Suffice it to only give the walls of both room’s one color or wallpaper of the same. Thus you will achieve the effect of a single large space, not two tiny small rooms.

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His selection is better to stop on the bright, dim furniture. Outwardly, it looks less cumbersome, especially if merges with the color of the walls. An excellent option is transparent furniture. The options here weight: transparent chairs, a dining table or a glass wall shelves. It will look just fine, and you do feel in weightlessness.

Be sure to choose a spacious furniture, but things should not be much. Furnished ikea kitchen designs lots of small-sized cabinets, chests of drawers or shelves you will achieve only clutter effect that visually reduce the space.

It would be nice if some of the fitments “were drawn up.” Therefore it draws attention to the ceiling, and it is visually rises. A good option – installation of the most bulky items, but most often it is the refrigerator, in the farthest corner of the kitchen.

A good idea is to organize the boxes directly from the floor, at the level of the cap. In the upper drawers can be perfectly embed additional countertop. Transparent doors in the headset can favorably affect the feeling of space in the room. Thus in all cabinets to be seen, so there should be all neatly arranged, otherwise you can get the opposite effect.

The same applies to ikea design kitchen

The dining table is better to make an oval or round; this furniture is visually takes up less space. In addition, many people opt for the functional folding or sliding tables. This is not surprising, because if you eat in the kitchen at the same time up to three people, a large table is not necessary. And in case guests arrive can easily push such furniture, the benefit of modern accessories allows to realize the most incredible decision.

With designs and drawings should get very delicately. Designers recommend confining a few small: whether the pattern on the upholstery or decorative tiles. Do not overload the space.

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Cornice is to hang on to the maximum height, just under the ceiling. In this case, the window as it were “pulled” up, raising him visually ceiling. In order to hang curtains and tulle while you need to select a long ledge, because the room has to penetrate the light and this should not close the window, but only to frame their curtains.

Printed textiles are better not to use, it is better to stop your choice textured fabrics.

Without a well-equipped system for storing kitchen utensils and products you are unlikely to be released to create a functional kitchen. Therefore, even at the design stage, think about what, where and how you will keep in the kitchen.

Of particular note is the workspace. As mentioned above, in small kitchens, it is often combined with a window sill. Near the window may well accommodate washing, dishwashing niche or hob. Center kitchen can be equipped as a kind of multifunctional island, making it a dining table, work area and bathroom cabinet for dishes. So everything you need is at your fingertips at the mistress.


  • The depth of lower cabinets can be reduced. So, if you take away from the standard 60 centimeters at least a quarter, you will get additional free space.
  • Wall cabinets are better to do high, so that almost reaches to the ceiling. The upper shelves are a great receptacle for things that you rarely use.
  • The original solution would be equipping “galley”. This involves placing the interior on both sides of the kitchen wall cabinets and installation at the end of the room a sink and tiles.
  • The lighting in the interior of a small kitchen

Well-lit kitchen design ikea has the ability to visually increase, so the spotlights on the wardrobes and under them will help to achieve the desired effect.

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