Farmhouse kitchen lighting: ideas for interior

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Simple and complex at the same time task is very demanding in the selection of lighting fixtures for farmhouse style. And it is really difficult assignment to properly arrange the kitchen and related areas. On the one hand, there is should be light enough for comfortable cooking and doing daily chores, and with another – it should not be bright and excessive.

Basic principles

In order to emphasize the essential rustic atmosphere in the kitchen be sure to place hanging ceiling chandelier with classic glass shade. For kitchen with large size, which clearly separate work and dining areas, you can hang several similar lamps, arranged in a straight line over a dining table. And for illumination of the working area to set the spot lights. In the interior with masonry or decorative plaster organically will look chandeliers with wrought decorative elements, but in a more simplified – with textile lampshades.

Chandeliers for kitchen in farm style are selected very carefully. They should be combined not only among themselves but also be reflected in common environment. High-tech equipment will help create the perfect farmhouse kitchen lighting with the diametrically opposed requirements.

Selection of lighting by zones

Kitchen in farmhouse style requires a diverse lighting. To solve all the tasks by installing a Central chandelier will not work. The ideal option would be the division of space into zones and the lighting in each one individually:

  • Lighting over the stove;
  • Lighting of the working area;
  • Illumination cabinets and a cutting surface;
  • Lighting bar;
  • Lighting the dining area.

In addition, there should be overhead lights. It will create the overall mood and will allow to combine separate functional areas into a unified whole.

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Acceptable materials for chandeliers and lamps

Chandeliers for kitchen in country style can be very different. Its appearance has got just one strict require: maximum simplicity and use of natural materials. It can be wood, metal, textiles, forging, brass, glass. Look great in the interior lights, which combine several materials.

A good option for kitchen in country style of the chandelier will be on a long suspension. Massive and even rough elements such as untreated wood and chain look perfect. If ceiling height does not allow use the classic versions, then you can choose multi-horned chandelier. However, instead of the classic shades it is better to use open bowls, upward. They will remind candlesticks and candelabra, which are very well fit into the interior in farmhouse style.

If the kitchen in country style is not located in a country house and in an apartment and more stylized in a rustic interior, then instead of the heavy wood and metal you can use chandeliers with glass or textile shades. The latter can be decorated with painted or stained glass.  You should use options as simple as possible. This is not only stylistic requirements but also practical: for subjects without fine detail and complex textures are easier to care for, wash and keep its original form.

6 kinds of lights for countryside kitchen

  • Lamps as the interior decorative elements and non-integrated spot lighting, must, first of all be combined with a central chandelier. If it is made of metal, and wall sconces and lamps should also contain this material, and even better to duplicate the form or the main decorative element.
  • Also good in the kitchen in country style wrought iron look sconces, lamps made of brass or glass lampshades, embellished with paintings and stained glass. However, it is worth noting that to get involved colored lighting in the kitchen is not necessary, preference should be given to the natural warm hue. The good choice is yellow lamp with diffused light.
  • On the walls in the dining area you can place a pair of sconces. Well in this case will look like a model, a stylized torches or candelabra.
  • Lamps in such lighting you can choose the theme, in the form of candles, and even with the effect of burning on the wind. These sconces will create a very cozy and homely atmosphere at the dining table.
  • Working area and lockers headset, you can issue a built-in backlight, and you can also install lighting in the country style. This can be spotlights on long thin legs which will be attached to the walls and on the correct arc to loom over the illuminated area. Kitchen island ceiling lights on long cords, chains or pendants. Lamps with glass shades in this case will be very nice.
  • The bar can also be illuminated ceiling lights on long cords or chains. If ceiling height and floor space allows, you can consider installing chandeliers over the bar. In some embodiments, it is advisable to choose two or three identical chandeliers instead of one central.
  • Complex ceiling pendant chandelier for kitchen in country style illuminates the dining area.
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  •  The complexity of kitchen lighting country style is that it should be different. To achieve this by setting different light sources is possible, but impractical. A more reasonable solution is the installation of chandeliers and lighting fixtures for the kitchen in country style with the dimmer. With the help of the regulator, in a role which can act simultaneously on the remote control, or the more traditional roller-switch, it is possible to make the lighting so, it is necessary at this time of day. For example, during cooking unscrew the handle can be at full capacity, and in the evening, during a family tea, a light can run at half power or less to create a homely and cozy environment with soft and diffused light.

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