Fluorescent kitchen light fixtures: types and characteristics of choice

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The kitchen area is a space with a special performance. Due to the nature of space, the kitchen often is the temperature change and humidity. The result is a special microclimate with a high thermal regime and the contents in the air of water vapor and combustion gases, which leads to a special approach to lighting.

Kinds and types of fluorescent kitchen light fixtures

Fluorescent kitchen light fixtures can be divided into two large groups:

Ceiling — the most common type of lamps used for general lighting in apartments and houses and office buildings. In turn ceiling fixtures for fluorescent lamps can be divided into several types, depending on the design and method of installation:

  •  Built-in models are mounted in suspended ceiling design, suspended ceilings. Overhead fluorescent fixtures are mounted in ceilings with a “solid” surface (plastered floor slab or drywall), not suitable for suspended ceilings. The choice of this type of lamps is quite wide, but well fit them succeeds only in modern kitchen interiors.
  •  Lath lamps specially designed for easy mounting in suspended ceilings. These lamps will fit right in with the kitchen interiors styles hi-tech or minimalism and helps to make great General lighting, but also to emphasize the style of kitchen design.
  •  Raster fixtures are commonly used for public and office buildings.
  •  Point models of luminaries for fluorescent lamps come in different sizes, colors and shapes. These lamps can be used both for General lighting and for design of allocation of separate areas or design elements and decor.
  •  Rack and pinion fluorescent lamps are great for the kitchen hi-tech.
  •  Furniture is another large group of fluorescent lamps intended for local and designer lighting. According to the type of installation, this lamp can be divided into:
  •  Inset or recessed – as the name implies, this kind of lamps is embedded in the kitchen furniture, therefore, to decide on the layout and model of lighting is best at the stage of manufacture of the headset. It is worth noting that an experienced collector can install such a lamp and in a ready set, only needed the exact connection. Flush lights are ideal for interior lighting of the kitchen cabinets, drawers or cupboards, and “embedded” in the lower part of the wall cabinets will create a stylish and functional illumination of the working area.
  •  Overhead lights are attached directly to the elements of kitchen furniture or apron. This type of lighting will make it easy to arrange the illumination of the working surface, and to create designer lighting kitchen cabinets or drawers.

Fluorescent kitchen lighting fixtures: 5 secrets of lighting

So the kitchen has become the hub of the home and attracted not only the hostess need to prepare Breakfast and dinner for their families, but for all the others, to properly select its design. The more comfortable you will feel in a household, the more often they will gather around the table and discuss common problems.

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  1. Work light

When planning light mode kitchens the most appropriate solution to meet the standards will be a combination of General lighting ceiling devices and local (spot) lighting of work areas.

  1. The advantages of fluorescent lamps and their shortcomings

Working principle of kitchen fluorescent light fixtures — the glow of the gas particles under the action of electric current. Fluorescent ceiling lights create a diffused soft light, which will protect your eyesight, evenly illuminating the area of the kitchen.

The light output of fluorescent lamps above the usual 4-5 times. Advantages of fluorescent lamps of both types are long life, low heat output and ability to save energy (beyond 5 times). The lampshades are securely and hermetically protected from moisture and dust. The device has a lifespan on average of 8 000-10 000 hours.

  1. Kitchen fluorescent light fixture covers: combine functionality and style

Any kitchen interior can be transformed and made more stylish with well-chosen lamps and chandeliers. Proper lighting, elaborate illumination of functional areas is the basis of light perfect for a stylish kitchen. To make the kitchen not only sufficiently well lit.

The main time in the kitchen is for the preparation of food and cooking, so the most important to provide good illumination of working areas. The second most important quality is the lighting of the dining area. Upper ceiling light is just additional, and in small rooms they can even be neglected.

  1. Fluorescent light fixtures kitchen for furniture

As a variant create light effects and lights kitchen sinks and plate — use the neutral lighting. In most kitchen cabinets are hung above the tables and on the bottom surface of the cabinets can be mounted overhead fluorescent lighting. Elongated form provides an even illumination of worktops, and direction of light stream down comfortable conditions for cooking. Length of fluorescent lamps is usually 40-80 cm, which allows match them to the size of the furniture. Lights with smooth shades are preferable for the working zone. They are easier to clean because of pollution reduce the illumination level.

  1. Interior lighting of cabinets
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Dining area requires a different approach to lighting. In some cases, you can stay on the ceiling lights and in some cases, additional local lighting. Above the table you can place a single luminaire or several luminaires according to your wishes, but not less than 50-60 cm from the tabletop.

Kitchen fluorescent light fixture: some insights


Specific microclimate and performance of the kitchen single special approach to lighting. It should ensure a common high illumination when combining different lighting functional areas. Fluorescent lamps have a number of advantages over conventional. They save energy, have a high luminous efficiency, long serve. On the market are fluorescent lamps and lamps of different shapes, allowing you to fit them into any decor, the ceiling, the surface of the furniture, walls and other places.

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