Glass pendant lights for kitchen island

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Beautiful chandelier can become the very highlight, around which to build the design of your kitchen. Chandelier is able to make it truly unique, stylish and bright.

Make your choice of glass pendant lights for kitchen island: 4 stylish solutions

Chandelier is a special type of hanging ceiling lamp with multiple bulbs. This is its main difference from all other lighting. First and foremost, is to determine what role to play chandelier on your kitchen. Whether it’s the main light source or will it primarily serve as a decor element?

As a rule, the main criterion for choosing a chandelier is style, which made the interior of your kitchen or dining room. So, choosing a chandelier for the kitchen, you should focus primarily on furniture — kitchen set, dining group.

Kitchen in a modern style, you can select the right chandelier modern creative forms, made from ultra-modern materials. It can be laconic and functional lamps, balls, cubes, cylinders, and spectacular designer chandelier.


The classic style need traditional chandelier with pendants of crystal, clear or coloured glass pendant lights for kitchen island. Also, designers often use classical lamps with lampshades made of fabric. However, these desirable fixtures hang in the dining area. If you hang a chandelier in a small kitchen or close to the cooking area, the ceiling will quickly become dirty.


Kitchen in rustic, Provence or Italian style should be decorated with a wrought-iron chandelier with light bulbs-“candles”. The chandelier with a distressed surface that resembles the old silver or bronze looks very harmonious in the kitchen in country style.

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In the interior, designed in ethnic styles (Japanese, etc.) best of all will look appropriate ethno-lamps — stylized Japanese wood chandelier with lamp shades from rice paper, Moroccan lanterns, models of colored glass and similar options.

The interior design is very popular eclectic and fusion style, which is a mix of elements from different styles. And a crystal chandelier may look very relevant and unusual and the kitchen in the style of hi-tech, and minimalist modern interior.

However, designers are advised to listen to the fashion trends and to show more imagination. It is not necessary that the chandelier style is perfectly consistent with the style of kitchen.

The chandelier in the kitchen – the subtleties embed

Size of a chandelier depends on the ceiling height and dimensions of your kitchen. The lower ceiling and smaller floor space, especially flat and compact must be the lamp. For optimal small kitchen chandeliers with tiny lampshades that seem “pressed” to the ceiling or overhead lamps-plates. Experts call such lamps ceiling.

If the chandelier in your kitchen is a major source of main light is to place it in the center of the ceiling. In larger modern kitchens with dedicated dining area chandelier in the middle of the ceiling will illuminate the center of the room that is often empty. Therefore, the placement of the chandelier in the dining area looks more reasonable. In any case, without local lighting can not do.

A good option is to place a chandelier above the center of the dining table. It is important that the light in this case is not too bright, not irritating to the eyes, but provides a good illumination to the dining area. The chandelier should not hang lower than 1.2-1.4 meters from the surface of the table, otherwise the lighting will not be enough comfortable.

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If under the dining room in your house designated part of the living room, a studio space or a separate room, and a dining table large enough to hang over him two small chandeliers. The lighting will be more uniform, and the interior will be more interesting.

A good option for the kitchen — modern chandelier elongated, rather than the usual rounded shape. In such a lamp, several lamps are placed on the same line, the more evenly lighting a large area. If the kitchen-dining room is large enough, one chandelier can be placed over a lunch group, and the second over the bar.

Do not forget about safety. For kitchen better suited to chandeliers and lamps with high protection against dust and splashes. Keep in mind that for the kitchen are a poor fit for chandeliers with lampshades of textile and paper. They faster become soiled. Besides, they usually use low-power lamp. If you use a more powerful bulb, the lampshade can catch fire.

Technical details of the glass pendant lights for kitchen island

It is ideal to use in the kitchen special switch with rheostat light intensity. It will help to adjust the brightness of light depending on the time of day, situation or your mood.

Practical solution is chandelier with remote control. Often they are equipped with modern led lamps. This option allows one button push to turn on / off a light or adjust its brightness, not getting up. This is especially useful in studio apartments or kitchen-living room.


Designer’s tips:

  • use on the kitchen the chandelier with incandescent lamps. It is believed that they give a more warm and pleasant to the eye color. The food there looks appetizing, and the kitchen-dining room seems much cozier;
  • compact led and halogen lamps make the ceiling visually higher;
  • it is worth thinking about further maintenance of the lamp. Choosing a chandelier for the kitchen, make sure that it can easily find replacement lamps suitable form, size and technical characteristics, e.g. type of base;
  • halogen and led lamps require mandatory incorporation of the transformers that lower the voltage. Such designs usually hide behind a false or suspended ceiling.
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