Hanging kitchen lights: how to make right choice

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Any room in the home, especially the kitchen, needs careful attention to the design of the lighting. It must be general and local. It is important that each lamp had its purpose, complements the other. Then you can create a harmonious ceiling space, creating a visual effect needs through well-conceived and efficiently incarnate light.

Pendant lighting

An important function of hanging lights for kitchen island is illumination the room at night. Of course, if the window is cloudy weather or the windows also have blackout curtains – lamps will also come to the rescue. And it is very important to choose the right pendant lamp. After all, it was in the kitchen when cooking you have to strain your eyes. In addition, the change in the color of light can cause a distorted, and therefore, the products may seem unconventional colours that can cause difficulties. Even poorly lit room contributes to rapid fatigue.

It is therefore important to calculate the wattage of the lamps. For example, if you use halogen sources, enough for them to about 35 W/m2, for incandescent bulbs up to 30 watts/m2. Thus it is necessary to pick up a chandelier so that their appearance was combined with other interior elements, then the result will be excellent.

General lighting

Requirements of instruments:

  • the optimal location is either far away from the dining area (if it has its own lighting), or in the middle of the kitchen;
  • the light intensity should be such that dark places didn’t remain;
  • sharp shadows may be mitigated by directing light upwards, and the application of the lampshade of frosted material;
  • if the room is elongated along the length, then it is better than one lamp, and a few properly distributed over the surface.

Dining area

Here the main requirement – to create warmth and light in the center of the dining table to eat comfortably. The optimal kitchen hanging lights location – from 120 cm from the surface of the table; the bulb needs to have a warm spectrum of light. It is recommended that the length of the suspension could be adjusted. A wonderful feeling of comfort is obtained by use of the shade of the vines or braided fabric. If there is no desire or ability to use pendant lights, and fit wall.

How to make overhead hanging kitchen lights?

Hanging lights for kitchen island — chandeliers and lamps — classic the arrangement of the lighting in the kitchen. For kitchen lighting in the dark is mainly used overhead lighting. In addition, if the kitchen has no window or light coming through it is not enough, the upper lighting acts as a substitute for natural light. In both cases, the function of skylights is to provide a well-lit kitchen.

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Therefore, when you create a top lighting can set a single powerful lamp on center ceiling or several small on the perimeter of ceiling throughout the kitchen. You can also combine one large central and several smaller ones on the perimeter.

Creating a basic lighting in a small kitchen, have to follow the rule of saving and ergonomic placement, like the furniture and lighting. The space is small, so the best way would be zoning the entire room. To achieve this, it is possible in the false ceiling to install powerful spotlights. You can get the greatest benefit from zoning kitchen by proper placement of lighting devices by creating a separate group of switches for each zone.

Working area lighting in the kitchen

Lighting of the working area may be carried out at two levels:

  • The first level of lighting of working area. At this level it is assumed installation of lights in the space under the cabinets. For this you can use the same fluorescent light, which will be attached to the bottom of the lockers. This lamp will help to illuminate the entire surface of the working area of the countertop, even that which is not used as a work surface, but which can hold spices, kitchen appliances, etc. But that light needs to be fairly long. When choosing a lamp it is necessary to choose the one that will not distort the appearance of products having a yellow color. Also, instead of elongated lamps can be used linear led lighting. But it is better to cover the working surface of the countertop by the elongated lamp.
  • The second level of lighting of working area. The second level of the backlight is formed by installing individual spot lights above the upper cabinets. The lamps can be mounted in a surface ledge. At the edge of the cornice usually fixed small lamps that stick to the ledge due to the clothespins. The light from these lamps is directed to those areas which at the moment is work. Also on the eaves can be installed and led strip, but the quality of illumination of the working surface, it is considerably inferior for small bulbs, the light direction can be adjusted. It is very practical for the kitchen, where the cooking is done on a variety of surfaces.
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For lighting most of the above places would be better to approach individual led lights that have such need for the kitchen, as well as its small dimensions and sufficient lighting brightness.


It is also possible to purchase mounted cabinets with built-in lighting already. These cabinets may have notched projections, which will be built-in lamp. These lockers may multilevel placing lamps with adjustable light beam direction.

What lamp for the working area is better to choose?

For planning and device lighting the kitchen work area must first of all determine the type of lamps:

  • The chandelier is usually used as the main light source. To ensure the necessary amount of light in the working area it may not be enough, even if you move its location closer to the desktop. It will give solemnity to the overall atmosphere of the kitchen, standing over the dining area.
  • Spotlights with halogen bulbs perfectly illuminate the working area of the room, creating festive surroundings, however it is not always convenient such coverage.
  • Fluorescent lamps under the upper cabinets over the entire surface of the working area will provide uniform illumination and make it more striking and noticeable design of her apron. Use only a light above the work area lighting the entire kitchen will give the room a romantic atmosphere.
  • Led strip light used for illumination will be bright, beautiful and practical helper in the kitchen for any hostess. Tape color can be choose according to the design space, it can be variable or homogeneous. And the ability to change the brightness and saturation of the illumination will provide very unusual shades. Tape is attached on the upper cabinets over the headset apron with brackets, adhesives or double-sided tape. Using led strip can illuminate not only the working area of the kitchen, but also countertop, cabinets and base kitchen units. And if you put tape on the perimeter of the ceiling, it can be used as an alternative to the traditional chandelier, because the luminosity will be enough to illuminate the entire room. The use of led tape will allow you to save on costs of energy resources, moreover, creates a cozy atmosphere in the room.
  • Spotlights or lamps with directional light, mounted under the wall cabinets and directly on them, it can perform the function of not only local, but also the main lighting of the kitchen.
  • Pendant light fixtures over the kitchen island or work desk, will give the room originality. They are mounted in such a way that did not interfere in cooking, at the same time, to brightly illuminate the required area.
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Chandeliers and styles: 3 tips good organization hanging lights for kitchen

As noted, in the interior of the kitchen everything must be in harmony. So you should follow these tips:

Classic. The luminaire housing can be made of wood or metal, the models of hanging lights in kitchen can be a massive stuff. The bulb is better to pick in the form of candles, and fasten the lamp is on a chain or on a metal rod. Country. In this case it is possible to make or purchase the chandelier-wheel, which in this interior will look very simple.

Hi-tech. Looks great hanging kitchen light, which is made in the ordinary buildings of rectangular or round shape. The material of construction of the body is metal or glass.

Modern. Large lamp of ball shape will suit well. Perfect, if hanging lights for kitchen well be decorated with ornaments. Perfectly complement the interior fixtures of the original form.

About the right choice of hanging light fixtures for kitchen

Because the kitchen often occur changes in temperature and humidity, it is necessary to consider some conditions for lighting in the working area and choose a material that does not absorb moisture, soot. So the fabric is not the best companion. But a fabric shade over the dining area – it is the right decision.


The hanging lights kitchen can be plastic and glass, however, should be taken into account the temperature level below the material damage.The paper lampshade is a great decision for an interior in Oriental style, photo to prove, but for the kitchen it is not the most practical choice. You can use metal lamps when making a room, however, the coating should be ready for cooking loads and periodic cleanings. It will be great if the lighting will be intensity, then the room is always possible to maintain comfortable conditions.

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