Kitchen Cabinet Hardware ideas: how Important

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It seems, when you are buying furniture for kitchen, that hardware choosing is not so important, because it is easy. However, really it isn’t. There is the huge range of different hinges, pulls and other hardware in a market and it is difficult to choose the most suitable one by design and functionality. It depends on hardware, quality, functionality and appearance of a kitchen. These small units at first glance can simplify routine work at the kitchen and also will help to increase durability and functionality of furniture during its whole useful life.

Keep in mind, that kitchen cabinet hardware of different manufacturers is almost the same by shape and materials, but is differ by quality and price. Cheaper hinges and pulls are suit to budget furniture, but it means that these models will not serve for a very long time and be so great in use. You can buy hardware that is more expensive for your furniture to make ease and better usability of it. Luxury cabinets usually have the most technological and functional hardware, therefore, doors of these cabinets will be opened with ease just by one finger.

Creating the whole and complete image of a kitchen it is impossible to forget about using qualified and fancy components. The most simple kitchen design can be turned into unique and attractive with the help of installed on doors of cabinets modern handles. And at the same time luxury and expensive kitchen can look awful and be bad in use because of disgraceful handles and slimpsy hinges. The last ones are very important for kitchen functionality. They should withstand load during the time in commission and save their functionality.

The most popular hardware is presented of all hinges, handles and pulls kinds. Germany and Italy are recommended as the most reliable manufacturers of cabinets hardware. As for budget variant, China is the best in that section. Also, there are many producers in other countries, for example, in France, Japan, the USA, Russia and Poland. What manufacturer is preferable depends on quality, reviews, personal desires and tastes. Whatever hardware you are going to buy, it should be reliable, safe, ergonomic and aesthetic.

Handle is hardware for kitchen cabinets

Buying new kitchen by ordering or modernizing old kitchen, it is needed with a special attention choose handles, which will be installed on doors or boxes. Furniture producers always offer catalogues with photos, in order to have an opportunity to choose attractive and functional components. And in the process of choosing hardware it is important to take into account style of decoration and room at all.

There are three basic style decisions:

  • -classic;
  • -retro;
  • -modern;
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To classic style we can concern white or other laconic colored kitchens with usual furniture without ornaments and modeling. This style is convenient in using and clearing through. The main idea of this kitchen is nothing should detain and annoy.

Retro style consists in beautiful patterns, figures and stucco molding. Every component in this kitchen shows taste and grace of an owner. Only aficionados can really appreciate value of beauty and coziness of retro-kitchen.

Modern style of kitchen is extremely popular nowadays. It is like a combination of minimalism, high-tech and abstractionism. There is nothing that can detain or affront the eye. Everything is laconic and looks clear, cozy and accurate.

Types and kinds of handles

There are two types of kitchen cabinet handles:

  1. These handles are fixed to the door panels with hidden screws. They are used for decorating furniture and a kitchen at all.
  2. Cut-in. The handles are not viewed on furniture surface. They are made like hollows on door panels. This type of handles is safety. Therefore, it is popular in modern kitchens.

Kinds of handles that are represented in catalogues are following:

  1. It is popular kind of hardware of a kitchen. It differs with its convenient and safety using.
  2. The most popular modern kind of handles. It is similar to cramp.
  3. Small round handles can be made of different materials. They suit both to classic and modern designs.
  4. This kind of handles is often used in classic designed kitchens. They look effect, but can harm front part of cabinets.
  5. It is unusual kind of handle for vintage kitchen.
  6. It is graceful hanging handle of small size, which suits to any interior, but is not so functional as cramp or railing.

Materials of kitchen cabinets hardware

Modern kitchen hardware can be manufactured of absolutely different materials. To them we can concern:

  • Handles of this material can be smooth or curved, as you want. If you want to make your kitchen in classic design, these handles are the best choice.
  • Robustness and functionality of this material give the opportunity to use it in any kitchen. You can decorate metal handles with crystals or something else. It is the most useful hardware for cabinets.
  • It is exclusive material used in contemporary kitchens. Handles of this material are soft, safety and look attractive.
  • Handles of this graceful and delicate material are also used in modern kitchens to give them uniqueness.
  • This cheap material is nondurable, but accessed to everyone.
  • Combined handles. It is very convenient variant, because delicate glass, for example, can be combined with solid wood. These handles can be designed for every design of kitchen.

Style of hardware plays the main role in choosing of it. However, it is impossible to forget about reliability, safety ergonomics. Choosing size of cramp or railing handles, you have to remember, that between a handle and a door must be space in two or three fingers. Safety handles are those don’t have sharp edges, corners or other defects. German hardware for kitchen cabinets and drawers can amaze with its uniqueness and reliability even the most exacting customers.

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Using of kitchen cabinet hardware hinges

The main choice criterion here is functionality. Also, you can think about its safety and esthetic characteristics. Leaders in kitchen cabinet hinges manufactures are companies from Germany. Before choose hinges, you should decide which style and way of closing you prefer. There are different types of kitchen door hinges.

  1. Folded butt. They consist of two pinning panels. These hinges are cheap and can be used in classic kitchen design. They can be set-in and non-set-in ones.
  2. Hidden or European hinges. They promote perfect appearance of furniture. These ones are safety and have regulation system.
  3. Overhead hinges. They are used for side end wall.
  4. Semi-overhead. They are used in application of two facades on one end.
  5. These hinges allow to open doors in 170 grades.
  6. Overlapped hinges are used for inserted façade.
  7. These hinges used in corner cabinets.
  8. Spring butt. This type of hinges allow to open doors parallel to cabinet panel.
  9. These hinges promote smooth opening and closing of doors vertically.
  10. Self-closing. It is irreplaceable hardware in modern kitchen. Doors with it will close soft and smooth.

Any kitchen cabinet hardware ideas should be part of the whole style of a kitchen design. Hinges are not exception. They are manufactured with different surfaces: matted, textured or polished. They can have antique or modern design. It is better to choose chrome hinges; they suit to any design and are reliable. If you have unusual design, you can also choose fake-gold or bronze metal hinges.

Other hardware

It is needed to pay attention to other hardware units, used in kitchen. There are many mechanisms, about them you should remember, when you are going to compose your kitchen yourself. It is a hard process, but only then you can do something worth you want. As for kitchen cabinet hardware pulls they should be also in one style with kitchen design and be in similar shade to handles and hinges. In addition, there are door closers, moving mechanisms and baskets, blinding units and so on.

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Where to buy cheap kitchen cabinet hardware?

In all over the world there are many companies producing hardware. In every city or in neighbor one, you can find at least one shop, where you can get it. Also, you can order needy things in the Internet. If you will sick attentively, you can find good discount kitchen cabinet hardware. When you are going to choose it to your kitchen, it is better to consult with the master, because on these small things all functionality of a kitchen depends.

You can also consult with your friends, who recently have done renovation in his kitchen or bought new cabinets. They are people, whom you can believe, and they will not betray you. Also, it is possible to ask them to go with you in a shop to choose hardware.

In international market, there is hardware of different prices. The cheapest one means that it is of bad quality. However, it isn’t always so. You can also choose cheap cabinet hardware of good quality. To find this variant it is needed to go through all possible shops in the Internet, read information and reviews. You should attentively learn comments in the Internet, because they can be fake.


The best choice of hardware is good combination quality-price. Not every company can be proud of this perfect combination. Nevertheless, everybody can choose hardware that he wants. Someone prefers German producers, because of their popular quality; the other one prefers Chinese producers because of low prices. It is better not to try to save money on hardware, because it is the basic part of kitchen furniture. In dependence of its quality will be service period.

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