How to choose antique kitchen cabinets?

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An important role in the interior of the kitchen light and plays. It can separate the work area from the eating area, as well as to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Bright light in the kitchen in the morning will help to wake up quickly create the effect of the sun on a cloudy day. Lights dim on the contrary will help to calm down after a nervous and hard day’s work, relax and make the romantic mood you and your family. Combining the two rooms is a serious step which requires no small material costs and effort, therefore, before deciding on such a serious change of antique kitchen cabinets, you must carefully weigh the pros and cons.

Kitchen-Living pros

The apparent advantage of the kitchen-living room will increase the visual space premises, which is especially important for owners of large apartments do not. Also combinations of the room will give housing a more exclusive look. Many rooms in the pool attracts increasing their functionality.

Such alterations will make two small nondescript small rooms, a bright and spacious. The antique white kitchen cabinets are perfect for young people who are used to organize gatherings at home or party. It eliminates the need to constantly be away to the kitchen to fetch the next batch of tea or prepare snacks. All this is now possible to do without interrupting communication with the guests, and, if necessary, and themselves can be involved as assistants.

Families that used to have breakfast and dinner at the same table, a kitchen-living room is also necessary to taste. You no longer have to huddle in close room, interfering with each other, especially if a large family. Kids playing in the living room, my mother always in sight, which accounts for a lot of time for cooking.

Kitchen-living defects

Arguments in favor of a kitchen-living room a lot, but there are some nuances that can not be overlooked. If the kitchen-living room settling in a studio apartment, it is necessary to consider that now it is a studio apartment and have to make a lot of their own efforts, or to resort to help the designer to intelligently divide the living areas inside one room. Also it is necessary to take care of a good ventilation of the room, so the smells coming from the kitchen are not always pleasing scent.

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Besides all of the above, a kitchen-living room needs to be especially thorough cleaning regularly. Not washed dishes left in the sink, can cause, the above is not pleasant aromas and poorly washed the floor will carry the fat settles in the kitchen, combined living room with her.

Summarizing, we can say that if you decide how to antique kitchen cabinets, to consider the life and traditions prevailing in the family, if the guests decided to make not in the kitchen, and in another room, then in the combined room, most likely you will not be comfortable. The development of mankind has leaped forward, but no matter how complex or simple dishes, they, like centuries ago, remains the heart of the house, a place where life is in full swing. This is where the hearth is burning, where the food is prepared and which is believed by our ancestors, to protect the family, and the furnace was one of the sacred places in the house, along with a table, threshold and Matich. In addition, in the kitchen the whole family, is not only cook food, but also to communicate, share their impressions in a day or gather in the morning to have breakfast. For many families, this pastime has become a tradition, so the food should be not only practical but also cozy.

Simple antiquing kitchen cabinets

Not everyone needs sophisticated dishes, some believe that they can do the minimum necessary, and gives priority to the reliability and practicality. Usually, simple kitchen is not equipped with additional built-in appliances, and for making practical use of their materials. But even this kitchen, in all its simplicity can look elegant, fashionable, stylish.

Almost all, even a simple kitchen furniture, made to order, at least for the departure of the master in the house to remove the measurements and the development of the design project will have to pay on top, it’s worth it. Removing sizes alone can screw up, at the same time the firm manufacturer of liability for your errors will not be held. We must remember, avaricious pays twice. Commonly used laminated chipboard for the manufacture of simple dishes. Forms simple rectangular kitchen and have a rich design. Practical materials such as plastic or laminate, undemanding in operation and easily laundered even stubborn stains.

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Sophisticated cuisine

Modern technologies allow to make complicated dishes, they are richly inlaid made by special order projects. Also, using various techniques, you can give the furniture an antique look. For the manufacture of sophisticated cuisine is not accepted to save on materials, often in the course are exotic wood, such as mahogany, zebrawood, Macassar, and so on. D. These varieties have nice shades, unusual textures and patterns.

Also a kitchen can be difficult due to the unusual design. Thanks to the flexibility and durability of new materials, the kitchen can be given virtually any shape. The semi-circular configuration, island formation, here is where to roam imagination of the designer.

Regardless of whether you choose a sophisticated cuisine or simple, as long as you feel comfortable being on her. As in any other dwelling room, the kitchen should reign unity of style and artistic harmony, so stylish kitchen should combine all this together with a high degree of functionality.

The stylish kitchens have a tremendous ability to fit into the overall interior composition. In today’s world of high technology allow more kitchen furniture and open to designers immense scope for creativity.

By style is meant not only to the beauty of shape, but also comfort. The location of each element of kitchen units should be thought out to the smallest detail to achieve maximum comfort and harmony. Only high-quality materials and high-tech equipment used in the production of stylish kitchens. In furniture factories operate only the most qualified, experienced and talented professionals.

Using modern materials, a wide range of colors and textures allows you to expand the horizons for the production of exclusive and convenient kitchen.

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When people talk about a stylish kitchen, you imply the need to respect certain basic rules of its care for a high degree of functionality and harmony. The decision on the mixing of stylistic solutions helps to create their own individual style. However, when you create a stylish kitchen with a mix of styles usually try not to overdo it. Experienced manufacturers of kitchens are used colors and materials, which contribute to increased appetite. A very picturesque antique kitchen cabinet, which are able to provide a wide scope for imagination.

The stylish kitchen and Functions

So, when you make kitchen units can be used any one particular style or a harmonious combination of several. If you prefer a kitchen in a modern style, it is the best decision to be made bold and extraordinary personalities, not horrifying experiments. Art Nouveau is inherent in the existence of a successful combination of modern materials, clear lines and bright colors. There are widely used materials in the form of metal, glass and aluminum, which are the epitome of the modern time.

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