How to decorate country kitchen canisters

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Wall decoration in country kitchen canisters was never more than in any room. The kitchen in this regard is no exception. Here are just a decoration-free walls in the kitchen should be relevant to the specific premises. A good solution would be reproductions of fruit and vegetables, as well as photographs with sea or village views. But a family photo gallery in the kitchen is not the place!

If you are a fan of needlework, the decoration of the walls can easily become your work. Create functional fabric panels, which can not only decorate the wall, but also make it a repository of recipes or napkin stock.

On the role of the decor not bad cope narrow shelves. Fasten them on the wall in a strict symmetrical or, conversely, chaotic manner and arrange them on a beautiful ceramic pots or clay figurines. The first can be supplemented with artificial flowers. You can create panels using bulk products. Find a jar or bottle of unusual shape and fill it with layers of lentils, beans, peas, millet, and pasta. On top of such a container is closed tissue flap and tied the beautiful ribbon.

The country kitchen canisters – it is not high-tech environment in which you can not only effectively, but also feel comfortable at the same time. This style is absolutely and unconditionally rejects useless ornaments and all the decorative and interior refinements that are not thought through, not valid and not logical. You would think that the kitchen in the style of likely will resemble an office or some other official workplace? Far from it! It came up with the direction, and all that comes out of their fancy highbrow and brings exquisitely refined beauty.

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Every country kitchen canisters, if it is not deprived of its original philosophy and our mentality is not loaded, in terms of adding at least what some trinkets; a place for meditation, because it pleases their calibrated harmony, a symbiosis of natural materials and not technical progress. In this kitchen you always want to think about the beauty of our world, so that mono considered a miracle of design achievements.

What you need to know

The date of the style is considered the beginning of the twentieth century. This period was characterized by the rapid growth of the industry and best practices of new technologies. Not matchmaking life pace with pompous, overloaded decorated interiors, it became unbearable. The rhythm of life dramatically changed. People need to have now a day have time to do as much as did earlier this week. But how to reconcile a multilayered, with close caftans and lush skirts clothes with driving? And the situation in the workplace and kitchen interior also spend the day pulling lazily enjoying sitting in deep armchairs and slow cooking. Here in this time and the first dishes in a country style, and in the form in which they are relevant even today.

Wise people have always maintained that the unnecessary items in the environment only complicate the movement, but the technological advances in the interior are simply irreplaceable. Kitchen – this is the place where no clever and sophisticated technology is simply anything to do. Themselves love the country interiors, and their cuisine they are simply refusing to “stuffed” newfangled gadgets, bringing the space to perfection and laconic orbital station.

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Key features country canister sets for kitchen

The background to the country canister sets for kitchen is mainly light colors or halftones game with graphics that emphasizes rigor gray or black. Almost unlimited freedom of space provides a minimum of furnishings and accessories.

  • Spatial zoning.
  • Multi-level lighting.
  • Modest color palette. The background in the kitchen in the style is mainly light colors or halftones game, from the graphics that emphasizes rigor gray or black.
  • Simple, sometimes to roughness, finishing materials. Rough texture of concrete, masonry, wood or plaster.
  • The clarity of the lines. Direct – a straight, square – a rectangle, a circle – a circle. No ornate and spirals.

Huge windows, saturating the space with light. This colorful design country canister sets for kitchen still argues. Some believe cold decor, which cannot produce anything but uncomfortable, ringing emptiness of space. This relic sunk into oblivion ’90s, when the aesthetics of the situation has been in vogue. Then prefer cold, clear and monochrome interiors, and the more of these qualities can be traced in an environment so refined she said.


In fact, the essence of style decor totally different. In its space must be present only things that have strict laconic forms and these pieces of furniture should be quite a bit. Others canons in this style there is today. You can use any color tandems, any combination of space and materials of any invoice. This allows the modern look very different.

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