How to do it yourself kitchen project?

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You have finally decided that your kitchen needs in cosmetic repair. At this stage, you will encounter many of the issues that you yourself can not solve. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It performs several functions. Therefore, if you think that the kitchen can only prepare food, then you are greatly mistaken. If you decide to repair, you should carefully consider all the details. Cosmetic is very hard work, if you will do everything strictly by the rules, following the general advice and safety. If you doubt your abilities, the work is best to invite an experienced professional. Designers will be able to solve all the problems of the premises that exist. For example, if your kitchen is too small, the experienced people will find a way to fix this problem visually. Designers always lead your project from start to finish. But, keep in mind that experienced designers always take a lot of money for their work. Designer at the very beginning of the work will take into account all your wishes and give you at the end of the corresponding result. Before co-operate with one or another designer, carefully study his portfolio. It tells a lot about the talent of the worker and his favorite style.

Is it possible to create a kitchen design itself?

If you think you can do to cope with the design of the kitchen, then you have a variety of online services that allow to make a design for a few hours. Also, many services offer ready-made templates. On these sites you can make a kitchen project, taking into account all your desires. And also you can make a plan according to which the workers can perform the work associated with the technical part. All these programs have a set of tools that allow you to build a house from start to finish, taking into account all networks. The house may consist of two or even three floors. All programs have different levels of complexity. If you have no experience in the design, you can use the free services that include a minimum set of tools. But if you want to seriously make the kitchen of your dreams, it is better to use multi-function program.

  1. Special programs for professionals.
  2. Programs that have a great set of tools. Among them there are both paid and free services. Free software will help you get started if you have never been engaged in the design.

But paid programs have all the same have a certain advantage over free. They have a lot more features than the services that are freely available. However, it should be noted that the paid programs require special education and related architectural and design work.

  1. Programs that are in the paid access, have a large number of tools, among which you can choose what you need.
  2. It often happens that the services that produce software for the design, contain elements that are sold in their own shop. Therefore, after the creation of your kitchen design project, you can immediately order the furniture and accessories that you relished. Also, these services immediately offer their customers feature a full calculation of the project, which they have created. But if you do not want to order anything in a store, on the Internet there are many services that offer many brands in their catalogs.
  3. Please note that the paid services almost always have a free trial version. Thanks to them, you will be able to experience first service online. If you like the program, you can buy it.
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Choose a paid service that you want to use. If you want to master the design and get a certain science, start with light training programs, which will allow you a short time to learn all the basics.

If you are a novice in the field of design, you can take advantage of special services, which do not have a great set of tools. Typically, these programs provide a ready-made sets of elements, among which you can simply pick and choose what you like best. In some programs, you may encounter such a problem, how inconvenient navigation, advanced features, and strange surface. But such programs are very good for beginners.

The basic steps in the design of the kitchen

  1. In order to be able to import your photos, print and save plans, display imaging and perform other actions with the service, you must register. Also, it helps you to send photos to friends via email and other social networks. If you are not registered in the system, some services you will not even be able to save the image to your computer. Also, if you without registration go to the next project, the previous project you have to start all over again.
  2. Almost all of the services initially provide the ability to choose the form of a general plan of your premises. Kitchen can consist of one or walls is an island or a peninsula. Such arrangement is very relevant for large rooms. As well as kitchen cabinets can be L-shaped or U.
  3. After selecting the shape of your kitchen, it’s time to move on to the selection of the general color solutions. Thus, you can choose the color of coatings, materials for furniture and various decorative accessories, so that you can make your room unique. Many services have the function of 3D models, so you can immediately see how your kitchen will look in volume.
  4. Popular and multi-functional services will allow you to see your kitchen from all sides so that you can know exactly what you do not like.
  5. You can change the size of windows and doors, cabinets and other items of furniture at its discretion.
  6. Save your score and send it by e-mail your family and friends.
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How to design your own kitchen?

Kitchen layout will largely depend on the size of your space, tastes, and cash. Now there are many different kitchen cabinets layout options.

  1. The parallel arrangement of the kitchen zones. With this arrangement, you must place several cabinets along two walls that are parallel to each other. Between these two areas must remain a passage through which you can get into another room. This option is perfect for those who design their own cafe or restaurant. However, this method has a problem of layout. If you select a location for your apartment, the one person cooking on a kitchen would be quite difficult, because it will have and then move from one zone to another. Also, such an arrangement does not like people who like to be up all the items you can reach out a hand.
  2. Location along one wall. This option is perfect for people whose room is quite small dimensions. In this case, all kitchen cabinets are placed along one wall and can hang one over the other. Also, in this embodiment, the layout, you keep important safety rule, which says that the sink and stove can not be next to each other. Between them must be at least 50 cm.
  3. Disposition of the letter of L. In this type of plan, you can place the kitchen cabinets on two adjacent walls. This will place you all work areas in the form of a triangle. Thus, you will be able to with no problem to put a fridge and a sink next to the area where you handle food.
  4. If your room has a fairly large size, you can select the plan in the form of the letter U. With this arrangement, you have to place the cupboards along three walls that allow you to achieve a unique space. In this case, you also will be the zone that you can use for breakfast.
  5. If you have a large room, you can make the island in the center. It is possible to store different cooking utensils, or spend the evening with friends.

What materials can be chosen for the kitchen?

When choosing materials you have to consider the fact that each material has its own characteristics, for which it is necessary to pay attention to when choosing the finishing of various surfaces.

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If you want to make your kitchen really luxurious, while adhering to the classic style, the perfect option for you would be wood. This material has always been associated with all the beauty and well-being. Wood never goes out of fashion, so it is suitable for a wide variety of styles in the interior.

If you do not have more money, the most suitable option for you will be laminated. Plastic laminate material is low and at the same time sufficiently expensive looking. Typically, this material is used for the top finish.

It is also an excellent and popular option is to tile. With the tiles, you can create a stylish and unique interior, which also is also practical. This is due to the fact that the tiles are always available in any color perfectly to order and has a long service life. It is very easy to clean, so your kitchen will always look like new. But, there is one drawback tiles. If you want to make repairs once more, the material is very difficult to separate from the wall. Be sure to acknowledge this fact.

MDF is a material that is perfect for the kitchen with any style of interior. In today’s world of MDF produced completely different colors and coatings. It has a fairly long period of operation, so the material you will like.

If you love the airy interiors, the perfect option for you will be glass. It is most often used to create a kitchen and other household appliances. Glass material is not capricious, if you observe all the rules of purification. However, care should be taken so that its surface does not crack appeared.

The cheapest material for kitchen is plastic. It is perfect for people who want to do a kitchen renovation, without resorting to large cash expenditures. The disadvantages of plastic is that it is prone to scratches and is not resistant to steam and moisture, and does not suffer when trying to clear it through various chemical means.

Therefore, when selecting materials, be sure to consider how your family lives people and how much they are accurate. If many children live in your home, it is best not to use expensive materials that can be easily damaged

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