How to Renew Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen is more likable place in home. People spend here a lot of time. Sure, in bedroom people waste the major part of their lifetime, but in kitchen they are awaken. Therefore, they try to do this place comfort, functional and attractive at once. Kitchen furniture is not immortal, that’s why some units can fall out once. It is very costly to buy new kitchen cabinets, but there are many cheap variants to make a budget renovation. It is possible to find cheap kitchen cabinets in discount stores, or to buy used furniture. Moreover, you can change only part of cabinets, for example, only doors or hardware. Anyway, refreshing of a kitchen can be cost neutral, no matter what you will prefer.

Kitchen cabinets are useful furniture; they save space in room and help to store everything in order. Thanks to cabinets, kitchen implements are get organized. That’s why this furniture is very important in compare with others. New kitchen cabinets cost a lot, but it is impossible to imagine kitchen without cabinets. People cook, eat, host in kitchens. Therefore, there are many things: dish, cutlery, technics, food and other implements, that are needed to have their own places and be hidden out of eyes. When you don’t have enough money for buying new kitchen cabinets, you can find cheaper way to refresh old ones.

Six ways to refresh kitchen cabinets cheap

There are different ways to make your home better and spend not so many money with that. It is easy to move furniture, change hangings, and throw away old unnecessary things. However, this advice doesn’t suit to such room as kitchen. Because the plan of this room is fixed and you cannot move cabinets in another place, because there are oven, cooker, sink and fridge, that are attached to the special place in home. Moreover, kitchen is the place, where cabinets are the first thing that is viewed when you come in. Therefore, all attention is paid on them.

  1. One of the cheapest way of remodeling a kitchen is repainting cabinet doors. After that, cabinets will look like new ones. You can do it yourself; therefore, it is needed only to buy a tint, sandpaper and a primer. First, you need to prepare surfaces, to clean them up. Then you should remove doors from cabinets, put them on the covered floor. Next, delete old painting with liquid and sandpaper. After that you should properly prime surfaces. Then sand it with fine sandpaper. Only after that you can ink. One coat of will not enough. Repeat it two or three times. Between coatings, sand it properly to get smooth surface. Then you have to repaint them and hang back on. Between coats of paint, you should sand surfaces, to make them smooth and glance. Priming is needed for better bonding between surface and paint. All of coats should be dried out before the next step. Therefore, for this process of refreshing kitchen cabinets, you can spend about one week. Such doors will serve you for a very long time.
  2. The second cheap way of changing kitchen is to buy new cheap kitchen cabinet doors. It is easier process, than repainting them, but cost more than previous way. Almost all cabinets for kitchen are made of standard size, special in IKEA. All units of its furniture are substitutable, so you can buy only one detail that you need to change instead of buying all new furniture. Therefore, it is simple to match new doors for old cabinets. Kitchen cabinet doors are sold separately. It costs less, than new cabinets. Moreover, new doors will add to the kitchen absolutely new look. You can change design, color and even a shape of doors.
  3. The third way is to buy unfinished doors, they have lower price, than finished. They are made as simple wood panels. It is easy to buy cheap unfinished kitchen cabinet doors in the Internet, order delivering to your home and then improve them yourself. It is possible to paint or decorate them, as you want. For example, wood flat-paneled doors with wide raised framing can be painted in white color and specially antiqued with gold crazing. For modern design you can choose slab panels and varnish them.
  4. The forth way of cheap remodeling the kitchen is to buy used cabinets. When you think, that your kitchen furniture annoys you, and you want something another, you can change one old furniture to another. Moreover, you can sell your old cabinets and buy new furniture by the money you made from this sale. You can find used furniture in the Internet. There are many sites, where owners sell their furniture. Also, you can find something worth in commission stores, there are many variants of cheap kitchen cabinets for sale. However, you have to be very attentive, because you can face with fraud. For example, an owner can hide some defects, about which you will learn in two weeks. You should choose careful and try to learn everything about an owner and furniture.
  5. The fifth way is to buy cabinets in discount stores. There you can find good new furniture by low price. It is very useful way of getting new things. Nevertheless, it isn’t so good as it seems on first sight. This phenomenon can be explained by some manufacturing or transporting defects, for example absence of handle or door of wrong color. You can fix it yourself, but the total price will be much lower, than it could be for this furniture without defects.
  6. The sixth way of cheap kitchen refreshing is to buy new cabinets in IKEA. It is the easiest way to get furniture by low price. There is the big choice of the cheapest kitchen cabinets. Universality of these cabinets allows buying only separate units to renovate kitchen. For example, one cabinet of all complex is destroyed, you can by this one. Alternatively, you can change doors; they are all of universal shapes and size. You can change also units to the new of other color. IKEA furniture has good quality, low price and simple installation. Therefore, it has so huge popularity in all over the world. The one disadvantage is that this furniture is not unique. Nevertheless, here you can buy unfinished furniture, and finish it yourself. You can paint it in that color you want, varnish, or leave that as it is.
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Cheap hardware

The one of the main components of furniture is hardware. All furniture is based on it. Units will not be attached one to another without hardware. Manufacturers know that cabinets cannot be without hinges and handles, and overstate prices for them. It is difficult to find cheap hardware of good quality. Often good qualified handles cost like cabinet door. Moreover, it is almost impossible to do it yourself, if only you are a welder.

Many hardware producers represent wide range of hardware of different price and quality. They made it for various customer groups. Somebody can’t allow yourself to buy expensive qualified hinges, therefore, he chooses cheap one of bad quality. It isn’t the best choice, but he has no other variant. Nevertheless, how to find cheap and good one?

Hardware manufacturers in Germany are in charge for quality of their products. Therefore, you can buy kitchen cabinet knobs cheap here and they will be good. Maybe these units are worse than expensive, but they will exactly better, than the same of Chinese production.

Budget for cheap cabinets for kitchen

You and your family have to calculate all expenditures of kitchen renovation attentively. It is important, when you are going to spend a lot of money for serious buying. Moreover, you should know, how many can you give for your new kitchen?

Average good kitchen furniture costs about $5000. If you don’t have enough money, you have to sick cheap cabinets or other ways to change interior by lower price. If you have this sum you can choose excellent new kitchen but not of very good quality. If you have more than $5000 for remodeling, you can completely change furniture in the kitchen, repaint walls and buy new hangings. However, not everyone have this sum for improving interior. You can refresh your kitchen in a budget way – add more lightening, accessories, flowers, to make look more attractive.

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Super-good renovation of kitchen costs about $40000 dollars, if you have this money – congratulations! You can allow you to buy dream kitchen with the help of professional designers and masters.

Cheap kitchen cabinets for cheap life

It is difficult to find cheap and suitable cabinets for your kitchen. Nowadays there are too many different variants, so it is hard to choose worth one and save money. In the case of world economic crisis, people have to pull the rabbit out of hat and sick cheaper way to live. They try to find a way, how to save money on everything, even in renovation of house. Somebody finds in sale really cheap kitchen cabinets, and other one tries to change kitchen yourself.


When people find new ways how to survive in new bad conditions, it shows how they intelligent and elusive. Therefore, when your friends will see yourself handmade kitchen, they will think that you are very clever and handy person. New painted doors can make you pride of yourself.

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