How use distressed kitchen cabinets

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As you can see, you have only to choose. Guided by the need, what you really need and what you are going to use. Kitchen filling systems are designed to make life easier for you and your family, as well as to bring order to your kitchen. Modern kitchen sets – a set of furniture for the kitchen, formed integrally. Modern kitchen set ever made in a single design, from the same or similar materials, and all its parts fit most harmoniously in your kitchen. The beautiful kitchen set includes a large number of various types of kitchen furniture, including cabinets, tables, a variety of panels and other elements.

Furniture for a beautiful kitchen unit.

To choose furniture for the modern kitchen is often very difficult. It is necessary to consider not only the design and quality, but also the factor as will fit harmoniously beautiful kitchen set in the overall composition of your house. To begin with, after all, better to choose kitchen furniture manufacturer, and then follow the look, style and combination of elements for the kitchen headset.

Design of the modern distressed kitchen cabinets

Design of the modern kitchen units is determined by the appearance of the doors of cabinets, the materials from which the elements are made such as handles and fixtures, as well as the type of combination of all the elements. Please select the overall picture – style, which made the whole kitchen, starting with color, and finishing the guise of facades. Once we defined with the general style, the most successful combination chosen and the type of combination of all modules. No need to hurry – the choice of furniture for the modern kitchen is as important as the choice of the rest of the furniture that fills your home.

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Modern kitchen sets – options combinations.

Among the huge choice of modern kitchen sets is present as a huge variety of assemblies, or combinations of elements. This may be an option as the one top and two or three wardrobes and a beautiful full kitchen, which includes about ten different cabinets, compartments for embedding technology, additional elements.

Types of kitchen sets.

Perhaps, the main variety of means choosing kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets come in several forms:

  • Wall cabinets – part of the beautiful kitchen units, which is the upper range of furniture. Fixed to the wall, thus freeing up the space between the cooking zones and the cutting departments and for storage of utensils and other kitchen utensils.
  • Lower base – this is the case, which is located directly under the cooking zones. Its convenience is that besides the fact that it is quite convenient storage means, the same table is also built.
  • Container – kind of kitchen cabinets, visually and virtually connecting the upper and lower level of a beautiful kitchen unit.

Built-in equipment – the optimization of space and design.

In recent years, increasingly began to use a universal built-in appliances. That is, no longer need to pick up the refrigerator or dishwasher design kitchens – just select the one that you will be able to further build into a modern kitchen. Externally technique would look like if it were just another cupboard. Incidentally, this is another way to optimize space – when the dishwasher is built in a beautiful kitchen, her upper body is protected by the kitchen furniture and can be panel for cutting or just a convenient table that can be used in every possible way during cooking. Develop your own kitchen design business is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. If you are confident in their abilities you can begin.

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What happens kitchen design

Kitchen project should be seen first and foremost based on its size, functionality and the amount of money that you are willing to pay for its repair. Based on the first parameter, for every kitchen there is a solution. Kitchens are single-row, angular (L-shaped), double-row, island or U-shaped.

Also, depending on the quality and performance of the function of filling the kitchen can be simple or complex. First, practical, typically performed using synthetic or composite materials. The second, by contrast, are designed for a large budget. They have sophisticated design, equipped with more appliances and are made from expensive materials.

Choosing a kitchen project

If the functionality and complexity of the kitchen design depends on how much money you have, the kitchen design should be chosen based on its area, therefore it is necessary to consider each of them in more detail. Let’s start with single-row kitchens. It is a versatile option that is furniture, located along one of the kitchen walls. These projects are designed for people who do not spend much time cooking and not needing a large number of appliances. The advantage is that the room is the maximum space that may be used for other purposes.


Double-row kitchen for more than suitable for people to really love cooking, but this project will require a lot of space, or in a small room will be difficult to deploy more than one person. Corner kitchen is one of the most popular options. It is compact and practical, suitable for both large, so and for a small kitchen. Place should be quite enough to fit all the necessary equipment and a small dining table.

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U-shaped kitchen is considered the most practical and convenient, it all close at hand, but as a two-lane, do not calculate the size, you risk getting a close little room completely cluttered with furniture.

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