Ideas for a unique kitchen design

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Kitchen-room is the most important in terms of location and beauty. Kitchen design should be pleasing to the eye, to be unique, and not interfere with the primary function of the room, that is cooking. Kitchen atmosphere should be pleasant for breakfast and lunch, as well as evenings with friends. Kitchen- this room that you often visit in the apartment. In the kitchen, the hostess should always be a pleasure to be in order to prepare and delight family and friends with new culinary delights. This explains the fact that the repair, the people first of all pay your attention to the kitchen.

When you begin to repair the kitchen, the first thing you should think about that in the room was comfortable. Your choice should depend on:

1) You should consider how much time you spend on food consumption. For example, breakfast might consist of coffee and a sandwich and take up less time. A dinner on the contrary, can be long, because spend it with family;

2) What cookware you need;

3) How many people will be present in the kitchen;

The next stage of preparation

Using these tips, you can create the room of your dreams

1) The simplest form.

This form may look like the letter L, which consists of a wall and several islands, which belong to the kitchen.

2) Place for cooking.

This area is considered the most important in the kitchen. It should include items such as a sink, refrigerator and stove. Stove should not be next to the sink, and the other items, you can arrange to your liking. From the plate to the sink should not be more than a meter.

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3) The required area of the cooking area.

Determine how much space you need for cooking. Cooking includes defrosting, cooking and heating.

4) The functions that you want to place in the kitchen.

Think about what you want to do in the kitchen. Maybe you want there just to cook, and maybe watch TV or read a book in the evenings.

5) Kitchen Design

You can choose the design, taking into account personal preferences, or to look at existing examples in magazines.

How to choose the kitchen style?

The most common styles are:

1) You can always do the kitchen in a minimalist style. This style is functional and includes only the necessary elements of functions and design.

2) If you do not like modern design, then you can use in the interior of the tree. The tree is a variety of types and colors. As well as the tree gives an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. This style is always popular and never lose its uniqueness. The high cost of wood is a disadvantage.

3) If you do not like the two previous options, you can use a mix of modern and traditional style. This will give the kitchen a special flair. Mixing may contain:

  1. Floor with wooden floors and granite in the interior details.
  2. Dark-colored wood and bright colors of the walls.

3 Floors of wood and metal kitchen utensils.

4) You can use the standard functions of the room and dark colors to give the room the contrast.

You can also stick to domestic interiors:

1) German interiors. Kitchen in the German style are ideal for people who appreciate high quality and beautiful appearance. These dishes have a long life, because they contain high-quality materials. All food items are simple and allow you to quickly cook food.

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2) The Italian style is different from the German style. It is suitable for people who love art and want to create a cozy atmosphere at home. This is due to the natural wood and stone in warm colors. Italian interiors include a variety of ornaments that look bright accents on the general background. Colors kitchen- it’s warm and quiet shades.

3) Japanese can be performed in a traditional and modern style. The Japanese have always appreciated the functionality, simple shapes, bright shades of finishing coatings. And also, they always know precisely how many people will attend their kitchen. Beautiful design creates a cozy and all facilities for cooking and spending time there.

What color is most often used in the interiors of the kitchen?

White- this is the most common color for kitchen design. White and all shades are often used in a variety of modern and traditional interiors. The bright colors and you can pick up furniture and kitchenware. And white colors are used for different decorative accents. The white color is perfect for small spaces as well as a way to visually increase the room. By the white wall coating can pick up furniture in various shades and textures. At first glance it may seem that such an interior will look dull and uninteresting, but this is not true. White is a great choice for people who love beautiful and airy interiors.


Kitchen-a place where the hostess prepares. Therefore, in the kitchen will always be small and large dirt. This is especially true light surfaces. With white hard to maintain perfect cleanliness. White cabinets are always very beautiful look even striped version. But you can arrange contrasts using black or dark blue.

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Bright accents in the kitchen create indoor comfort and a cozy atmosphere in which you will be pleased to return. White always expands the space and creates the effect of airiness, so it is often used in the interiors. But, using the white color, it is necessary to ensure that the kitchen did not look sterile. Sterility can be eliminated by using a different texture and white shades. As the bright colors, you can use dark and bright shades. For example, you can make a pastel walls and place a clean white cupboards in the center of the room.

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