Country french kitchen design: ideas

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The easiest way to implement the idea spread and the “top” and the rest of the furniture along three walls. Unfortunately, such a luxury is not always possible and sometimes the refrigerator at all leaves the french kitchen design, but if such a move will add room space, then ignore it irrationally.

And further. A small french country kitchen designs- a great place for built-in equipment. It turns out really beautiful, practical and comfortable.

Average food

The average size of the kitchen is also not a reason to throw space. Ergonomics and there should be in the first place. According to tradition, it is leading the way furniture is angular, but in narrow rooms it is physically impossible to implement, so it makes sense to try the two-line arrangement of objects. It will be possible, if we can keep the passage between rows in upholstery wide enough. Its minimum dimensions have already indicated above.

Square and rectangular layout correctly given a chance to arrange the furniture in the kitchen U-shaped. Mistress like such decisions for ease of access to key operating facilities.

The most popular trend today with the zoning arrangement of furniture. Thus, in the kitchen there are at least three functional corners:

  • Dining.
  • Working.
  • Table.

It sounds great, but to ensure it is in reality, so even with the help of furniture, usually need much more space. So in the case of an average kitchen zoning rather acquire visual nature, that is, the task will be performed, but made light or color-way. The original course would be to replace the traditional desktop bar. It will be the dining room and the group, and he will separate the recreation area from the work space. In general, about how to arrange the furniture in the average kitchen will have to think about. Selecting combinations are much wider.

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With regard to technology better to stick to the previous version and make it built. Keep your french country kitchen design space monolithic slab; it is better to put the hob separate from the oven.

Catching arrangement of furniture, do not lose sight of the fact that its subjects must not cover radiators. Besides the fact that the furniture will deteriorate, so also in the room will be damp and cold.

Big kitchen design country french

How great to have a lot of free space, and even in the kitchen! It would seem, here is where you need to think how to arrange the furniture and appliances, but no! And then, it turns out, it is not so simple. Large area should not appear empty, which means you need to look for non-standard versions of its environment. What can be done? Well, for example, take the opportunity to delimit the kitchen space bar, leaving on one side of its work surface and spread across a sofa, chairs, and floor lamps.

If you are accustomed to seeing all the furniture under the wall, then send it to the kitchen the center of a dining group. This will add comfort and allow taking a standard linear environment as something original.

Large kitchen – this is the best place for island furniture arrangement. The central island can remain as a purely diner and can get additional options. It can be developed to come up with a mini bar and other useful features.

But to do the work area of the island is not quite rational, but again – it’s a matter of taste. Keep in mind that the owner will have to “cut” superfluous following in space the kitchen to get to the refrigerator or stove, as a rule of the triangle here has not been canceled. However, if you are not afraid racing perspective, you can safely use the island to work.

Safe food

Inspired by the solution of the problem, the best way to arrange the furniture in the kitchen, do not neglect security issues. What is necessary to know? Yes, in principle, of the simple and logical things.

Do not place the stove closer than two feet from the window. Draught burner may be extinguished or, conversely, to blow out her curtain. The consequences, however. All clear without comment. And do not plan drawers near the stove, especially if the children live in the house. Leaning toward him, you can set fire to her hair, and a child, with his acrobatic abilities will not be difficult to climb over them and burned on the stand in the fire pot.

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Do not attach the sink to the side wall. Splashes of mud stain her instantly. Do not place the sink away from the riser. Sink drain pipe length should not be more than three meters. Equip sink mixer high. This will allow you to comfortably wash a large container. Ate you have decided to use the dishwasher in the home appliances, then places it right next to the sink. Then you will not have problems with the connection.

Place the hood over the stove. If you are short, it may be already on the 65-cm height above the hob, for tall people is the distance increases to 80 cm. It is clear that the higher the fixed hood, the more powerful it should be.


Near the septal wall that delimits, for example, kitchen and bathroom, you can put a narrow cabinet with thirty or forty centimeter shelves. In this cabinet is convenient to store cereals and spices, as well as small household items. Mounted same cabinets can be mounted only on the load-bearing walls, and then you can be sure that they will not be on your head.

Do not forget to properly illuminate the work area. This is also one way of injury prevention. Repair of country french kitchen designs to make sure that the room could become a real favorite household. How would be great if, back home, they will not rush to your laptop and TV, and the kitchen to chat over coffee about the day. And to embody the idea today is quite possible, if you find the right wallpaper for the walls in the kitchen is centrally plan the space and fill the interior of the right accessories.

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