Kitchen Cabinet Doors Play the Main Role in Renovation

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Kitchen is the main room in a home. It should be functional, cozy, convenient and attractive at once. To create perfect design of a kitchen you should attentively choose every little thing. According to plan of a room, you can choose suitable furniture. Kitchen cabinet doors give to the kitchen design completed look. Special attention is attended to color, shape of them and hardware. Doors are the most viewed part of furniture, which composes the base part of image. Therefore, you should with special attention to make a decision about style of cabinet doors.

There are different styles of kitchen design. To them following ones belong: modern, traditional, vintage. All of these styles have their advantages. For example, traditional style is very comprehensible. There is a huge range of this style furniture choice on markets. Cabinets are very convenient and appeal to the eye. Vintage is greatly beautiful. Curved panels and figured handles add the kitchen mystery and gracefulness. As for modern style – it is combination of minimalism and traditionalism. Credo of this style is nothing in excess. Everything should be laconic and simple. These characteristics give a kitchen in modern style clear and accurate appearance.

Together with styles of design, there are different kitchen cabinet doors styles. They are appeared with the times. Each of them was sometimes extremely modern. Thanks to different views on life and interior, there were appeared various designs of cabinet doors. Following styles are four basic ones.

Slab doors are the most popular in modern kitchen style. They are made as flat plate without ornaments and other adding things. If they don’t have handles, they look more contemporary and precise. These doors are very safety and useful.

Flat-panel doors have raised framing. Central panel of these doors is flat and framing panel is raised. These doors are suitable to classic, vintage and modern style of kitchen in dependence on framing. If it has ornaments and relief, it is more vintage styled. If it has straight both panels, it is modern. If there is standard frame, this door is classic.

Raised-paneled doors are used in vintage and traditional styles. They have raised central panel and raised framing with sink between them.

Accent doors are made of different materials. They are decorated with glass and other basic material, for example, wood. These doors are not used in low cabinets, only for upper pieces of furniture. Thanks to these doors, interior of a kitchen plays with different shades.

Materials of kitchen cabinets doors

The main material of cabinet doors is wood. It is natural material for all styles. There are different kind of wood that used in manufacturing cabinets. Knotted pine is not used for modern style, but for vintage and traditional one it suits. You should choose hickory wood for country style, not for modern or classic kitchens. Popular type of wood is oak. Kitchen cabinets made of oak add the interior solidity. Cherry and other dark wood matches with classic and traditional styles, because it looks graceful and elegant. In addition, other types of wood are used for cabinets producing.

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As for other materials of kitchen cabinet doors, one of the most popular is laminate. This fake wood is cheaper, than natural, but looks effective and very comfort in using. Durability of this material is less; therefore, you can change doors often. Laminate doors can be used in every interior, because they can be designed differently.

Metal doors are very durable. They can serve for a very long time. It isn’t so popular as wood, because metal doors are cold and hard in cleaning. You will have to wipe them often, because fingerprints and bleed lines will often appear on their surfaces. Such doors suit to futuristic modern style.

Glass kitchen cabinet doors are used for upper drawers. Behind these doors awesome things should be, for example, antique service. Therefore, this type of doors is better for classic and vintage styles. If you want to get glass doors in modern style, you can choose darken one. These doors are delicate, but look graceful.

There are different type of glass used in kitchen cabinet doors manufacturing. Frosted, beveled and other kinds make an interior complete. This clear material shines and adds to the furniture light. Purpose of glass in the kitchen is very important, when you decide to use it; you should clearly understand why do you get it? Transparence of glass allows you being pride of something that is inside of cabinets. However, at the same time, this light material can dilute heavy wood or metal door panels, and make cabinets unique and precise. Darken glass can add mystery to the interior and softness to straight furniture. Therefore, kitchen cabinets with glass doors can play different role in complete impression of room interior.

Refreshing doors with kitchen cabinet door replacement

When you want to change something in your kitchen, you can change only doors of cabinets. It is cheap and easy way to refresh the interior. Usually kitchen cabinets are made of standard size. Therefore, you can choose new doors and hang them on old cabinets. In the Internet or in stores there is the big choice of cabinet doors. It is easy to make replacement yourself, if you have two hands or a husband.

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You can remove old doors with ease. Screwdriver will help you to do it. Firstly, you should open doors and swirl screws bonding hardware with panels and cabinets. You can buy also new hardware for new doors. Then it is possible to remove old doors. On new ones, you should mark where screws of hardware would be. After that, you should do small holes for screws with the help of awl. Then it is possible to hang new doors on old cabinets.

Moreover, it is possible to refresh old kitchen cabinet doors painting them in another color. You should remove old doors, place them on flat surface, for example, on the floor, paint and then hang them back. By this way, you can create your own unique design of a kitchen and save money. In fact you will change kitchen cabinet doors only, but all appearance of room will be changed, too.

One more idea for kitchen improving is removing doors completely. You can get them away and that is all. Kitchen cabinets will look unusual and modern without doors, but you should keep in order everything that lies inside. Open shelves are convenient in use, because it is not needed to open the door, when you want to take something from the cabinet.

Unfinished kitchen cabinet doors

If you have decided to make a remodeling of your kitchen, you should attentively think about all little things. Before starting, it is needed to create a project of new kitchen. When your imagination allows you to create incredible design of kitchen cabinet doors, you try to find similar in stores. If you can’t find that you want, you can do it yourself.

It doesn’t mean that you need to do mill work and sculpt doors. That means that you can buy unfinished doors and decorate them, as you want. Unfinished doors cost cheaper, therefore you can save money for paint, varnish and so on.

Such doors are sold by lower price, because they are made as only wood panel. If you want, it is possible to buy flat or raised-paneled unfinished doors, but they cost more than usual slab doors without framings and decorations.

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What you can do with unfinished cabinet doors? Everything. First of all, you can paint cabinet doors in that color you want. Moreover, you can draw pictures on them. In addition, you can attach film with beautiful pictures. By this way, you can make amazing kitchen yourself and be pride of your work.

It is possible nothing to do with unfinished doors. You can leave them as they are. Natural wood looks so warm and cozy, so you can simple buy cheap wood doors and hang them in your home. To increase service period of such doors, you should varnish them. Moreover, you can do replacement kitchen cabinet doors, if you doubt in you opportunities. You can bravely make mistakes, attempt different technics on them, because if you destroy one of these, you can change it easily to another one.

Process of kitchen cabinet replacement doors

It is easy to remove doors from cabinets, but hang on new ones is not so simple. Breaking is not making. First of all, when you have decided to re-face doors, you should think about the result. Is it worth to do it? It is a very time-consuming and hard work. You should understand that buy new furniture is easier, than re-installation of cabinet doors.

Before you will begin changing doors, it is needed to prepare all tools. To them we can concern different screwdrivers, hammer and so on. The main construction of cabinets should stay as it was. It isn’t needed to take to pieces all furniture. But if you want, you can do it, to change hardware at all. And only when you have chosen design and material of new doors and you are really confident in your choice, you can do replacement doors.


In the occasion, you get the other result, than you expect, you can change new doors in another. Moreover, you can remake these doors in the way that you like. For example, you can paint it to hide defects of bad work, or decorate with accessories. In any case, you can do yourself what you need to make your kitchen better and more attractive.

When you often do kitchen cabinet doors replacement, hardware can tear out. Functionality of furniture will be worse and worse. Therefore, before you begin changing again, think about cabinets, that stay here for a very long time, in differ from new doors. Sometimes it is needed to buy new furniture at all, and not only separate units.

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