Kitchen ceiling lights: how to make a cozy room

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The overhead light for the kitchen is a must. Its task is to evenly illuminate the space and all present objects. This role often choose recessed lights, because they do not “steal” the space and the height of the room. If the spotlights as the ceiling lights for kitchen to organize fails, as it is not derived suspended or suspended structures, you will have to use the usual chandelier. However, lonely hanging lamp is unable to provide the space with light saturation, so you have to bring in additional decor appliances.

Original idea for kitchen ceiling lighting

You can create very quirky decor with a “window in the ceiling”. The design is simple, but incredibly effective. It is made of translucent material. Between the planes and a ceiling surface lamps, the number of which is enough to pour from a height light all of the underlying space.

Equipping the lighting in the kitchen, do not forget that modern devices can not only work well in your direct area, but also to diversify the overall situation. So, in the wonderful decors are perceived lamp on flexible arm. Their a good idea to attach on the hinged furniture. In this case you will get the ability to adjust the direction of light beam and its intensity. Such technique is often used in the design of kitchens in the spirit of hi-tech.

Secrets of the backlight of the triangle

Top, where do you work, more than any other surface in need of quality lighting. In connection with this modern headset is initially released from a local lighting of this zone. If you ordered the kitchen on your own project, the producers also will offer original lighting horizontal surfaces on the headset of the kitchen, but this service need a lot of money.

You can save considerably on this point, if you acquire and place such illumination yourself. the lighting in the kitchen the use of spotlights and led backlighting. How to do it? Well, like so: organize the illumination near the furniture and working apron. You may well make it glass and equip the led strip.

Make wall lockers made of tempered glass and equip their interior lighting. It’s a very hackneyed and light coming through the glass-bottom designs, will be enough for the local lighting located underneath the table top. If you already have headsets for the kitchen, but it is old model and does not specify such options as highlighting, do not worry. You can always change the situation with the lighting in your kitchen, calling upon the false models of furniture fixtures.

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They occur in the range of shops:

  1. a) Fluorescent.
  2. b) Led.
  3. c) Halogen.

All models are designed for mounting on any surface, including the bottom of the wall cabinets in kitchens. Any of these lamps works perfectly and provides directional lighting of sufficient power, than does the job in evening time, really comfortable and as safe as possible. These lamps can have a variety of exteriors. It is interesting addition to general kitchen ceiling light.

The most popular lamps-the floodlights, round shape, enclosed in a metal housing. In second place there are elongated lamps, lamps which are protected by plastic canisters. This is the case we need not only to protect from fumes and dripping grease and dirt, but also to hide technical details, as well as wires. With such a lamp, the working area will always look neat.

Special line in lighting the kitchen is a dedicated led strip type, encased in a plastic or aluminum profile. Enjoy bright illumination of the countertops, you will get a luxury decorative item which will illuminate colorful rays of all the shades of the kitchen space. To adjust the color range and force of stream and the remote control and ordinary switch.

How to cover a dining table?

How often our kitchen is in parallel performs the role of the dining room! To dining table was well lit, designers have resorted to various tricks. The most popular way to solve the issue remains kitchen ceiling light fixtures. It needs to have certainly big and definitely beautiful lampshade.

Very well, if the height of the suspension of such a lamp can be regulated. It is optimal to raise the shade half a meter above the surface of the table. Want to make the lighting more solemn – lift the lamp higher. Need a more intimate atmosphere – lower the ceiling below. In the latter case, you have to keep the light from the lamp does not strike the eyes of those who gathered at this table.

Since the kitchen lighting fixtures ceiling is also an aesthetic beauty, then you need to choose models of luminaires, diffusers are made of translucent or frosted glass. It will be nice and light coming from this bulb will be soft. Do not buy a kitchen lamps which are made of tissues. Even a strong hood won’t save them from damage and buildup of grease, and to clean these surfaces without damaging them is virtually impossible.

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Don’t you prefer to use large lamps in the kitchen decor? Replace them with special suspensions. Their lampshades are low, and hang them over the table in a chaotic order, not only grouping on the center. Such a solution is optimal for the lighting of the bar, which can be in your kitchen.

In the spacious rooms above the dining area are often not equipped with suspended ceiling design. It is also possible to place the original spotlights. In addition, they will illuminate the whole table, they perfectly manage to zoned dining space.

5 greatest kitchen ceiling lights ideas

The kitchen space is divided into two zones, working and dining; if each of them will have enough light, the room will be comfortable for work and leisure. We will give you examples of how lighting design can help in solving this issue for both functional areas. The main task of the kitchen – cooking, which, among other things, appropriate is solved by the luminous flux of the working area, namely countertops, gas stove and oven.


Manufacturers of ovens mainly to provide users a built-in inner lights. For lighting the gas stove or hob has inbuilt into the casing of the extrusion lighting. It is also possible to light a gas stove led ribbon, install it in suspension components, hood or hanging wardrobe, if in case extract enough elements of the world.

To highlight the countertops, there are several options from which to choose the one that better suits your interior. The installation of lighting at the bottom of the wall cabinets is a directional light to the space in the countertop, which in turn is convenient and comfortable for cooking.


There is also the option of illumination of the working area of led tape, which helps not only workflow efficiencies, but also serves an aesthetic function, because this type of lighting can be personalized to the tastes of the customer, depending on what design you choose for kitchen facilities.

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Led lighting allows you to visually expand the space, which can be interesting solutions for the design of light fluxes in a small kitchen. Due to the fact that it can be built into a variety of kitchen panels (e.g., wall cabinets and glass backsplash), it allows you to place accents in appropriate places, to create a warm atmosphere and to adjust saturation and light color with the remote control. Important working area cannot be overstated, so the choice of lighting in it should be approached with special care.


Speaking about the lighting of the dining area, we must first complete the task of creating coziness and comfort, therefore, in contrast to the working area, from the sharp rays of artificial light should be abandoned. Next, we consider a few variants of lighting in this zone. Soft light, creating comfort in the dining room, can be achieved by using matte shades on the artificial light sources, as well as several lamps hanging over the table.

Interesting solution in the design can be install the lamps on a flexible base with which you can adjust their length and independence, to increase or decrease the intensity of light in the dining area.


Also idea for lighting the dining area can be a great lamp, spot light which can cover the entire surface of the dining table. The bus system of the lighting fixtures in the dining area is a good option in that case, if may be necessary to change the position of lamps or table.

Kitchen ceiling fans with lights combines a ceiling fan with a lamp and a chandelier. It has the following features:

  • unharmful to your health;
  • creates a pleasant refreshing effect in the room;
  • comfortable environment;
  • the lighting of the room;
  • can be used both at home and on the street;
  • energy-saving and practicality;
  • saving space in the house;
  • minimum noise level.

The device will fit perfectly in the most different interior, because it is manufactured in a variety of styles of modernity: modern, art deco, country, classic.


The lighting in the kitchen is the best way to focus on the decorative highlights of the interior and removed from the eye minor design flaws. Make it quality and enjoy the comfort of the situation!

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