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Often manufacturers catalogs complete corner kitchen sets offer the island – an independent element with top and functional internal content, which is used as a work surface. It occupies a worthy place in a spacious room and is subject to zoning: separate workspace from the dining area.

Options for a modern kitchen hutch cabinets allows to combine: glass, metallic, plastic surfaces. Island – is a multifunctional table, located in the center of the kitchen, so that was convenient to move in the “work triangle” (fridge, sink, cooking place). This is not the most necessary piece of furniture, but its presence significantly increases the comfort and functionality of the kitchen. The kitchen with an island in the living quarters came from the restaurant business, where it was important to provide several cooks at the same time, what tables are made with the possibility of an approach from both sides.

In what area and how you can place the kitchen hutch cabinet?

Kitchen with island is relevant, as a rule, in country houses and apartments in the segment of real estate, where the kitchen area of the zone is greater than 25 square meters. m and has a separate dining area of this minimum rendered in the central part of the zone of the room can be Q3. meters with the following dimensions:

  • Width – 60-150 cm;
  • Length – more than 120 cm;
  • Height – in the range of 85-90 cm.

These dimensions should definitely be taken into account if you want to make the island in the kitchen with his hands.

What are the advantages of the kitchen cabinet hutch

By setting the table-island, you will lose 1 to 3 sq. Square meters and a height of a few centimeters (for summarizing communications required to lift the floor). But you will get much more:

  • Ergonomics – the island is in the center of the kitchen, as one of the triangle vertices, and thus holds a lot of useful features. To move around the kitchen while cooking is very convenient, at the same time to prepare and communicate a few people are behind him.
  • Functionality – theoretically the island in the kitchen is able to replace a full set, totally freeing up the wall. After all, it can be located:
  • The hob and the oven (in this case the island hood is installed);
  • Household appliances: dishwasher, small refrigerator shelf or wine;
  • Ample countertop, replacing a cutting table, and if necessary – the bar;
  • Extra storage of utensils, cutlery, etc. What you need to know about setting up and equipping.

If you want an island with a sink or dishwasher, then at the stage of repairs you will need to think about transferring and carrying water and drain pipes;

  • If you install a island with hob, oven, then take care of the electrical conducting on the floor and on the stage of repair;
  • Keep in mind, to carry out all communications, the floor will need to raise a little bit;
  • Note that the layout of the kitchen with an island must necessarily include also suspended (island) extract, which installation is not performed with his own hands, and will require the involvement of professionals;
  • If you plan to install household appliances, that are selected exclusively fixed for her, and not the sliding table;
  • In addition, the island must additionally be covered – for this suit separately hanging ceiling lights;
  • If you run the shelves, then arranged a separate backlight, such as LED for them in the body of the island;

You can choose a modern kitchen china cabinet hutch furniture, made in a factory and can make their own hands a set of standard modular elements, deploying them to each other and covering a total tabletop. When planning the food must first bear in mind two factors – functionality and interesting design. Only with a successful symbiosis of these two concepts, you will be able to get the desired result, which will please you for many years.

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If you decide to plan the kitchen themselves, rather than resort to the help of designers, then you should follow the tips that we have prepared for you. Using our tips for choosing the plan you will be able to simplify the process of preparation for the repair. Another option is a two-line plan kitchen. This option is suitable for elongated, but not walk-through kitchen (in the two-line pass-through room layout makes it very inconvenient to move between rooms). If you decide to stay on this option, make sure that the distance between the lockers on either side of the kitchen is equal to not less than 1.2 meters. Otherwise you risk to find a lot of problems related to the cooking process, as you will be uncomfortable to open the kitchen cabinets at the same time that they are on either side of the kitchen.

Designers are advised stove and sink, a kitchen hutch cabinets buffets with a two-line layout to place on the one hand, and the refrigerator on the other. So no one really be burnt when carrying hot pots on one side of the kitchen to the other. If you think about how to plan your kitchen, then turn your attention to this type of plan as the original island cuisine. It is characterized by a supplement in the form of a small “island” in the middle. In fact, the kitchen island you can get out of the kitchen with any type of plan, if you allow it to make the area you have determined the type of plan you should go to the development of the color scheme. It should not be forgotten that the kitchen is decorated in warm colors and always looks more comfortable than in cold. Do not forget about the selection of artificial light as a kitchen area requires a lot of light. If you plan kitchen with open-plan, you should think in advance decorative elements that you will use as a connecting link between the living and kitchen area.

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