Kitchen should be compact: kraftmaid kitchen cabinets

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The year when the first kitchen, which although it was far from a modern headset, but still meet the requirements of housewives 20s. She was petite (1.87 m wide and 3.44 m in length), so it is compactly housed all the equipment and furniture, which was the same size. This kitchen was efficient to the smallest pieces of tile. Architect Margareta Shute-thought out every detail, even the colors of the cabinets and tile was practical: beige, gray and blue, according to Margareta, repels flies.

The new plan has received the proud name – ” kraftmaid kitchen cabinets” – since shortly after the invention of it appeared in the 10 thousands of apartments under compulsion.

In the 1930s, in the kitchen there was a small revolution again. The women said, “No.” sideboards and cupboards, they were replaced by comfortable and ergonomic kitchen modules. The kitchen has become an experimental platform for designers. Now it can be different: the high cabinets from floor to ceiling, with a lot of doors and drawers, and even under a wooden top. Designers now have a place to roam.

The kitchen of the future

In the 1950s, everyone starts to think about the future, no, do not make plans, and use unusual materials in the interiors. This decade can be considered the flowering of modernity, which became the ancestor of the modern high-tech style. In the kitchen, the 50s did not meet the usual wood, varnished, but you can see a practical plastic, cold stainless steel and rubber. All of these materials gave the kitchen a special futuristic flavor, so this time, the hostess looked boldly into the future.

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In the 1960s, all were fascinated by the cosmos, and this hobby for some reason, came the fashion for all disposable. In the houses instead of the usual dishes and spoons appeared plastic disposable tableware. Thanks to the cleaning has become even faster and more convenient, do not have to wash anything, you just have to shovel a pile of plastic cups and plates in a pile and throw it in the trash.

But that’s not all that appeared in the 60s. At this time, semi-finished products were invented. Now you can and do not cook, so cooking was no longer the responsibility of, and has become an enjoyable hobby.

In 1969, two news shocked the kitchen. One of them – is the invention of artificial stone Corian. The second news was the adoption of a single standard kitchen furniture. Now, they were strictly regulated by the size of attachments and lower cabinets. Design thought after such a depressing news a few faded.

Perfect style for the kitchen – kraftmaid kitchen cabinets price list

In the 1980s, significantly improved form of extracts, is now in the kitchen does not smell something burnt. And many people are beginning to combine the kitchen with living room. The kitchen is not hidden from the prying eyes of visitors, it becomes the most prestigious part of the house, her pride and her show guests.

In the 1990s, all of a sudden turning sights on kitchen cabinets kraftmaid. Now in the kitchen should not get in the way and nothing to stand out from the general style. Therefore, there is built-in appliances, it is hidden under the doors countertops and does not attract attention. The kitchen becomes a kind of abstraction, it is not replete with beautiful appliances. Everything becomes simple, concise and rigorous.

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Nowadays, the kitchen is in a limbo. Craze for some individual style there, so designers offer a variety of options for kitchens, in the Art Nouveau style, and in classic style. The kitchen is now more democratic.

Yet the struggle for ergonomic layout was not in vain. Cooking in modern kitchen – a pleasure, home appliances is logical, and the hosts do not have dimmed circles, as it was 150 years ago. Buying kitchen – it is always a serious matter. It is necessary not only to submit a draft of the future kitchen, if you want to order a set, but also know where it is more profitable to buy. Now there are different ways of buying kitchens. And some of them will be discussed in this article.

Where to buy kitchen cabinets kraftmaid

Ways to buy food there are many. On some of them we talked at length, some casual mention. In any case, the choice of method for purchase depends on you, you can decide where to go to the store, the office or place an order over the Internet.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. The main drawback of the store is that it is difficult to find and buy the kitchen to make it perfectly suited to the size of your room. Kitchen it’s best to book. Therefore it is best to go to a furniture showroom, where you will always find what you want among the exhibition samples. And if not, then you can offer your kitchen project.

The main disadvantage of salons that have to wait long, as do the kitchen and brought back home. But many people place orders when they begin to make repairs in the apartment, and often the kitchen is ready for the time when they finish repair. So try to manage their time more practical.

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In the salons are usually question what the kitchen buy solved by itself, because you do not choose a kitchen set and compose your own project, where all your wishes are recorded. And the advantages are obvious orders cuisine.

But in the age of high technology, a new way to buy furniture – it is online shopping. On Web sites, you can either order and buy ready-made food. This is convenient for those who live far from the city center and do not want to waste time on travel and communication with vendors, consultants. Most often, they know what they want, so they feel more comfortable ordering on the Internet.

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