Kitchen sink cabinet- a flight of fancy.

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A large number of kitchen number of modules allows to realize different variations of alignment. Depending on the tastes and desires of modular kitchen sink cabinet can be combined with each other.

Manufactures modular kitchen is made of laminated chipboard, painted or laminated MDF, wood, plastic or veneer. Facades can include in the rate of glass, called windows.

Modular Kitchens include hanging cabinets, base cabinets, cabinets, cupboards and shelves of various sizes. For the lower cabinets countertop is a riding that is ergonomically and very convenient. By choosing a modular kitchen items necessary to pay attention to the quality of the hardware and the functionality of its components. Recently, the most popular style of gains, which allows to combine the harmonious intertwining of modern with the old. One of the most popular to date methods of manufacture of modern “antique” items – a patina.

Kitchen sink cabinets- this artificial aging. To create the effect of visual aging of wood or copper. The basis for the wooden kitchen models are made of solid boards or MDF covered with PVC film and then subjected to treatment with patina and always at the end of enamel or lacquer process. Enamel may thus be used as a matte effect and gloss. The development of modern technologies and in the paint industry, including, to make the process less time-consuming application of patina and more convenient. But, despite the emergence of technological innovations, the classic facades of kitchens with the patina is a manual process.

It starts with patinas priming by spraying to the need to obtain a homogeneous framework, which can be either colored or neutral, depending on the final desired result. For more noticeable relief form, prior to final drying surface with a brush coated with another layer of soil. After drying the soil comes painted in soft tones, and then removing the stains. The process of painting establishes, maintains and emphasizes the fine qualities that have turned out as a result of the application and processing of the patina.

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Corner kitchen sink cabinet- a luxury at an affordable price

Kitchen with patina truly a gift for connoisseurs of timeless classics. Classical kitchen furniture – the embodiment of comfortable design, aristocratic appearance and design versatility. The original patina effect creates contrast volume, texture and expression, which in turn gives the kitchen with an antique patina Mighty luxurious look with a touch of a tangible time. Made of natural wood kitchen with patinas allow significant savings to customers and are a worthy substitute for expensive headsets from antique shops. Of course, you can go into the first shop and buy kitchen there, but did not exercise due diligence and did not focus on certain aspects can not make a deal on favorable terms, and the product will not meet the requirements.

Good buying

So, being established in the thought that it is necessary to buy the kitchen, the next question is, kitchen sink with cabinet? To purchase happy for years to come, the first thing should be guided by what is rationality. When choosing Think about how practical are located drawers for storing utensils, a stove is located with respect to washing and so on. D. It is likely that many, seemingly glamorous and beautiful kitchen will be completely comfortable. It turns cooking a real meal.

Going to the store, do not forget to explore the market. Check out the directories on the manufacturers’ websites, consult with family and friends, they may have been exposed to such a choice is not easy.

If you decide to buy the finished kitchen, first, you must make a plan of the room, which will be furnished. Make all measurements in advance, check the area in which is located furnished. All these actions are much easier for you choice.

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Ready kitchen is better to buy before repair than after it. Even if some items do not fit the headset, the issue is easily solved by adjusting the layout of the premises during the repair.

Installation of kitchen furniture is best to book in the same place where her purchase, often in this situation, the company offers free implementer of additional services, such as delivery and installation of built-in appliances.

And how to buy a kitchen?

In order to buy the kitchen much easier, because there is no number of the above items, such as the removal of all measurements and trip to the store. Typically, companies offer cause home, which will prepare a draft of your future kitchen with all the nuances and requirements. This service is paid, but if, for example, you have already done repairs, it is not worth saving, so that the finished adjusting the headset, not wall.

However, there have their own aspects. Make sure you must be fully confident in the company, which provides services to buy the kitchen, for which you paid, and not a cheap imitation. Therefore, the best solution would be to apply only to the attorney providers or directly to manufacturer is a multi-functional space. Here not only cook or store food. It is a place where there are daily family rituals such as evening gatherings, reception, breakfast and family dinner. Often the kitchen is the only place in the apartment, where a person can retire, and a cup of tea or coffee to renounce all that is happening.

That is why the interior of the kitchen should not only be practical, but also aesthetically pleasing, prompting for an early morning awakening, or vice versa, soothing after a long and busy day. In order to create the desired mood in the room you need to choose wisely and kitchen design project.

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The kitchen and zonal division

The room should necessarily be divided into zones and the division of this is primarily due to certain elements of a kitchen:

  • The first – a work area. It is a place for food storage, home appliances and the heart of the kitchen – stove. On how correctly positioned kitchen interior elements in the work area depends on the convenience when cooking. Mainly in the working area consists of three main elements: a cooker, sink and refrigerator. Near each of them should not stand. The perfect kitchen interior solution – insulate them from each other tables for cutting and preparing food. The area of the work area should take an average of 5 – 6 square meters.
  • The second zone – a zone meal. She, like working, should be well-lit. The main criterion for placement in the interior of the kitchen dining area – it is a kind of isolation. It should not interfere with the passage area and keep cooking.

With the passage to the interior of the kitchen, too, everything is simple, it should contribute to the free movement between the working and dining areas, as well as not to impede access to the kitchen, even if you’ve just come from the supermarket and you’re holding huge bags of groceries.

The kitchen – little tricks

Details of the overall kitchen interior play an important role in mood, which creates room. For example, if you feel that your kitchen is not monotonous and expressive and full of monotone materials and long parallel lines, the best solution would be to hang some shelves or install an outdoor multi-level rack where you can place mementos brought from various countries.

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