Laminate kitchen cabinets

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Kitchen cabinetry can be 2 types: wooden or made from laminate. The main variance between the two is the price. Laminate kitchen cabinets are more budget friendly than cabinets that are created from wood.

As soon as the main part of kitchen renovation is the new cabinetry is really significant to consider expenses on it. If the budget is low, laminate kitchen cabinets can be good alternative to wooden.

Laminate is made from synthetic material that consists of compressed wood. This wood comes in high and low-pressure variations. Obviously, high-pressure laminate has the higher quality. Low-pressure laminate, also called melamine, is less expensive and is less durable. It also has less variety of colors, so it is less attractive for the selective homeowners.

Laminate kitchen cabinet doors are built from the synthetic material that is applied on particleboard or MDF. Due to the way that laminate doors are manufactured, the brown seams of the original particle board can show, which is often considered to be a disadvantage of using laminate.

Advantages of the laminate kitchen cabinets

The main benefit of the laminate cabinets, apart from the low cost, is his strong and long-lasting material that will survive the long usage of the regular kitchen. It does not warp with time comparable to wood cabinetry, and it is resistant to fading. Those cabinets keep the stain color consistently, meaning that the cabinets will not change with time. Also it is simpe to clean with water-based cleaner. There is no necessity for special products to polish and protect.

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There is a broad variety of styles, textures, colors, patterns to choose for the laminate kitchen cabinets. However this material goes better with contemporary kitchen styles. Although designs that imitate classic cabinets can work well with laminate.

Disadvantages of the laminate kitchen cabinets

The main disadvantage of such cabinets is its layers-sheets structure. The kraft paper that is the main part of the material keeps brown edges that can be protected and spruced up with the stainless steel or wood trim. Solid-color laminate gives more luxurious alternative that has plastic sheets of the same color throughout. That way it doesn’t show any dark edges.

If the laminate cabinets are chipped, it is going to be complicated to fix it. Usually it requires the overall substitution of the doors or cabinet frames. Also, the glue that is holding the coats of the laminate material together may convert to movable over time.

Similarly to wood cabinets, laminate cabinets can be obtained either prefabricated, either custom or semi-custom designs. Pre-fabrication is comparably the cheapest decision, semi-custom is slightly more pricey, and obviously, custom laminate cabinets are going to be the most exclusive and expensive selection.

White laminate kitchen cabinets

White laminate kitchen cabinets can be a very simple but effective choice for the kitchen. It gives clean and light feel. However the main disadvantage of such kitchen – it is difficult to preserve clean and white. It has a very possible chance to get yellow after some time. However, there are few tips that can help in keeping kitchen white and sparkling.

The main problem is exposure to direct sunlight, which tends to fade laminated surfaces. Considering blinds or window film can preserve cabinets from fast yellowing.

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However if it happens you may use more serious solutions and think about painting laminate kitchen cabinets.

4 steps to paint laminate kitchen cabinets

  • First step is to prepare for painting and to clean the surfaces

Before you begging to paint, all laminate surfaces need a wipe down with a cloth and cleaner. After drying the laminate needs to be slightly sand to give the paint an improved surface to stick to. Then sweep away any dust and hide all the surfaces you do not want to paint.

  • Second step is to prime the laminate surface

Operating with a paint brush to tint close to the walls and alongside the edges. Once you have painted in the specified small areas, you can paint the greater surfaces using your roller. Do not paint the doors shut, otherwise it will dry and stick.

  • Third step is to sand the prepared surface

After the primer has dried properly, using a reasonable grit sandpaper to smooth the entire surface. Sand lightly with your hands, this way you do not strip off partially the primer that you just put on. Clean off the dust from the surface with your brush and wipe it down with a wet cloth.


  • Fourth step is to apply final topcoat to laminate surface

Using paintbrush and roller paint the surfaces with possible satin or full gloss finish. If the surfaces have some hits in them, think about choosing a satin finish, otherwise choose full gloss paint to mask any uneven areas.

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