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Log Cabin Kitchens (Cabinets & Ideas) in 2020

When you are thinking of your new kitchen, why do not regard the log cabin ideas. We are sure that you agree, the preference of this choice is more than just a preference of the design. This is a decision to have such a life-style: cozy, natural, warm, a little bit rustic and very emotional. You can find any architectural structures to implement your project but the key material will be the only – the wood with all its defining characteristic.

Why the wood is good for your home?

Before starting to describe the ideas of the log cabin kitchen design, we should pay your attention to the material relatable to this design – the wood. Is the wood binding upon the log cabin kitchen? Yes, it is. Because the room in this style should be made of logs forming the exterior and interior wall. They are placed horizontally and usually not covered with any finishing. The variety of shapes and textures is connected with the type of laying and the type of timber. The beams can be square, round, D-shaped and so on. As we speak about the benefits of wood as finishing material, we will certainly mention its thermal conductivity which is very low. In addition, it absorbs sounds preventing loud noise. Being rather light it is strong, meaning that wooden constructions will not create much loading upon the walls and foundation of the house or the floor structure if you arrange the kitchen in the flat. The wood is easy to repair and can be renewed by simple processing. This component is full of charm and romantic regardless of the design trends which are applied.

The main ideas of the style

Here the traditional and contemporary design is good to the same extent.

Perhaps you cannot afford rebuilding your kitchen following this technique but still you want to have the log cabin look. In this case you can find interesting decoration which suits the idea. When regarding those decorating elements, ensure that every detail corresponds the aesthetic of the cabin. Consider the layout design with a peninsula made of fieldstone, for example. Another nice decision is heavy cabinetry matching the logs. If the room is large and spacy enough, think of the log beams stretching across the ceiling.

We should say that the latest trends offer contrast and versatility. So you are really free to improvise! There are so many opportunities! You can combine various textures and shades. Nowadays this log home appearance becomes more modern with only gentle reminder of the traditions.

Ok, we are going to speak about trending in a log home kitchen in pictures and details which will help you to decide what you want and this article will be a useful set of ideas to use in your own home.

What are the main points about it?

Furnishings. Whether your kitchen is small or large, make sure that your furnishing provides the needed comfort and fits your requirements as to the functionality of this room. In anyway, the log home decoration should be comfortable involving the visitors to the rustic surroundings. You can order the table and chairs made of the same type of wood as the walls are covered. Doing so, you will manage to create the pieces being correspondent to the room, as if they are created just for this purpose. But you are free to choose a completely different hue of wood processed in a more delicate way like it is shown in this interior in the picture You can see these marvelous chairs. They do not fit either walls or the table but all together all these elements of design look gorgeous!

Rustic. Remember that the wood relates rustic environment very much and the no-fail way to design your kitchen is to apply the simple, but efficient method – to use rustic materials like stones both smooth and rough combined with logs on the walls. The simplistic design sometimes is the best way to achieve the desired result. Leave those wooden walls unchanged and enjoy the wood stunning texture. This will be the only zest of your design.

Contrasts. If you are brave enough, try to play with unusual combinations. Try to use a lot of wood in finishing and add the contemporary furniture made of plastic or metal. Consider sleek surfaces and bright colors to highlight the parts. You can paint one or two walls in rich red or orange and thus to create the contrast to the warmer wood hues. Just take a glance at the sample below. The shining metal with wood and rough stones are completed with leather chairs and bright red decoration on the shelf – it is perfect. The interior is balanced and fresh.

Color scheme. Now, the shades can be used to make it different and specific. Add some colors to fascinate the dwellers or your guests. The colorway is able to make the highly effective design. You can leave the pale wood on the walls and ceiling to create the space and choose some unusual tones to paint some beams or elements. It can be naturally-inspired color scheme with brown or green which support the wood tones perfectly. But you can apply bright-red or orange to attract attention and fill the kitchen with energy and joy.

Light. Do not forget about the importance of a good light fixture. It can influence greatly on surrounding, emphasizing the places you want to stand out. It will help you to zone the space separating the working place and resting area. Here you can see the numerous lamps which are the decorative elements mostly while the local lightening under the wall buffet is intended to illuminate the working surface brightly.

Log Cabin Kitchen Ideas

And once again the kitchen is one of the most interesting room in a house or flat. It is very functional and demanding. Taking the above general approaches in consideration you can find various techniques to achieve brilliant looks. Take granite, slate, or travertine. Do not forget about shining stainless steel, bronze with ancient look or solid and massive hammered metal. As we have mentioned before the contrast created by two kinds of wood will reinforce the natural look of the room. Express your own sense of style using the multicolor tile to make the backsplash. It can be the only modern touch in your kitchen.

Here we would like to turn your attention to this example of tiled backsplash. The whole wall is covered with this stunning material making the room lighter and gaily decorated. And it goes without saying that such wall is much easier to clean up compared to the wooden surface.

You can arrange the compact kitchens and the larger one full with glamor following our ideas.

  1. The size does matter.

Even if you prefer the open floor plans which are very popular for contemporary houses, we suggest you to separate the kitchen because it is really very important place. We suggest you to regard it as an active living center of your flat. Here you can prepare food and dress it for dinner if you do not wait for a crowd of guest which need to be pleased in the dining room or living one. It does not mean that you should make it small but there is a trend of the smaller floor plans indeed. Most people like to have the cozy dwelling with traditional functions, they are tired of experiments and refuse the massive mansions in favor of a smart and well-designed kitchen focused on their needs exactly. Like this one:

To the contrary, still some houses demand the large kitchen, being open. Here almost always the extensive islands are used to hold all the kitchen stuff. Sometimes the entire kitchen is one big island. Look at it. You can follow the idea if your kitchen is huge.

2. The walls and floors are not the same

You know that is you who decide, but some designers insist the all-wood look is not very popular today. So, you can arrange your floor in some different way. Forget about the wood for this purpose and pay your attention to the ceramics or tiles. Sometimes the natural stone is chosen for instance slate is very good within this context. Of course, you can apply the marble or something like this, but the material is very expensive and actually it does not fit the log cabin while the slate with its grey color is very trending right now. It makes the design more modern and convenient when we speak about cleaning up.

3. Monochrome solution

The color scheme can be different. You are not restricted at all. The various hues can be used for wall finishing, furniture, or little details. Even black can be incorporated in the interior of a log cabin with flair. This is considered to be even a trend right now. But if you are looking for a clean look, perhaps it is better to water down it with the white. Here you will get the classic monochrome. The light wood can be also mixed with black and the same effect will be achieved. Though, monochrome is not only these two colors. You can mix white and grey. This combination is more popular and counterbalance a huge amount of wood with these colors still stay within the framework of the monochrome scheme. If the white is too stark for you, replace it with a cream color. Do not forget that some designers consider the combination black and red being also monochrome one. Play up on contrast and move of the grey scale.

4. Stones

There are a lot of decorative stones which fit the kitchen interior. Just pay your attention to quartz or granite when you will think of the material for a counter. You know the natural-looking counter looks perfect with such a style. A lot of people opting for quartz. This material is practical. It tends to be in demand nowadays but the real winner is granite being organic, durable, ad beautiful. If the granite is wild and will be in the limelight, the quartz is plain and will provide the busier look. So try to decide what is more suitable for your style and take it.

5. Breakfast Bars

Another finding for your log cabin kitchen is a breakfast bar which can be incorporated on the edge of countertop. It is comfortable and decorative at the same time. You can have breakfast at this bar leaving the table for family dinners. Or if your kitchen is not spacy enough, you can refuse a large table at all.

The bar can be made of the wood or any other material continuing the whole idea. It should not overwhelm the décor being just a detail which make the kitchen more complete.

6. Range Hoods in Log Cabin kitchen photo

This functional and very stylish construction is just designed for the log cabin kitchen. Though, it can be made of wood too but you’d better choose a range hood made of stainless steel and play with its contrast to the wood used in the whole interior. Thus you will manage to create a modern look. Such mixture of textures shows your extraordinary taste and ability to be versatile. Really, a reflective metal with a smooth surface will be a beautiful addition to the environment. Don’t you agree?

Interior, horizontal, kitchen looking toward breakfast area, Dufendach residence, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Maple Island Log Homes

7. Industrial style

Well, even if you are not fond of loft you can apply some attractive feature of this style to your log cabin kitchen and make it more interesting. Combine rustic with hard metal and you will see what will happen. The foundation should be made of wood of course but such things as stools and countertops should be produced of stainless steel. Some fragments of the walls can be finished with painted or bare bricks. Think of it!

8. Combine styles

You know there are such architectural styles as Spanish, Scandinavian, Mediterranean and so on. You can choose one of them and perform it in wood. Thus you will get the log cabin kitchen looking quite different still. For instance, this picture shows the antique benches, particular form of a table with turning legs, the particular lamp – everything is good with wooden bulks on the ceiling and floor.

9. Ancient

Why should you try to make your kitchen modern? That is a good idea to create the facilities looking ancient. To achieve this effect, you can apply the reclaimed wood. The antique furniture like cabinetries will fit this surrounding. Some other details like heavy beams for the ceiling, rough floors will help to make a very aged look. The designer can provide the natural aged finish. To balance such a pressing massive kitchen cabinet, you can paint the walls white.

So, we can come to the conclusion.

The log cabin kitchen is a part of a log cabin being a small house erected of logs notched at the ends. In early times such houses were built by hunters and wilderness dwellers. The common style has been remained until now. The interior is very simple, sometimes only one room is available. The modern cottages are built more spacious but in accordance with the same technology using logs to get that special rustic effect.

What is peculiar to the log cabin kitchen? There are some generally accepted concepts: open layouts, high ceilings, walls with large windows framing great views and something else:

  • It appeared in early America and still is very popular.
  • It is a custom, but at the same time it can be individually designed and built in accordance to the designer idea.
  • It consists of round or square timbers as a base. They are skillfully fitted together to create the particular structure.
  • There are really a lot of design options which can be applied to this theme allowing to create the unique genre.
  • It is highly energy efficient if built in a proper way because the wood is a warm building material.

All the above information should not reduce your imagination. You should not feel restricted in the design options and regard any textures you know, mix them and make your own decision for your best stylish log cabin kitchen. Live the dream!

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