Modern country kitchen sinks

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Having made the decision to get the country a summer kitchen, where the whole family would be comfortable every day to spend quite a lot of time, you will have to search for a suitable placement of its area on your site. The main criteria for such selection should be:

  • Comfort liner electricity
  • The ability to organize water supply

It is clear that the kitchen should not be near the business area, compost heaps and toilet. Do not build it, and in the lowlands. This will avoid flooding the country kitchen sinks at your premises giving rainwater. If you build a room or area of flammable wood, plywood, etc., do not put it closer than ten meters from the likes of easily burning buildings. Maybe you is not very satisfied, but not worth the risk. Not bad place the kitchen over a cellar, then all the desired products will be within walking distance, and in the period of preparations do not have to carry through the garden preservation.

Country kitchen: content

A key part of any kitchen is the center, and a summer kitchen – is no exception. How is it to be, it depends particularly on the willingness of the owners and a set of functions that it should possess. One, Bring Russian stove, but such that even. Others are more “advanced” and want to see in your kitchen complex barbecue. And still others do not whimsical. They were satisfied with the food in a hurry, so these people enough barbecue and straightforward plate and country kitchen sinks.

No matter which will be used stove: gas, electric or wood – the main thing that it was. But think about the rest yourself. It is no secret that in order to melt the oven or grill it is necessary to ignite a certain time and at a time you are on such a hot weather will not be able to cook a few meals, so you’ll have the choice of either vegetables or meat. To make the garnish, the fire will have to plant again, and in the same grill or somewhere nearby and again wait until the burn through the wood. On cooking really need a lot of time. In principle, the away picnic is not a problem, but for a longer stay and rest in the country so prepare very tiring. Now you understand that in the summer kitchen, even if located in the country, one must also competently organize the cooking zone, as well as on your city.

Having dealt with the cooking zone, cooking and baking, turn your gaze to the tabletop, without which the hostess will be difficult to carve meat, knead the dough, and cut salads. It should be sized to the plane on her comfortably settled in the desired cooking accessories and, of course, food. Minimum standards should be 90h60sm countertops. Comfortable furnishings summer kitchen would benefit if the cabinet appears under the table. It will be convenient to place pots, plates, pans and cutlery necessary.

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Improve your room

Improve this cabinet a pair of shelves – it will allow rational use of space. Closing the doors will protect all the utensils from dust. The final chord arrangement of the summer kitchen in the country will be the source of water, without which it cannot do when washing dishes and under which convenient to rinse hands.

Who has a hand in the summer kitchen will be hot water, can only envy, but such a miracle is possible only if the kitchen is located in an annex adjacent to the house. Believes that the process of cooking without comfort – a grim, try to equip the room a special water tank, which can bask in the rays of the sun, from operating the oven or in a modern way – with electricity. By and large, far away from civilization, and it is possible to manage the basin, embedded in the countertop. Maybe this is not the optimal solution, but economically very advantageous.

Now let’s talk about furniture. Naturally, any country furniture without any problems can be purchased at any store, but if you have the mood, try to beat the summer kitchen at his dacha with his own manufactured items. If you are going to focus on creating furniture, consider what its type is more appropriate for your kitchen: a portable light or heavy. In the latter case, all objects permanently attached to the designated places and not be displaced. This option may be relevant for all types of open kitchens. Leaving the cottage, you cannot worry about the wind will scatter light and overturn chairs plastic table. Also, it will protect it from the incursions of good things for others fans.

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Country kitchen sink in use

Capital Furniture country kitchen sink initially objects implies greater weight and same strength. Such instances of a concrete wall in the kitchen floor. Most often, so come with tables and benches surrounding it. On the basis of the created pipe is attached a wooden, stone or plastic tabletop, shops skeletons, mostly sheathe tree.

You can try to create furniture for the summer kitchen, built in the country out of scrap materials. For example, to bring this case a large stumps, which, after some processing may be an excellent basis for the table. As for tabletops, its base to this can be done also from the tree or even to cover the stump of a massive concrete slab. From the same unnecessary logs and stumps can be planed and original seats. The only sure protection of wood using a particular treatment, then your furniture will stand for more than one year.

Those who want a more civilized comfort, better to buy ready-made sets for the country kitchen or arrange interior atmosphere professional designers. Furniture for the villa kitchen can be made:

  • From vines
  • Rattan
  • Tree
  • Plastic

Complement the situation country kitchen sink are cozy soft chairs where so wonderful slumber warm evenings.

Will be needed in everyday life suburban shelves, mobile tables, shelves. The fact that your kitchen is located in the country is not a reason to give up her jewelry. Therefore, it is appropriate hanging shelves to build a decorative bowl, cute vases with bouquets of summer flowers, all kinds of jars with the right spices and foods.

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Other country kitchen sink ideas

If circumstances permit, equip a “remote” kitchen fridge and others familiar to you in the city life of household appliances, but do not forget to pre-equip the place for them, then they will be very harmonious appearance.

Adorable food than cooked in the open air, and even an open fire, it is difficult to find. The advantages of such foods simply undeniable and need no comment, and even more so in the advertisement.

Country kitchen sink faucets – a laborious process, nervous, full of doubts, however, when it is completed with a positive result, each family there is a desire to turn this hard-won unique d├ęcor and cozy nest. This can be done in different ways, but the real needlewoman and keeper of the family hearth believe that there is nothing unique, how to decorate the country kitchen sink faucets. Only in this case, you can be absolutely sure that such beauty and comfort of the interior you will not find in a close friend.


Kitchen space allows decorating a wide variety of techniques, but in the process of transformation must necessarily be made changes such as:

  • Changing the background of the walls and their additional clearance
  • Adjustment of furniture looks
  • Decorating kitchen apron
  • Changing or decoration curtains
  • Making the kitchen table and chairs
  • Decoration of home appliances
  • Filling the interior of different-sized decorative elements.

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