Modern kitchen cabinet refacing

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Countertops with a non-porous solid surface are resistant to wear and easy to care for them – they do not need to handle the protective impregnation. Modern materials are stylized granite, quartz, concrete and glass. However, sharp knives and hot pans are able to leave their mark on the surface of solid tops.

Marble refacing kitchen cabinets create a special beauty in the kitchen. Although marble longer susceptible to dirt and scratches than granite, it’s smooth, cool surface is ideal for baking and rolling dough. Marble – one of the most expensive materials used for the manufacture of countertops. Solid soapstone countertops eventually become even more beautiful – they gradually darken, and it gives them a particularly attractive appearance. Unlike other stones soapstone does not absorb dirt and discolored, and therefore it does not need to handle the protective impregnation. Stains on the surface are removed by grinding small and scratches are removed with mineral oil.

Countertops made of ceramic tiles (tiles) are presented in different colors and textures, so you can choose the style of any kitchen. Tile may break away and needs to be cementing, so these countertops require more maintenance than other types of countertops. Choosing kitchen countertops

What you need to consider:

The functionality above reface kitchen cabinets. Each house is unique, so will not find a versatile material that is suitable to all without exception. How often do you cook? Do you spend a cocktail party at the bar? Do you Serviette family dining at the kitchen “island”? Sheds do your kids orange juice and jam if dropping? Take into account factors such as strength, resistance to staining, and ease of maintenance.

Planning kitchen renovation

Choosing countertops – is only one part of a large-scale process, which is the repair plan. Our detailed guide will help you to approach this task in a professional manner.

Planning kitchen cabinets refacing repair

Form style. Think about what kind of surface you would like (imagine its appearance, texture, color). It must be cold or warm to the touch? Do you need an integrated sink? Should the surface be seamless in appearance? Also, pay attention to additional details, including the thickness and shape of the projection edge. Decide what outcome you want. The combination of options, each material has its advantages – some of the material is not afraid of high temperatures, and some surfaces are easy to clean. How do you choose just one material? It may not be limited to one goal. Some customers achieve the perfect result, combining different materials. Depending on available space and needs, you can choose, for example, the stone surface of the working area and a wooden countertop for a kitchen “island”.

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Determine your budget. How to reface kitchen cabinets is not the most exciting task, but it is very important – it is the only way to delineate the scope of your ability. It is necessary to take into account material costs, any shipping and installation costs, as well as the manufacture of the selected shape countertop edge costs (note the integrated sinks and aprons).

Options for kitchen countertops:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Fake diamond
  • Laminate
  • Solid surface
  • Concrete
  • Stainless steel
  • Wooden array
  • Tile
  • Composite
  • Soapstone
  • Other types of countertops.

Floors – the basis of style and functionality to your home. To make the right choice, it is worth considering your lifestyle and available budget. Kitchen – the heart of your home. Here you are preparing a meal for the whole family and take guests. The floors in this room should be particularly strong – they have to cope with the increased load created by a large cross. Furthermore, they must be resistant to stains and scratches with kitchen cabinet refacing cost. When all of the above floor covering is required to be combined with the style of the property. What coverage to choose? To start, consider all the options.

Lifestyle. The owner of the house – the star of his own cooking show. Of course, sauces spilled dishes is dropped, and the remaining members of the family and the four-legged pets try to go and see the kitchen as often as possible. It is important to select flooring that is resistant to wear and various injuries. If you have small children or do you plan to stay in this house for many years, prefer sex with a non-slip surface – this will ensure safety.

Your sense of style. Choose flooring that will blend in with the look of your kitchen – traditional, contemporary, etc. Take note of your kitchen area, as well as its colors, textures and patterns available. You need to decide whether gender neutral background or main center of attention.

According to the National Association of kitchen design and bathroom floors with inlays – a popular trend in kitchen design. Wooden floors in this kitchen decorated with inlays of slate tile – it increases their strength and complements the overall style, designed in the spirit of the Old World. Another popular trend – cork floors. This environmentally friendly option that absorbs noise and is durable. In addition, these floors take off the load on the spine (this is important for those who spend many hours on their feet a day). Warm cork floors are combined with furniture and kitchen apron of glass tiles. The wooden floors give this cozy kitchen classic warm look. Such flooring relieves the load on the spine; it is an important factor if you spend a lot of time on their feet. Bamboo is harder than many woods. You can choose bamboo cover in various colors, patterns and textures. Bamboo floors honey color perfectly highlights the modern style of this kitchen.

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Tiles are ideal for kitchens with high traffic. Such a surface resistant to moisture and high loads. Furthermore, it does not absorb odors and bacteria. Ceramic tile is easy to stack, but it is slightly more susceptible to damage than tiles made of porcelain. Tile in the example simulates travertine (a more expensive alternative), and the special pattern realism is achieved thanks to modern technology of digital printing.

Porcelain tiles are made of sand and minerals, harder and denser than ceramic tile. It is resistant to moisture, but it is more difficult to style. This porcelain tile rich beige color is characterized by a realistic texture imitating natural stone. Large kitchen tiles visually increases. Linoleum – low-cost option, available in a variety of styles and colors. It can be made on an individual sketch – linoleum with a unique pattern will perfectly blend with your kitchen style. This hygienic coating has antibacterial and antistatic properties; besides, it is easy to wash. Another inexpensive option – a laminate, available in various styles, imitating solid wood, stone and marble. This surface is resistant to stains and scratches and is easy to care for her.

Kitchen cabinet refacing ideas is available in a wide range of colors and patterns that simulate solid wood, ceramic tile and stone. Unlike previous generations of vinyl flooring vinyl modern different textures and colors of the best, providing a more realistic view – it is made possible by rotogravure process (gravure). Floors with a checkerboard pattern – Vintage note in this bright kitchen.

Comfort. If you spend hours standing on their feet, doing cooking, pay attention to the floor, characterized by softness and pliability. For example, tile flooring may cause some discomfort if you will stand on the floor so much time. Wood removes unnecessary strain on the legs and spine. Underfloor pliable surface of the most comfortable for the feet. Whatever your choice, you can make the floor more comfortable if he lay on a soft mat. Easy cleaning. Kitchen floor can lose its appeal because of stains and stubborn dirt. To reduce the amount of time it takes you to clean, select from the flooring material, which is easy to wash. It must be resistant to moisture and damage.

Cost. If you are planning to repair, you may have to allocate a budget so that it was enough to purchase countertops, kitchen furniture, lamps, etc. What place in this budget given to floor coverings? Decide on a budget; make measurements of the kitchen, to know its exact area. Remember that may require additional costs, including costs screed, delivery of materials and their packing, and the dismantling and removal of old flooring.

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Refacing kitchen cabinets cost- the top 5 trends bright

What you need to consider creating your future kitchen design? What trends are popular today?

Kitchen with individual design

Individuality is the main trend – interior reflects your personality. Prized design that best fits your taste, your needs and your habits. Therefore, the standard headsets are increasingly inferior position kitchens made to order according to individual design project. They allow you to make good use of every centimeter of available space.

Experiment with the most unusual combinations of materials, finish, texture and accessories, create a unique interior, in which you will feel very comfortable with.

Refacing kitchen cabinet doors as part of the living space

Openness is another bright trend – the kitchen is increasingly becoming a part of the living space.

Sometimes a break in the apartment walls and combines the cost to reface kitchen cabinets with a small adjacent room. Sometimes they do without large-scale redevelopment. Increasingly, in planning the kitchen, having an area of 10-12 square meters include a full guest area with a TV and a sofa.

This trend could not affect the form of kitchen furniture. Stylish headset for the kitchen more reminiscent of furniture for living rooms. Their structure designers include glass shelves, book shelves, niches for audio equipment and a mini-workstation notebook.

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