Paint is way to dream kitchen designs

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Paint the walls in the dream kitchen designs would be perfect, if the layers lie on a completely smooth surface. Such a surface will provide acrylic plaster. Evenly distribute it on the wall, let dry and sand the well.

To improve the adhesion of paint, putty wall treated with a primer and leave to stand in the time recommended in the instructions. Now the wall is completely ready for finishing work.

Paint work in the kitchen is realized in finished form. It is securely packaged, so it can be transported by any type of transport, and store in a positive temperature environments, though the composition does not lose its properties even when frozen will not for a long time. If this happened to your paint, let it stand at room temperature at least one day.

The paint in the showdown, the pot is thoroughly mixed. If necessary technology, water was added thereto to make the first layer saturated. Secondary painting the walls in the kitchen is held undiluted paint.

Need to color

Coloration can wall only if the heat in the dream kitchen designs. Temperature corridor of 5 to 30 degrees Celsius. If it is cooler, the dry period of the paint will be delayed. Though modern paint and eco logical, however, when working with them all the same room should be well ventilated.

If the store did not have the right paint colors you – take a white. From it, you can always make a color using the color scheme. Add to the mix the last better in a special center, where there is a tinted car. This is especially true when you need to work a few buckets of paint of the same tone.

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Even if you have purchased the material the desired color and in the right quantity, please note that the same type of paint and the various parties may differ in tinting nuances, so it makes sense before starting work on painting the walls in the kitchen, mix the contents of all cans purchased in one container. So you are guaranteed to get the walls of a uniform color. What else you need to know when choosing a shade structure; it is the fact that after drying, the original color has lost its brightness.

To obtain a dense and deep tone, and may require three coats of paint. Roughly calculate the necessary amount of help to the average cost. Typically paint is 200 grams per square. The steepness of bright colors is somewhat lower, so here is rational to apply a lighter base coat already on it to roll two coats of paint color.

The final color of the walls may be significantly different from the original, because it will directly influence the roughness of the surface on which the paint was applied, its absorption capacity, as well as the specifics of the room lighting.

Paint the walls in the dream kitchen designs are done by roller or spray gun, at least – a paint brush. “Clothing” roller can be of foam, fur or suede. The most uniformly distributed is obtained on the surface paint spraying. Drying the first layer of paint lasts about one and a half hours, but if you sustain a break of three to four hours, at the final result, it will affect only positively. Note that at high humidity and low temperature paint you need more time to dry.

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To avoid ink drips when the roller will paint tray. Pour it in a minimal amount of fluid and do not forget to walk several times on its ribbed surface, pressing to coat paint roller surplus.

The process of painting the walls in the dream kitchen designs begins by painting the window. The base layer is applied in the horizontal direction and following it – in the vertical direction. Thus, it is dyed every millimeter of the wall, and you will not have to suffer with annoying gaps.

Drawing paint on the wall

Wall painting – is not easy. Here it is imperative to have a talent for drawing. Ideally, invite this artist. Work on the mural laborious and takes more than one day, but the result is always breathtaking. Kitchen suddenly gets an exclusive look.

  • Everything happens for such a plan. Initially, the artist throws a pencil sketch of the future masterpiece directly on the plaster, so that in the pre-paint the walls in the kitchen, in this case there is no need. After agreeing with the owners of the content starts painting a picture, or water-based dispersion paints Water.
  • If a picture is necessary to give the volume, the long-range plan usually makes a few vague, even ambiguous. The painting is not only used colored ink, and decorative plaster. It gives realistic stone structures and other natural elements.
  • Exits Stage tinted acrylic painting and coating it with lacquer.
  • The wall under the painting should be prepared just perfect. Unevenness and roughness are not allowed. Quality work will enjoy the beauty of not less than ten years.
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The lighting in the painting of the walls in the kitchen is treated as an important point in the case of the artistic painting its importance has grown significantly. To master was able to find the right color nuances, lighting in the dream kitchen designs must be installed in advance. There should not be painted a wall sockets, ventilation grilles, switches. All this will be out of place there. If you cannot do without them – decorate them in a tone with the painting.


No matter how small or non-standard was not your food, the presence of even modest analytical skills and imagination will allow you to furnish it so that will be a pleasure in it. Otherwise, in the absence of a creative vein, how to arrange the furniture in the kitchen can be found in catalogs and on websites. Better yet, go directly to the designer and planner, who in the two accounts will plan a comfortable and nice-looking environment, and even show you a prototype, painted in three-dimensional space.

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