Popular options for placement of kitchen cabinets

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During kitchen design or repair, you should immediately think about where they will be located all the items of furniture and household appliances. This is to ensure that you feel comfortable to cook and spend time with his family. The first thing you need to decide where you will have windows and doors. This is an important issue in the design of any room. After that, you decide for yourself, which will include cabinets and other pieces of furniture. Only after these steps, you can decide where it will be a sink, refrigerator and stove. By placing all the food items will depend on its area and the amount of free space. If your kitchen is large, then you can try several options for accommodation. If the room is not allocated large size, you need to place cabinets so that you have space to accommodate a dining table.

If your kitchen is small in size, try to organize your space to have been only the necessary items. otherwise, your kitchen may look fragmented. If your room is, by contrast, is too large, then you have something to think about. But you have to remember the main rule. The distance between the elements of the working space shall be not more than a meter. In the case where the distance is too large, you will be very tired from the cooking process. When you create a space you can navigate to the following questions:

  1. How much time per day do you spend in the kitchen? How many people in your family has been cooking?
  2. How many family members live in your house?
  3. Do you plan to use the kitchen as a place for the reception?
  4. Are you planning to place in the kitchen dining area?
  5. Do you need to save space at the time of placement of the furniture?
  6. What is the height of your room? What is the growth of a person who is usually responsible for preparing food?

The kitchen should be enough space for the organization of the working space, which includes:

  1. Space for storage of products. This fridge and freezer.
  2. Place for food processing and butchering it.
  3. Area cooking.

In today’s magazines often forms for placement of kitchen cabinets that are attached to one wall. Very often, the kitchen cabinets represent the letters U, L or G. This form is still very often referred to as the peninsular. If your kitchen has large size, then you have the opportunity to the whole island. Each of these accommodation options can have several pros and cons.

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Kitchen layout on one wall

One of the positive sides of such placement is that you can place the cabinets, refrigerator, countertops, drawers and a sink near one wall. This will allow you to conveniently organize your workspace and correctly positioned in it their home appliances, which will be located next to the cooking area.


  1. This option of accommodation is perfect for rooms of small size as well as for one-bedroom apartments.
  2. All items of home appliances necessary for cooking, can be accommodated directly in the cabinets. The technique can be hidden behind sliding doors, which will come to your total interior solution.
  3. Form layout along one wall can save a lot of space.


  1. The main disadvantage of this arrangement is that you will be difficult to organize the space in which you will be.
  2. To maximize observe safety, you need to place the sink so that it was separated from the main workspace where you prepare food. With proper organization, you can get a lot of free space.

Modern furniture stores presents a lot of options for placement of kitchen cabinets that are attached to one wall. To get the most out of free space, you can try to use small boxes or built-in wardrobes. If you find that your workspace looks too bulky, you can always pick up a dining table that will divert all the attention on himself. Also, you can use the kitchen island as a place for a meal.

The parallel arrangement of kitchen cabinets:

This arrangement is an excellent option to organize the space large size kitchens. The main thing when placing the kitchen cabinets, do not forget that you should remain enough room for a dining table. If you have made a mistake, then you will be able to use the island as a dining table. Also, you can place your kitchen cabinets on two parallel walls. This option is perfect for long and narrow premises. This trick is often used in restaurants and cafes.


  1. You will have many choices of accommodation competent workspace, so you can place your kitchen cabinets on both sides, and then you have plenty of free space that you can use to meet friends.
  2. If you think about where to put all the household items, such accommodation option is perfect. You can on one side of the pan and knead for other cooking container. The second side can be used for cutlery and other necessary items.
  3. This option is the logical form of accommodation for a place where there is little natural light. When placing the cabinet on two walls, you can highlight a passage between two parallel zones.
  4. You can choose any size appliances.
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  1. The main disadvantage of this placement of kitchen cabinets is that you are left with very little room for planning recreational areas. And also you will be quite difficult to choose a location for the dinner table.
  2. Option layout of kitchen cabinets is perfect for placing the cooking zone. However, you may experience problems with the placement of the dining area. Often it is included in the workspace. Therefore, if during cooking you like to communicate with your friends, this option will not work for you.

Accommodation in the form of letter U

If your room is small in size, this option will suit you perfectly. Especially convenient it would be in the event that your family prepares only one person. Also, this arrangement can be used when the average dimensions of the kitchen and one-bedroom apartments. In this case, you can place the cabinets, countertops and appliances on three different sides, two of which are parallel to each other.


  1. If your family is preparing just one person, then this option is ideal in terms of workplace. It will cook, while in one area of the room.
  2. All appliances can be positioned next to each other. This will greatly save time cooking.


  1. This layout of kitchen cabinets is most suitable for building small and medium size. But, think several times before you use this option in a small kitchen. If the space is too small, then you will be uncomfortable to be in the area, which is located between the cabinets. Make sure that the distance between the two sides of the cabinet, was not less than a meter. Otherwise, you will touch the boxes, or even hot items that leave on the table tops.
  2. If your space is small enough, it will be difficult to place the sink and the dishwasher so that it is at least a minimum amount of space between them. If you encounter such a problem, it is best to choose a different plan.
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When you decide where to place the refrigerator, try to make sure that he was in free space. You should always have free access to it. This arrangement will allow you to free up storage space for products and appliances. And also you will have no problems with the location of the microwave oven.

If your kitchen has large size, you can place the island in the center of the space.

If you have already placed all the cabinets on the plan, but faced with the problem that you have nowhere to place appliances, try to place them directly into the cabinets. In order to hide the dishwasher, you can use the sliding sash. This will help save a lot of space.

Choosing this type of arrangement of kitchen cabinets, do not forget about the main lighting. Fountain in the center of the workspace will be quite enough. Place several fixtures directly to the bottom of cabinets that are at the top.

Planning with the letter L

Such options for placement of kitchen cabinets are very common in today’s magazines. With this type of arrangement, kitchen cabinets are arranged along two walls that are perpendicular to each other. This is a great option for the case when preparing one person in the family. And the layout is suitable for small rooms where it is important to leave as much as possible a lot of space for recreation areas.

If your kitchen has large size, then you have many choices of accommodation kitchen cabinets. This option should be avoided, as it will be uncomfortable in the sense that one person and then have to move from one zone to another. This will slow down the cooking process.


  1. If your family are prepared two people, then they will be comfortable working together, as the two workspace area does not overlap with each other.
  2. A person engaged in cooking, can easily communicate with guests and friends.
  3. Form layout is very useful if you include dining space in the kitchen area.
  4. The table can be positioned along one wall. So your kitchen will look more harmonious.


This option is suitable for rooms of any size. But, keep in mind that the long and narrow rooms it is best not to use. This will be very uncomfortable for all family members.

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