Refinishing kitchen cabinets white, 16 foto

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While tendencies are in the choice of kitchen materials, finishing and details can change, a white interior of kitchen will always be most stylish. He creates feeling of cleanness, light around, compels space to look more spacious, than it is actually, provides a good kind from other rooms and remarkably combines with any stylistic of interior.


A kitchen is streamlined and restrained, being not here cold. A carpet from natural fibres adds a heat, and simple horizontal shelves bind in one unit closets, domestic technique and kitchen apron. Besides, a white palette does not divert attention, if planning of kitchen apartment allows to see the interior of other room. Really very pleasant kind.

A minimum of color : at determination that does a kitchen truly white, we are in difficulty. Must she all be snow-white, only with contrasting floor or separate details? Does  surfaces and domestic technique must also to be white?

Stylish wooden chairs and corresponding tone surface of island distinguished on a background this white sea. Style characteristic for the middle of century : clean surfaces give a chance to be distinguished to furniture.

Scandinavian modern: this European style underlines belonging through simplicity. A white kitchen-dining-room interlaces with the heat of wooden sexes, ceiling and table. Interesting forms are brought in by means of chairs from Panton S and floor-lamp. An open kitchen provides a remarkable white background for a dining-room in that the Finnish lamps of Secto create a fairy-tale atmosphere.

Fashionable: with this white marble island with a surface- waterfall, white chairs of Cherner, white closets and white walls, a kitchen looks in truth snow-white. Dark wooden полы create a succession between this apartment and other zones in a house.

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Transitional: soft covers of chairs are an inconstant element that can bring the touch of color to the kitchen. The same effect can be attained by means of bright elements of decor, for example, of tissue pillows for stools or bankquettes.

The all white gives an interior a modern kind, and furniture, accessories and architecture, leave roots in tradition, giving a kitchen transitional style.

Romantic: a white kitchen can also look very romantically and glamorous. A clean background allows to the beautiful veins of marble to turn on itself the deserved attention.

Refined: vintag strokes give individuality this clean canvas by means of forms, hardware, lamps and accessories.

Elegant: here furniture for a kitchen is white, but soft covers of chairs, floor of coloring a “harlequin” and stylish lamps-lamp-shades do atmosphere of kitchen comfortable and charming.

Vintage style: this kitchen with clear outlines is surprisingly saturated. Ancient lamps, French arm-chair, table, wooden details on closets form the special atmosphere here.

Farmer style: rural table, the glazed wall closets and special extraction give a complete right to be named a farmer to the kitchen.

You with lightness can make in layers the personal style over a white background. Carpets, stools, chairs, pillows, table-cloths, tableware, shallow technique, flatwares can create the completely other type of your kitchen.

That a kitchen set did not meet with walls and floor coverage, cladding materials must differ on a tint, or closets to have contrasting details. A good division is given by surface and socle of other color.


A white kitchen in an interior in combination with light floor coverage will look showier in case of visual determination of border between floor and furniture. It can be more dark floor stripe along closets or furniture socle. Designers do not recommend to use a dazzling white color as basic at registration of kitchen. It is better to take advantage of tints, capable some to soften an interior, release it from officialness and do more domestic.

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