Redo kitchen cabinets: solutions

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Redoing kitchen cabinets can be quite easy, fast and inexpensive project. To design en entire new look that will transforms the kitchen into a completely new beautiful get-together place for the whole family.

To redo old kitchen cabinets you may need just few right tools, some inspirational pictures and positive attitude. Dedicating just several weekends to renovate the kitchen, will in future give the reason to be proud of.

How to re-do kitchen cabinets

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

With time wood kitchen cabinets tend to get darker and gloomy, sucking the light out. It can create the feeling of the cave. To bring back the light into your kitchen is quite easy. Taking into account the doors and frames are in good structural condition, you can wipe them off and paint with light color.

The tools you need are good grease-melting cleaner, sandpaper and paintbrush. It is not expensive and fast solution that will bring the whole new mood into your kitchen.

Reface Kitchen Cabinets

If the kitchen has been in use for a little longer and too many cakes were backed on it. It may require deeper transformation. Although you still do not have to change all cabinets.

Old cabinetry was usually made of good wood and is strong enough, even after decades of coking on it. However the surfaces may be noticeably scratched or covered with grease. So changing the door and working surface would be just enough, to spend 5 times less money comparing with what you could spend if buying new cabinetry. Veneer and new doors usually are available at the woodworking companies.

Install a Pull-Out Cabinet Shelf

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Another solution is to install a new storage places by adding the pullout shelves. These shelves look like a shallow drawer that slides for simple access to items kept at the back of the cabinet.

The size of the shelf should be measured according to the cabinets, however they are usually adaptable for any dimensions. You can either do it yourself by using sheets of plywood or order ready-to-go shelves at the woodworking company.

Put the Undercabinet Lighting

On the best ideas to redo kitchen cabinets is the solution for several problems at a time. A good lighting will, first of all, bring back the lost brightness to the kitchen, and secondly, change the mood and styles.

The hidden fixtures of lighting under the cabinet, fill the countertop with the bright white light. It is a huge bonus for everything from cutting vegetables to reading recipes. The fixtures can be connected to a dimmer switch what will bring some dramatic intonation into the room, for instance for a relaxing midnight glass of wine or cup of tea. Also you can make some nice lighting installation on the kitchen buffet to better display beautiful tableware. These lighting mechanisms are usually simple to fix.

Make a Butcher Block Island

If you want to make cozy environment in your kitchen, leave the built-in cabinetry apart, you can consider replacing an island with a butcher-block counter.

Those islands look like old-fashioned worktables. They work very well with cold stone counters and steal modern appliances for cooking.

Because these dense wood tops are stronger than wood laid on the flat. That means they resist to damages almost as stone.

Build a Window Seat

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For some reasons window seats are not popular nowadays. This very attractive and cozy seat considered being not practical. It has to be built-in with the cabinetry to fit exactly in the niche under the window.

However there is a method to make it simple and fast. The seat can be made from several kitchen wall cabinets and bookcase units. They are pared with decorative molding. It is not only a nice seating place, but also it has plenty of storage places.

Add a Plate Rack

You can keep the dishes placed behind closed doors. But if they are unique, collectors and interesting, you can invent a better place to show them. It will free valuable storage space and add some color to the kitchen.


Add Cabinet Crown Molding

Crown moldings are the smart solution that changes the kitchen storage into a perfect design. Change the design and personality of the cabinets by simply mounting molding on a frame that is above cabinets.

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