Useful Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

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In kitchen, there are many different cabinets. They are used for storing food and warehousing other kitchen implements. Pantry is the must functional piece of furniture. It is made as integrated place with various shelves, where you can orderly put food. Kitchen pantry cabinet is very useful, when you are cooking, because you can easily get all that you need. If you don’t have pantry in your kitchen, you can transform one of your cabinets to it by adding shelves and organizers. Or, it is possible, to stake off one corner in kitchen with doors. There you can fix shelves to walls. It will be unique hand-made built-in pantry storage.

It is important to keep order in pantries. Because these cabinets serve as organized storage. When it will appear in your kitchen, you will see that space is increased in your kitchen. Everything is hidden behind doors of cabinets and nothing will detain you. You can place there needy things, that you will often take. Pantry storage is also a very good cabinet for big families. It is by the reason of very commodious inside of pantries. You can put in all that you need in kitchen, from cutlery and pottery to tin of marinade cucumbers.

Size of kitchen pantry storage cabinet

Good-organized pantry can be different size. Thus products, that can be stored for a very long time, for example, canned or marinade food, condiments and spices, and so on. They do not fill much space. But it is needed to keep big distance between them. Therefore, they should be placed on different shelves. One extra shelve for this food, if your family like it. For species you can use small organizers like pockets and hang them on the door.

On lower shelves you can store such food, as cornflakes, ships, crisps and so on. They heeded lower level of humidity. If you and your family prefer to watch films with snacks, you should choose more shelves in height.

It is better to use pantry with open shelves. You can get in and see all the products you have. Therefore, you can control, what you need to buy, when you can look at all that you have at once. You can group food by categories to make an order in pantry and to simplify the process of finding needy piece.

Decorated kitchen pantry cabinets

In modern society it is simple to make any useful unit in kitchen as an element of decoration. So, you can make your pantry attractive. Of course, the first and main destination of pantry is to save food in good condition for a very long time. However, it doesn’t mean, that it should be like rough monster with old shelves. It can be represented as beautiful cabinet with colored shelves, unusual organization and lovely shelves.

Before decorating your pantry, you should choose the style of it. If it is going to be in modern style, it is better to use boxes and organizers. If your pantry is made of wood (it is the best material for pantry), you can paint them. Color of pantry should combine with the rest furniture in the kitchen to make a complete ensemble of interior. Accessories add attractiveness to the whole look.

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Organizing pantry cabinet for kitchen

For better using, do not make very deep shelves, it can make difficult process of finding something that is very needed but lost. Shelves should be of that width, completely to insert 3 liters cans and that is enough.

You can place everything that you often need on the shelves at hand and eye level. It will allow you to use pantry in a very convenient way. You will have open access to that you often need, but it will not annoy you on your worktop.

Doors for pantry should be very convenient. These cabinets are usually double-doored. The functionality of this type is included in that fact, that you can see all that you have at once, when open all doors, and, if you want, to see only a needy half. Moreover, you can organize in this doors some small shelves and pockets for storing little things. If you have pocket door, you can see only a part of inner sight. One-door is convenient when you have special room for pantry.

For pantry cabinet you should choose the special place in home. It should be perfect for food storage. Therefore, there should be less humidity, light and warmth. Moreover, it is better to install storage pantry far away from gas and refrigerator, to avoid overheated or cold temperature inside.

When you choose the best place and size of your future pantry, you can buy it in store or in the Internet. Also, you can do it yourself.

Seven useful storage systems for pantries

Thanks to different boxes, rollouts, sliders and trays, you can orderly keep all the things that you need in kitchen. You can put everything on its own place. Therefore, you will know, where it lies and not to lose it in the deep abyss of pantry shelves. Various storage systems help to differentiate routine organization and make easy using of pantry, give access to all dark corners. They allows storing separately different bottles, tins, spices and other food.

  • They give the opportunity to save space and to see what lies in the far corner. With the help of these cases, you can use broad shelves for bigger amount of things. Useful kitchen pantry cabinet with pull out shelves should be in every kitchen.
  • Thanks to them, you can use extra space on doors or walls. You can put in small things. It is very functional, because you can quickly find little things that you often need only open the doors. You can hang racks with pockets on the doors and fo not fill space.
  • Simple way of storing big amount of the same food. You can store here big vegetables.
  • Shallow shelves. These shelves in combination with rollouts create the perfect storage system. You can find that you need without pulling out, but you cannot see things in far corners.
  • Plastic containers. It is the best way of keeping groats. You can see what storage in thanks to transparent walls of them is.
  • Rotating drawers. This system can help you to save space and find that you need in easy way.
  • Lazy Susan. It is a great storage system for corners. This one has round shelves that can insert many things. You can spin it around to find something.
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If you want something permanent in your kitchen, you can make built-in furniture. This type of cabinets is more reliable, than usual piece. You can make special niche in kitchen, where it is possible to install shelves, rollouts and so on, and hide it with doors. Huge choice of various kitchen pantry ideas are represented in the Internet and stores catalogues. They allow you to choose the most suitable one special to your kitchen.

Free-standing and built-in kitchen pantry cabinet ideas

Your pantry cabinet in kitchen may be of different types. You can choose that is more convenient and attractive to you. Both types are functional and very useful in kitchen, because pantry makes cooking ease. They are differ one from another by its construction. In fact, built-in pantry has only doors. Walls of kitchen play the role of cabinet walls.

If you want something permanent in your kitchen, you can make built-in furniture. This type of cabinets is more reliable, than usual pieces of furniture. You can make special niche in kitchen, where it is possible to install shelves, rollouts and so on, and hide it with doors. The one disadvantage of this pantry is it is unmovable.


Alternatively, free-standing pantry is convenient, because you can move it. It is of smaller size; therefore, it fills less space in kitchen. Free-standing structure allows you to take it away when you want to move home as distinct from built-in pantry. But this one has disadvantages, too. It isn’t as spacious as built-in pantry. Free-standing cabinet is not so reliable and with the times it will wibble-wobble.

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Materials of shelves in kitchen cabinet pantry

Price of pantry depends on shelves and cabinet materials. There are many types of different quality. You can choose that one you like. It can be natural wood or stainless steel, as you want.

  • Wooden storage is a standard variant. This natural material is convenient in cleaning and comfort in using. Moreover, it looks attractive and cozy. Wood is good also for repainting. If you will want to change look of your cabinet, you can repaint doors or pantry at all. It is not harmful for people and can serve for a very long time. But wooden constructions can change their shape during using. Shelves can sag and cast, and this process is unconvertible. Wooden pantry can be made in different styles, modern, classic, vintage and so on. It is universal material for furniture.
  • Plastic pantry is much cheaper than wooden one, but is not of so good quality. But it is light and is easy to install. It is not durable and is good for renting home. When you have not enough money for good kitchen storage cabinet, you can get it for the start.
  • Laminate wood is like alternative to natural wood. Laminate wood pantry looks very pretty and can be decorated in different styles. It is the most popular material nowadays, because of its good characteristics and cheap price.
  • Metal is the most durable material. Straight metal lines do not change their shapes. This cabinet will stay new for a very long time. Only it is needed to clean it up with care, to avoid corrosion.


You can choose pantry cabinet for kitchen made of any material. It depends on your tastes, preferences and budget. Design of your pantry should correspond with interior of a kitchen and other furniture.

One pantry differs from another by materials, design, size, shape and tools. If you can’t find that you want in stores or in the Internet, you can do your own project and create unique pantry cabinet for kitchen. With your hands you can make your kitchen more functional, attractive and styled.

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