Thomasville kitchen cabinets: values

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Thomasville Cabinetry is a company that produces the quality cabinets for all house. The story of the company began in 1904 with only one chair. The quality of the chair was so high, that consumers demanded more beautifully crafted furniture from the Thomasville company. They expanded their production and now have all range of furniture, cabinetry and accessories for the house.

Together with changing environment and fashion Thomasville cabinetry has evolved, keeping however their quality.

Mainly company focuses their production on cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, home office and other rooms. Apart from this they produce hardwood flooring, lighting and ceiling fans.

The distinctive features that built a brand of the Thomasville Cabinetry is the manufacturing quality of wood and wide range of innovative design and styles of the furniture.

Thomasville Kitchen Cabinets

Modern consumers of the furniture are very exigent when it comes to comfort and simplicity. It refers completely to the kitchen cabinets. Thomasville Kitchen cabinets is one of the main line in the company’s production.

There are several innovative solutions that the company uses for the kitchen hard-work, for instance, innovative Performa organization cabinets and storage solutions. It has been tested for years ma proved to be very adaptable and helpful. It helps consumers to gain time while searching for something. Thanks to easy access to all units in the kitchen and smart organization of the shelving, all utensils have their own place now.

Thomasville Kitchen Cabinets construction

Furniture-quality craftsmanship together with attention to detail makes Thomasville the superior cabinetry choice. Each cabinet is built with traditional dense solid hardwood face frames. Those face frames are finished with multi-step, catalyzed, stain-prevention top coat.

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The construction of drawers includes natural maple laminate plywood, completely captured in box sides, back and front. They feature smooth ball-bearing action with 30 kilogram of load capacity.

The drawers also have innovative system called “QuietClose premium full-extension guide”. It delivers a gentle, organized self-closing that involves when the drawer is almost closed. Under mounted, covered guides spread the drawer completely, adjusted with closing mechanism that blocks drawer from slamming.

Furniture-quality accuracy links adhered with woodworker’s adhesive and mechanical fasteners for best strength and solidity. All parts of the cabinets, including load-bearing back panel offers support for the life.

Thomasville Kitchen Cabinet Decorations

The company claims to satisfy any taste. They say the choice of styles and decorations of the cabinets is limited only by your imagination. In case if the client cannot find what he wants, Thomasville Cabinetry can customize panels and cabinets to the taste of a client. Resize or create a new piece – all seems to be possibly.

Otherwise the choice if the different types of existing cabinets and accessories are already quite high. There is around 34 different styles of the Thomasville kitchen cabinets on their website. Each of those can be made using different wood, color and door and handles designs.

Even legs of the furniture have 10 possible looks, rustic or modern and even designed as a wheel.

There are similarly the whole spectrum of finishes, profiles, materials and wood types that can be used for the doors.

The company proposes to put diamonds on the kitchen fingers, in other words to add some glittering on the cabinet hardware, pulls and knobs.

The choice of glass doors is also not limited. The collections of Textured Glass, Art Glass, and Cut-for-Glass doors available with our Classic cabinetry.

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One of the important features of the Thomasville kitchen cabinetry is the choice of wood types.

The company website warn the clients that since they work with only natural wood, there is no same pieces of wood exist. Those who choses to have wood in their kitchen, should expect its evolution over time. Grain variation and color change can happen. As hardwood gets older, it will get darker when open to different types of light. These marks make the wood exclusive and contribute to its long-term beauty.

Thomasville uses 7 types of wood and a laminate.

  • Alder has a traditional, fine-textured grain comparable to cherry or maple. Though categorised as a hardwood, it is discreetly light in weight and significantly softer than other types.
  • Cherry is described by its red nuances however can differ in color from white to rich brown. Cherry is a close-grained wood with equally identical texture, exposing pin knots and curly graining.
  • Hickory is a solid, weighty hardwood recognized by its unique graining patterns. Adding to its dramatic look is a broad deviation in color and streaking, fluctuating from white to deep brown. This contrast in color may emerge in the particular door or cabinet panel.
  • Maple is the most closed-grained hardwood, which is mainly range in color from white to creamy-white, with infrequent red-brown sounds.
  • Oak is a tough, open-grained hardwood that varieties in color from white to red and pink undertones. Strips of green, yellow and even black can appear owing to mineral deposits.
  • Rustic alder is categorised by its light brownish and reddish tones and can comprise a variability of pin holes, open and closed knots of different sizes and colors, bird pecks, small cracks, grain variation and mineral streaks.
  • Thermofoil doors and drawer pamels feature a formed MDF core protected with a uniform vinyl laminate on the face and edges, and a melamine laminate on the back.
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PureStyle Laminate is a long-lasting, laminate-based material that delivers high-class abrasion resistance and assembles and outdoes all of the performance standards.

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