Versatility and ease of kitchen cabinet accessories

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Decorative plaster picky to the base – suitable not only prepared concrete or brick wall, but also of wood or metal surfaces. Using the decorative plaster in many cases does not require special training. Strict adherence to the recipe preparation and application of certain rules guarantee success. Of course, some types of decorative kitchen cabinets accessories handle only master.

Quiet and masking. This type of finishing material makes any flaws invisible wall or ceiling, and by enabling seamless application will make the kitchen interior holistic and forget about the joints, characteristic of the tile.

Heat, hydro and sound insulation. The whole set of the insulating properties better suited than ever for interior kitchen surfaces. This type of plaster do not absorb odors, well washed by water-repellent properties, and some brands of decorative plaster can act as additional insulation and sound-proofing material.

Security. Firstly, most of the decorative plaster is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, anti-static coating of natural materials. Secondly, it is not afraid to drop in a wide range of temperatures (-50 to +70). Third, the coating is resistant to fire and the formation of mildew.

The aesthetic component. Using decorative plaster, there is not only an opportunity to decorate the kitchen in all imaginable colors, but also to simulate the set of coverings: stone, metal, paper, leather and others. All of this allows in each case to create a unique design of a kitchen. Another such an original and aesthetically pleasing finishing material still need to search.

Durability. With good preparation and priming the walls, subject to the application of technology, the correct use and proper care, as well as taking into account the performance of plaster, its lifetime clearly give odds wallpaper and equally will compete with tiles and artificial decoration materials.

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Discover the expanse of designer fantasies! A competent and professional organization of the kitchen-dining room in the house frequently surprising change the overall style of housing. It – fashionable and functional solution with many advantages!

Zoning space kitchen- kitchen cabinet accessories trash can

The tradition of sharing the kitchen and dining room in the house has long been a thing of the past. Today, with the layout of rooms, many owners of country cottages and private houses prefer the union of these two rooms into one, more spacious and ergonomic.

Tear down the walls between the rooms – only half the battle. The area of combined kitchen-dining room in a private house still need to probe to identify two, different in their functions, areas: the workplace and area for meals. Conditional boundaries can be defined kitchen cabinet accessories trash can:

  • level approach different floors or suspended ceilings;
  • different floor coverings. The kitchen can be put, for example, tiles, and in the dining area – laminate or carpet;
  • bar. This element is the kitchen-dining room in a country house perfectly delimit the zone, but at the same time will be a link. Use the rack can be not only as decoration but also as an additional table for snacks or work surface;
  • arched opening. This beautiful design probes room and takes almost no usable space;
  • pieces of furniture: dining table, sofa, table, TV set, etc. – in other words, everything that you used to see in the interior of the dining room and kitchen in the house… By the way, in a room in the Russian style, a beautiful fireplace will be styled rustic oven. This option is often found in the kitchen-dining room in a wooden house;
  • portable partitions. Behind them successfully “will hide” unsightly elements of the work area. For the country style well suited jute or bamboo blinds. But for the design of the kitchen-dining room in the house in high-tech style, you can pick up an original and extremely beautiful bubble panel.
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Design features of kitchen cabinet accessory

When ordering a kitchen set in the updated premises should take into account some of the nuances.

If the kitchen and dining room country house turned narrow and long, the arrangement of furniture should be to think through very carefully in order to preserve the ergonomics. Note the P- and L-shaped headset. You can slightly reduce the depth of the cabinet. The doors is better to choose sliding. The color scheme for the furniture – a light, neutral tones. the contrast of black and white.

Square kitchen-dining room in a large private home or at the cottage interior has virtually no restrictions. Here you can place a bright kitchen apron. Fill the room with light, giving the dark curtains, – make better blinds or roman shades.

Kitchen-dining room with access to the veranda commits to the efficient organization of the work area. To do this, selected furniture with identical facades.

Do you want to get tips on kitchen design from the real pros? Then, contact the online store “Sputnik Style”. Highly qualified specialists will provide you with stylish furniture from the Russian manufacturer, which is of excellent quality and reasonable price!

What is the kitchen corner?

No particular differences in terms of design decisions at kitchen sets, made in the form of angle, is not from the usual dishes. All the main parts are the same: cabinets, countertops, shelves, plus sometimes at the request of the owners, wall panel.


But the main “highlight” is a way of arranging, because these small corner kitchen does not extend in a straight line along the wall, and organically integrated into the most comfortable corner of the room, thereby saving and occurs that does not mean that these sets are ” twins “, that is to have the same appearance. Modern design solutions cabinet accessories kitchen ¬†allow you to create a design kitchen corner, what can not be found in any close neighbors, no distant acquaintances.

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