Wallpaper in country kitchen wall decor

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Sometimes you want to give your imagination run wild in the kitchen and make it stunningly colorful decor, but it is not always possible. The problems that many of us live in apartments typical “those times” the construction and the kitchen they are not pleased with the spaciousness and sometimes lighting, hence, with a choice of kitchen design wallpaper encounter difficulty. In this situation, fine quality finishes slightly recede into the background, because your main task will be to solve the problem of increasing the visual space of a small to turn the kitchen into a truly full-featured area. Considering the options put emphasis on fresh and light pastel colors, such as:

  • Blue
  • Cream
  • Lilac
  • Coffee with milk
  • Light yellow

Big Picture also has the effect of increasing the space, so it washes quite present on the decorative coating of wallpaper. With regard to his subjects, then it must be either the style or functionality of the room. In relation to the color image should blend seamlessly into the general color gamut of cuisine. There are still some opportunities in the design file, but they are more complex and with his own hands, you will not be able to fulfill them.

Kitchen Wallpaper: coloring and drawing

Design your favorite kitchen wallpaper, but personal aesthetic beauty, to be in harmony with the overall interior design flats. Note that the color scheme substantially affects the emotional state of people. There is a palette of relaxing there – resulting in tone, and there are those who plunge into a depression. Since any hostess, preparing food, dreaming about that it was approved by the people in the household and eaten with gusto, the decor of the kitchen is sure to appear red and orange paint. But the blue, silver and other cool colors in this regard is to be feared. They do not set up a body to a meal, and even contrary, discourage any desire for it.

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Now it’s time to talk about the invoice and below the kitchen wallpaper. That made a small drawing room volumes increase and decrease with the large, you know, and forget about it not worth it. Selecting wallpaper with a pattern, look back on the adequacy of your kitchen area. In narrow spaces plan design country kitchen wall decor should contain horizontal stripes. This method allows more visually push the wall. Vertical stripes will add the bulk kitchen with low ceilings.

A lot of interesting effects possible to obtain different textured wallpaper. Here comes in the game of shadows. The modern decors are more and more combined colors in which each wall is made in a particular shade.

So, the key points of the selection of wallpaper color are:

  • Kitchen area
  • General decor style
  • Illumination

Soft muted tones are ideal for small kitchens. Peach and pumpkin, wheat and apricot and coral and saffron – any of these shades is ready to add a modest room space. Too proud of its bright colors in this kitchen has nothing to do. These accents are better left for a roomier interior.

The country kitchen wall decor also has its own quirks. The design of the kitchen wallpaper should not be an overabundance of cool colors for him, because it will make the situation faceless, desolate and completely uncomfortable.

Well, where else can you relax so fully and so great a break from the routine of city problems, but on his own, albeit sometimes modest, but very favorite summer cottage! Oh, how nice to have a barbecue or cook kebabs in the fresh, full of the smell of grass and the present, unrestricted freedom of the air. Only a country house can give this unique opportunity – cultural outdoors. Dining area where you can arrange in different ways: not bothered, to place in the garden of a light plastic furniture or to approach the issue on a larger scale, and then you definitely will be a summer kitchen in the country. In the latter case preparation picnic delicacies will become a real pleasure. This corner is guaranteed to become a favorite pastime place for all your guests and, of course, households.

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Buildings such as the summer kitchen presented dozens of options, but they are clearly divided into two large groups:

  • Open
  • Closed

If you prefer to enjoy the effect of the infinitude of space, the best option for you will be easy, with no walls construction. They will stand not only kitchen furniture, stove and sink with. Kitchen open construction, of course, is good, but still needed to be concerned about the protection in the event of bad weather. Lightweight roof overhang or stationary reliably protect even from the heavy rain, but the wind from the people in the summer kitchen, save the movable partitions, curtains or role-sliding wall construction.

Country kitchen wall decor ideas to build

To build an open kitchen, you’ll need a stone foundation and trim the tree. The roof can be made of any modern material. Suit:

  • Metal tile
  • Slate
  • Polycarbonate
  • Shingles

Take the roof with extended eaves. This is the best way to protect your base from the kitchen and sweeping streaks. In hot weather, such as the roof does not allow cool air. If you are immersed in the dream of a real cool at its summer kitchen, just planted fixed roof surface. The plants will cope with the task better than the air conditioner. During the construction of the shed with his own hands the easiest way to make a pent roof, but if you trust the job to professionals, then there really cannot restrain your imagination.

The walls of the country wall decor for kitchen in the open version may resemble openwork lattice gazebos. Good protection from prying neighbors, and the wind will hedges planted on the perimeter of the buildings. It can be spicy shrubs or plants fired by curly frame types, such as grapes and roses. There is a desire to make a romantic summer kitchen – hang a light curtain. If the construction design still does not include the roof then place it under a spreading crown of a large tree.

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In summer, open kitchen very good, but those who have a holiday season lasts throughout the year, it is worth thinking about more serious construction, which will be comfortable in any weather anomalies. Summer kitchen closed type, built in the country, it is a multi-functional room. It can be placed on the guest bed, turn it into a kind of hunting lodge, which is very like the admirers of active rest, or use it as a temporary area of storage. To build a summer kitchen closed design chosen a variety of materials. It all depends on your budget and deadline, which this House has to serve. Remember the tale of the Three Little Pigs? Here, the same approach. In principle, you can do drywall, paneling or plywood, but to “build to last” best of foam blocks, brick, stone.


There is another way to build the country such scanty food and place for it will open veranda adjacent to the house and overlooking the garden facade. There is quite fit stove, fireplace, or even a real oven. Find a corner and a table with chairs. You do not want exotic? Accustomed to a gas stove? No problem! It is also possible to operate in an open area a summer kitchen in the country. On the veranda easier to bring water, so there may appear and sink. Do not arise difficulties and lighting. Zealous housewife can hang on to the railing balcony extension drawers and sow their parsley, cilantro and other herbs. They will always be the way in the cooking process, and the idea will eliminate the need to run around in the garden.

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