White kitchen cabinets, top tips

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A kitchen often is the aesthetic center of house. A large area is here occupied by closets and facades. We will tell about that, how to do closets not only practical but also beautiful, to promote creativity of interior. For this purpose there are a few methods.

Doors of kitchen furniture as basis of interior

For many modern and minimalistic kitchens closets are characteristic with simple lines by lines and brilliant surface. Some prefer to the traditional interior ornate. Designers advise to be at first determined with style. Then to choose the design of doors that correspond to the interior of your kitchen.

The dark coloring of tree ideally befits for traditional houses, while neutral colors can bring in more eclecticism. Look the catalogues of specials on furniture, doors, before to go to the store. However, you can pick up furniture and instead of purchase of new furniture to decorate old.

Modern furniture as an accessory

The same as jewelries or accessories attract attention to the man, so closets can be transformed, using furniture from different materials: nickel, composition-metal, copper or bronze. Finishing from the forged iron and glass, new materials is in permanent development, therefore the shelves of shops are regularly filled up by new standards.

If you prefer the strict type of pens for closets, will look closely to the producers that offer the integral deepening for a hand. These articles of furniture are wonderful in itself and does not require a decoration furniture.

Combine styles and colors

Before kitchen closets, as a rule, were solid. Last years customers open for itself the new variants of combining of tints in furniture headsets. Choose a color that contrastingly would dissociate a working zone or overhead closets from lower.

If you like brave colors, then it is better to use bright details in an interior, and basic space and furniture let will be more natural and neutral tones. Your kitchen closets will be transformed, transforming from boring in showy, will attract attention guests and will deliver pleasure to you. Preparation of food will always be in gladness.

Choice of black-white furniture for a kitchen

The Apartment of kitchen, executed in an achromatic gamut, requires the careful selection of furniture of corresponding style and design.

Furniture for a kitchen can be both black and white. Black furniture looks very stylishly, however to produce the favorable impression she will be only in the spacious, well lighted up suites of rooms of kitchen. White furniture perfectly looks in the apartment of kitchen of any area. Her only defect is frequent dirt retention. The most practical decision for a kitchen is black-white furniture. The lower modules it is better to execute in a practical black, and overhead closets and shelves – in white, that will give the apartment of lightness and airiness. The surface of working zone, table and chairs, can be executed in any color from a black-white tandem, and also in harmonious combination of these colors.

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Kitchens with glass facades are actual for any stylish registration of interior. There is mass of ideas that reflect a design in style modern. The great number of the variants offered for is below presented for customers.

Most projects, as a rule, continue style that was chosen by the proprietors of house for the dining-room. For the reflection of this direction largely furniture befits with smooth glass doors. This material is inalienable part of modern design and used in the different options of kitchen, creates feeling of lightness.

Such doors of closets befit practically under any style, sparkling and giving an apartment additional gloss. Here a few ideas that will inspire you to operate in correct direction.

Show begins!

It is considered that glass buffets, as a rule, attract attention the specks of light on doors, literally dazzling. It not far from truth. These kitchen closets especially befit for those, who would like to convert shelves into shop-windows. But it does not mean that a less neat man can not use them. Presently there are many types of glass on sale. You can choose stained-glass window or even mat doors that, saving brilliance of glass doors, largely will help to hide things into closets. These closets, regardless of where they are located in a house, are easily written into any design. Even if your kitchen from a bright-polished stone or tree, glass of front closets never, as a rule, not distinguished.

Ideal variant for a small kitchen

Such variant is ideal for a room-studio and municipal houses in that, often kitchens are little enough and compact. One of basic principles of planning in small space is creation of visual effect of lightness and airiness. Flowed is ideal material for the achievement of such aim. Even if a kitchen is executed from a tree with massive closets, such doors will add feeling of by volume space and the airiness.

Clever illumination is in addition to the glass doors of closets, walls of neutral tone and movable shelves that occupy a very small place is all helps to create a space atmosphere even at scanty illumination.

Balance of elements

You will look closely to the modern kitchen and will see the great number of wooden, metallic and lithoidal surfaces. Flowed not only adds the visual effect of lightness to these elements but also simply brings in a variety in texture of surfaces on a kitchen. Buffets with transparent doors befit for these aims simply ideally, however, as well as for any interior of kitchen. If you plan repair here, it is enough to put here a closet with a glass door, and a fresh and bright new look is provided you. Certainly, there are many methods to decorate a kitchen. And, undoubtedly, ergonomic and simplicity of buffet gives far more than seems on the face of it!

Open shelves

Open shelves will give a kitchen more easy kind. In this case, attention decides on that costs on a shelf more than on shelves. Add bright jars, tableware, flowers – and they on long will cover by itself old shelves.

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A white top, black bottom, is appears, this combination applicably and to the kitchen surfaces. Paint the overhead line of closets in white, and lower – in a black. There must be the third color that will meet in both lines and unite them in composition thus.

Window shades

If your closet does not have doors, but you however want to hide unattractive tableware or pans from eyes – hang up window shades. They will not only close a few dissociating from extraneous eyes but also will allow with lightness to reach to the necessary things.

Effect made old


If the edges of paint were worn away on a kitchen closet – not disordered! Many designers labour for such effect specially, to give furniture a vintage kind in style of provance. All, that needs you – to aggravate it effect of shabbiness, that he looked organically.

Shining white

White color on kitchen surfaces now in a fashion. Except closets, will apply white on Text., brise-bises. And walls it is possible in such kitchen to paint in more dark tone, then the white will be yet more shining.

Ground glass

If do you like an idea with glass doors on a kitchen closet, but you not sure in that able all the time to support a cleanness and order on open shelves? Then a decision will suit you with the use of ground glass. It also by sight does an interior more spacious and easier, hiding here disorder on  shelves.

On prominent position

Sideboards on modern kitchens all more often go away to the past. But if you honour traditions – give the overhead line of kitchen under placing of sideboards. After glass it is possible to keep services, porcelain, glasses.

Cotedg charm

If surfaces of kitchen closets is healthy, then white surface – it very impractical. Blessing combination of dark surface and white surfaces look very stylishly.

Heavy metal

Search a modern and a bit urbanism design for the kitchen? Inflict surfaces kitchen closets by metallic paint is gives a necessary kind your kitchen.

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Styles of kitchen sets

At registration of kitchen most widespread are next styles:

  • Classic
  • Kantri
  • Modern
  • Hi-tec
  • Loft
  • Ethnic style

Separate style is ethnic direction that is very many-sided. It is possible to use traditions on registration, that is inherent to someone people, for example, Japanese traditions, or to connect the elements of different people, creating something special.

In an interior it is here possible to combine the most different reasons – Scandinavian, east, English et al. Furniture, here, it will be possible to make on an individual order. Photo well  showed oneself on facades.


A kitchen of loft is style combining, both old and new. Contrasts are very important here. Brick walls and made of board floor in combination with the closets made from a metal or glass, and also modern domestic technique.

A modern kitchen must be optimally design from the functional point of view. It is arrived at, including, through the correctly chosen kitchen set. Carefully thought out of all details in him is the mortgage of comfort and comfort on a kitchen.

We play the contrast! Black and white, light and haze. Panels mat white and brilliant black. Splendour that perfectly looks in the deservingly executed interior. Closed space. Evidently neither cooking panel, nor refrigerator nor dish-washing machine. Not evidently is not means that they are not present. All is hidden under strict white panels. Liveliness and color are given by a contrasting dining-room.


Provencal style with the elements of kantri. In principle, standard enough decision, without pretentious novelties. A look is attracted by an ancient signboard. Here they that and creates the necessary environment supported by other shallow details, such as handles of closets and decorated elements. Dipped in the charm of France. This kitchen will become a dream or memory about Paris – compact, but there is all, that it is necessary. Why French? And only frenchmen can connect in one the romanticism and logic, charm and avarice.


A white color stands at the head of corner. you want snow-white sofas, table corner and small complete set of furniture. In spite of the small sizes this linear kitchen is capacious enough and very elegant. Bringing back to life a monotonous white color is possible by means of bright colour blots. Here varicoloured panels come forward in their role. They not only attract a look but also creates a good mood, adding to boring white unity of laughter and gladness.

Mixing of styles always interesting. This design plans as playful thundering mixture art-deco and Provance. Use of natural tree, ordinary design without pretentious novelties and together with it interesting graphic decisions of surfaces in combination with the exhibition of kitchen utensil.

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