White kitchen cabinets with white appliances, tips and photo

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With every year the producers of kitchen furniture try to approach the collections to the maximally possible level of comfort, functionality and aesthetic attractiveness. The designers of interiors, in turn, find new color and texture decisions for finishing of kitchen apartments. The whole army of professionals works in order that we with you were able to find and design the kitchen of the dream – a functional, comfortable, beautiful and fashionable apartment in that will be a comfort to all our family is high.

Features of the modern breathing in the field of design of kitchen spaces

Modern style of registration of kitchen, as well as making of furniture sets, is very democratic and allows to find the variant for every house owner, even with exacting taste. The large assortment of colour, structural and texture decisions appears before a modern customer. And however, the last trends have general lines that will help to form an idea us about a kitchen 2016 year :

-most influence on forming of modern style was rendered by a minimalism and hi-tec, from here and aspiring to simplicity, functionality, high technologicalness and minimalism of decor;

-kitchen headsets are simple and laconic, but here conform to all requirements of ergonomic and comforts of exploitation and care;

-highly technological materials allow to use the imitations of natural raw material even in zones with high humidity and sharp overfalls of temperatures;

-the facades of kitchen ensembles, as a rule, appear in an absolutely smooth kind, furniture hides;

-the systems of storage have hi-tech equipped are shock absorbers, the managed supports and door closers become the irreplaceable constituents of modern furnishing;

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– surface is all more often presented in a thin variant – elegant brilliant surfaces topically look in any design of kitchen space;

-finishing of kitchen apartment is simple, solid decisions with the use of neutral tones;

-the colour palette of modern kitchen is all more often cool – white, grey and black tints prevail;

-bright colors and pied decorative patterns can be seen unless in execution a kitchen apron;

-often in modern design project of kitchen apartments it is possible to meet registration “without finishing” are brick walls, imitation of concrete surfaces.

A color gamut is the key to success

By three basic pillars, round that the color spectrum of registration of modern kitchen “spins” the grey became, white and black. Contrasting combinations are an obvious mainstream of kitchen spaces 2016 year. It is thus possible to meet both variants with predominance of white color (that traditionally enough for kitchen apartments) and absolutely black kitchen headsets or design project, in that all tints are presented grey.

White kitchen cabinets with contrasting accents and white appliances

For the kitchen of small and middle sizes a white color of finishing and furnishing is an optimal variant for creation of visual expansion of space and light, clean character of apartment. The elements of interior of black – appliances, surface in glossy or mat execution, chairs of dinner zone and even constructions of extractions will be able to underline a snow-white idyll with a maximal effect.

Black and white color, jointly with wooden surfaces always look luxuriously. You can choose as base one of colors and to “dilute” him dosed or conditional to divide equally the presence of each of tints in the interior of kitchen. Combinations of solid surfaces can be showily interspersed with a black-white decorative pattern or picture of ceramic revetment of kitchen apron or floor coverage.

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White kitchen cabinets with white appliances is a face of kitchen


In a greater degree from that, how a kitchen set looks, all character of main functional apartment of dwelling will depend. That, what color, invoice and models of facades, were used for making of kitchen furnishing, in a great deal determines stylistic of interior. Modern kitchen headsets, as a rule, have simple and laconic forms, strict lines and neutral color decisions, but, as well as from any rule, there are exceptions and in the field of kitchen design. Especially as modern stylistic lays on no canons at choice designer ideas, and only directs color and structural decisions in set river-bed.

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