White kitchen sink, top tips 2018

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Did you notice, how advantageously the white interior of kitchen looks at times? Shining closets, столешницы and other elements of situation, carried out in a snow-white color, look incredibly showily. We will begin with surfaces. White surfaces are different. A marble is the most beautiful and expensive material for surfaces. Wares from him are very ecofriendly and undoubtedly attractive, but their cost and requirement in a careful care are able to frighten off the even convinced admirers of natural stone.

White granite is less whimsical material, but here he looks very well, not too yielding to in aesthetically beautifulness the respectable marble. Another variant is a white quartz. He is durable, unporous, more sanitary, than previous materials, and besides steady to the spots, scratches and oxidization.

An incredibly lasting concrete is also used for the production of surfaces , that allows to the house owners to enjoy a smoothness and interesting aesthetics of white surfaces without fabulous financial investments. White glass can appear expensive enough, but in addition to the glossiness and refinement, this material possesses an unporous structure, that does him, maybe, by the most sanitary variant. If the budget taken by you on repair of kitchen limits strictly, pay attention to modern coverages: they perfectly imitate more expensive granite and marble, but here effectively resist to the scratches and defects.

White kitchen shell

White shells always were the prerogative of bathrooms. But now this trend confidently settled in a kitchen interior. It can be classic white shell or popular now model in farmer style, with a high facade. If you will exploit a shell often and actively, loading her pans and frying pans, give preference stainless steel with coverage. Fire-clay – one of the best materials for the shells of white color.

Ceramics are steady to the scratches, painting and defects organic substances. Wares wash (by means of soap and water) easily from her. The enameled cast-iron is another suitable material for a durable white shell, but he, that fully naturally, possesses considerable weight, therefore those, who is inclined in his benefit, must make sure in durability of the kitchen closets.

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White islands

A kitchen island is fitment that more recently seemed to many by something strange, but today this comfortable and functional construction coming to us straight from an occident is perceived by house owners as the most necessary acquisition. It is a dinner-table, working surface and place for storage simultaneously, therefore he used both in utilitarian aims and as a ground for realization of designer ideas.

White kitchen closets

Kitchen closets bring in the nearly most substantial contribution to forming of look of kitchen, because they occupy much place and are at the level of eyes, unlike flat surfaces. Researches of sociologists showed that on the purchase of kitchen closets from one third to half of all budget taken on registration of kitchen. A white color to date is most popular.

White kitchen technique

A technique from stainless steel became highly sought at the modern market. Steel or painted in the tints of metallic devices oust white analogues that many seem to outmoded. Certainly, is it difficult to present that a technique from the non-rusting will go out from a fashion, but it fully can happen in the future? Are not trends eternal in fact, does not it?

Last years a white color is very popular in the interior of kitchen. It is related to that finishing materials and paints became more perfect; quality of domestic chemistry and technique it is allowed quickly to do cleaning up, therefore it easily to take care of after white surfaces ; a white color extends apartments visually, that it is important on small spaces of apartments; he influences in cheerful way and treats for depression.

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And it is here necessary to observe some rules:

A main problem of such interior is in that any dark object the color of that it is impossible to change will at the wrong time attract attention; for example, fire-place, shell of washing from an artificial stone, конфорки of flag; from here the first rule: to try to avoid unnecessary dark patches, mask them.

Second rule: simple forms do a white interior hardening, and the difficult ─ give him a dynamics.

Third: a simple white interior causes a boredom, it is therefore necessary to enter here elements on that it is pleasant to stop a look : vignettes, difficult invoice, by volume patterns et cetera.

Fourth: difficulty creates the selection of illumination, he is necessary to be designed so that a necessary tint was not distorted white.

For a white kitchen a decor plays an important role, exactly he does a kitchen comfortable and warm:

-it is furniture on a white kitchen, especially in classic style, it is possible to decorate pens with a gilt;

– on a refrigerator it is good to place two-three large magnets of different color;

– on a window-sill and stand to put a bright beach bag, on the edge of shelf hang up a hat with bright ribbons (reception of the casual forgotten detail), a modern befits for classic style and style;

– wall above a table to paint (or to decorate stickers) fruit, vegetables, cups, by tea-pots et cetera, all picture to fish out in one-two stripes

– to lay the bright striped long carpet (especially befits for style of loft, modern, Scandinavian style) on the floor;

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– above a flag to do a narrow little shelf for numerous bright jars for spices;

– to paint the doors of closet or fragment of wall in style of child’s pictures.

Coloured accents

Here are a few decisions:

– to place a few room plants in bright pots (juicy greenery, red, blue, orange pots);

– to spread decorative painting piattis (if pots cost already, then piattis must combine in color) on walls;

– tableware necessarily must be bright, jugs, cups, milkmen, look well, vases a few bright colors-blue, yellow, lilac et cetera;

– materials give an interesting colour in peas and cage : tableware, towels and napkins, window shades, covers on chairs;

– it is possible to do coloured two-three doors of kitchen set;

– helps in the decor of kitchen and registration of apron : he can be laid out by a tile offset, alternating a white tile with coloured;

– it is possible to place on one of walls a large bright picture, tapestry, textile applique.


The white kitchens of any style – it, foremost, flight of fantasy in registration of decor, in the accents of color. White furniture and white maid of walls and ceiling only basis for filling with of interior individual lines. And to the cleanness, freshness, feeling of comfort and pacificness will be added the abundance of light and air.

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