White kitchen table, tips and photo

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Not secret, that for registration of harmonious interior it is necessary correctly to pick up colour combination of all elements of furniture, Text., finishing and decor in an apartment. And that is why a dinner-table on a kitchen must be ideally inscribed not only on style but also in color. Tying him is possible to the different elements. For example, it can be floor coverage, kitchen set or color of technique. But often enough designers do a dinner-table the basic accent of room, that also looks originally enough. The prime example of such decision can be an oval table with glass surface  and brightly blue leg look like a large cocoon, in the interior of kitchen with interlacing of white and chocolate color.

What are?

Only imagine white round with glossy brilliance, surrounded by bright orange chairs and lamp with the lamp-shade of warm sunny tints in the neutral beige-brown interior of kitchen, table. At such combination a dinner-table will seem the source of heat and sunny energy that so attracts to itself a look. No less interesting to look table of warm tints of tree on a black-white kitchen, if certainly to complement an interior certain decorative elements, that a table did not seem lonely, for example, by chairs or sofa pillows.

Depending on that, what style of interior is chosen for registration of kitchen choose original appearance of table – it all the known truth, then touches a color. However that did not go out so, that the table presented by you it is practically impossible to find, it is necessary yet to beginning of repair to look over the catalogues of producers of furniture and become familiar with the offered assortment. However, if it is planned to do furniture on an order, then this problem falls off it is and then possible bravely to dream up, creating the unique design of interior.

Opinion exists in people, that, they say, surface of white color is the most impractical variant from all existing. But this erroneous statement. Crack, scratch and shabbiness much prepotent visible on the surface of sad-coloured, and such furniture loses attractive external quickly enough


From basic advantages of white table it is possible to distinguish:

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Universality. A table perfectly looks in any interior: in style of Provance, classic style, modern or minimalism.

Fashionable decision. A white color always is in a trend, without depending on that, what year on a court, forms and invoices change only.

Great choice of materials. Producers offer a wide choice: white glass tables, model from a tree, plastic ламинированного CHIPBOARD.

Beautiful contrast. A light “patch” perfectly looks in any interior, especially on a dark tile or linoleum.

In order that all folks remained content with done shop, it is needed beforehand to think about the choice of suitable form and material.

Round or oval

Even in a very small kitchen the neat and compact table of round or oval form looks very refined.

Certainly, a rectangular form is a classic variant, but something is sometimes desirable new and more original.

For a spacious apartment it is possible to choose a table with whole surface, for a small kitchen it is needed to pick up a “book” or folding model. Such table is very comfortable and practical, and allows to seat plenty of guests, decomposing him to the necessary size.

A white table in the interior of kitchen looks especially elegantly, if he is made out of glass. Except it, it is a very practical variant. Red-hot glass is not afraid of mechanical damages, influence of heat and enhanceable humidity, one of the longest terms of exploitation has therefore. A white glossy table looks elegantly, and allows by sight to move apart space borders, and to do his more spacious and light.

Tables from natural wood look very imposingly and luxuriously, but, unfortunately, not each on a pocket. An alternative variant for an affordable cost is furniture from CHIPBOARD. Different forms allow to choose a variant for any interior, and to create the harmonious ensemble of comfort and comfort. Choose a table with pleasure, and then all family members and coming in a house guests will enthusiastically speak of your wonderful sense of taste.

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Certainly, you noticed that a table white is the favourite article of all designers. Herein there is nothing surprizing, in fact he the best of all underlines the brightness of other articles of interior and helps to unite a few different tints in an interior. He serves as a wonderful background for colour accents and original details. For example, a green apple on a white table will become yet more bright and appetizing, and the coloured vase will be able fully to expose the beauty and will attract more attention. Another reason of popularity of white furniture – it that they symbolize sufficiency and influentialness.

A white color is unique is the cleanest tint that gives coolness and light to the apartment. A white table will do an interior more easy, glad and positive. The white plugs in itself all spectrum of rainbow, therefore perfectly combines with any tints. In addition, he is successfully written into any style of interior. For example, a wooden white table with the fretted legs will add refinement to the classic interior. And a plastic table will become the sparkle of modern interior of hi-tec.

A white table becomes more highly sought, and serves as the index of excellent taste and knowledge of fashionable tendencies in the design of interior. He is perceived, as a symbol of freshness and cleanness, therefore well will blend both in a kitchen and in a living room, and in a bathroom. Also he will become the excellent decoration of bedroom, office or child. With his help it is possible by sight to extend the borders of room, bringing in faint note of coolness and filling with an apartment light. White surface looks as easy as anything and does not encumber space, the illusion of absence of table is therefore created.

The table from a white tree, covered by glossy varnish, will well look in a living room or kitchen. In the interior of modern studio organically a snow-white table will blend with the chrome-plated legs. The wonderful decoration of bedroom an elegant white dinner-wagon will become with a glass surface.

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A white table will well look on a background bright and dark walls, creating a contrast. In surroundings neutral light tints he will add to the apartment of harmoniousness and elegance. Only it is not needed to do all interior white, it will look superfluously sterile and to remind about hospital walls.

Many consider that table the white is very impractical and quickly to grow into dirtily-yellow or grey. But modern cleansers decide this problem easily, allowing to support his primary whiteness.

Besides, if you will buy a dark table, it does not mean that you can to him not see. It will be to watch after a cleanness in any case. Therefore can buy a white table without special fears, in 21 century this tint became more practical. Thus you can choose different tints white – snow-white, cream, ivory, tender bluish or pink.


Thinking over design of interior and choosing furniture, we spare the special attention to the choice of color. What table to choose, that did he successfully blend in the pied enough interior of apartment? A white table, that perfectly combines with any tints of walls, floor and other furniture, can become an universal decision.

Cook-table – it one of the highly sought articles of interior, but, in spite of it, to choose a suitable variant very difficult. A market is supersaturated by different models that strike imagination of even experience customers. Extensible, folding and tables with whole surface – in the shop-windows of shops standards stand “suited to every fancy and color.

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