White kitchen: tips, 20 photo

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A white color is a color of lightness, airiness and cleanness. The kitchens of white color strike us space, and it seems that even air there becomes cleaner. In addition, kitchens in light tones favourably affect feel of owners and always are on the peak of fashion.

A white kitchen is arguments AFTER and AGAINST

First a white color began to be actively used in registration of kitchens in America and Europe in 20-30 – the similar design of kitchen symbolized an aristocratism and sufficiency. Repeatedly a fashion on white kitchens went back into the 60 years of past century – then a white color was called to underline rationalism and brevity of designer decisions. Kitchens in a white color will identically well look both in a small municipal apartment and in an out-of-town mansion. Thus a white color is this preferable decision exactly for registration of small kitchen. Due to excellent reflections light he will extend space visually, adding to the airiness and lightness.

Argument against №1: Perhaps, mainly, that stops majority from the design of kitchen in a white color is easily soiled. Really, on some surfaces, for example on the floor from a tree, spots from wine to show out it will be difficult or quite impossibly, and there are tracks of fingers on white glossy furniture. Therefore a light kitchen needs to spare hardly anymore attention on a care and keeping order.

Contrargument: But it is not needed to exaggerate easily soiled of white color, and you will not win exactly, if will prefer dark tones to him – a dust and spots of dirt on dark surfaces are noticeable not less than.

Mean that from the point of view of practicality a not so much color is important, how many quality, invoice and operating descriptions of finishing materials and furniture. In addition, by sight, light kitchens in a state of disorder look much more neat, than the colored and dark kitchens. That the lower closets of kitchen set less than became dirty, surface must hang over them on a 3-4 cm;

White facades are the kitchens – absolutely easily not soiled! Glossy smooth surfaces are especially easy in a care. And surface it is better to take wooden, but not dark – on dark surface it will be all broad patterns, shallow crumbs, fatty raid and dust, are visible;

White kitchen with salient surface

If you like light tints, then choose easy in a care materials: on the floor it is better to lay light a parquet/ a stone but not parquet board. An apron from white glass will be not very practical, and a white tile will suit. It is better to refuse from a dark apron – a dust will be visible, especially from illuminating from beneath.

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White floor and floor like the bleached oak nevertheless require a double care, therefore more practical to choose the half traditional brown, but not dark tints of tree.

Argument against №2: the White color at many is associated with hospitals. Yes, actually, it easily to overdo with this color, and a superfluously sterile kind can turn out instead of airiness.

Contrargument: This effect can be easily avoided, if in a correct proportion to dilute the design of white kitchen additional colors, and also to create even and soft illumination of space.

Argument against №3: the White color by virtue of without the risk of loss and fashion on Scandinavian style became very popular and even typical.

Contrargument: Even if you got used to avoid a predictability in all her displays, do not be afraid to design an interior in white, let your individuality is reflected by well-assorted furniture, interesting Text., decor done with own hands, or vintage things. In addition, exactly a white background will allow to change a situation and style of interior you so often and in a that measure, as that will want you.

That regarding arguments “after”?

Certainly, a main plus is an effect of expansion of space, in fact, as we know, light tints are a characteristic by sight to do a room anymore. For example, narrow space due to white walls will seem wider, and light floor and ceiling will do a kitchen with the subzero ceiling higher. Here a selection of photo of white little and narrow kitchens is in style of Provance, minimalism and Scandinavian Kantri (leaf to the right). But also for “south” kitchens this color befits not less than, especially, if to choose white with cold subtone.

The dominant white will be able to do solemnity of classic interiors rich in fanciful forms and difficult decor, more delicate and easier; And, as it was already marked, a white color can come forward a wonderful background for any other bright, neutral or contrasting paints. In other words, a white kitchen, as if a clean sheet of paper, will allow to create the masterpiece you and tell the history.

We play a color

A design of white kitchen can be:

Steel, when almost all in an interior is inferior to one color and family to him tints of cold and warm temperature. This variant is specific enough and requires the quality finishing, furniture and accessories, use of mainly natural materials. But it is possible bravely to combine inter se different materials, play with invoices and texture – by a roughness, shabbiness, matness, lustre, relief, by volume of and decorations like a classic fretwork and buaseri. To do space more “dwelling”, will fill with his living room plants and interesting details – by colors, pictures, posters.

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Contrasting, when the white is complemented by a black, navy blue, darkly-grey color and umber. In such combination the white becomes yet whiter, and dark – deeper and nobler. A contrast in an interior always looks stylishly, freshly and luxuriously, therefore never keeps indoors from a fashion (leaf to the right);

Mostly the white is used as a neutral background for other base, crayon tones or bright color accents.

Combination of white surfaces with the tree of any tint – such universal background will be able to be tuned under any changes in a decor and situation. Such combination is especially actual for interiors in style of Provance, Kantri, Sheby stylishness and classics;

Surface, apron, one wall, floor, some part of kitchen set, window shades and kitchen Text. can come forward a bright color accent etc.;

Very winningly combination looks colored walls-white furniture, and then for you will possibility at pleasure change wallpapers, or to repaint walls, from time to time to change a background for a light set.

Furniture and white color

If a primary purpose at arrangement a facilitation and expansion of space become exactly, then the design of white kitchen can be yet stronger facilitated by furniture with open shelves.

If the design of kitchen in a white color you decided to do close to the Classics, then will pay attention to facades with glass insertions, it will add to the interior of yet greater lightness.

Alternatives to the white color

If a white color in an interior seems to you too sterile, then it is possible to appeal to other tints, for example, a kitchen in beige tones too will look topically and by sight will do a room anymore. Another base color is in an interior grey. He possesses practically all pluses of white tints, but here much less easily soiled.


And it is possible to choose grey kitchen furniture – in any stylish decision a grey kitchen set and dinner group will look nobly and freshly.

Registration of kitchen is in a white color: we pick up style

Universality of white color will help in its own way to expose any interior, but especially winningly he looks in next styles:

The classics are always actual. Combination of white color and natural tree generates the surprizing and uniquely unique atmosphere of hospitality, comfort and friendliness. Furniture: classic closets, having doors, closet-pencil-case, sideboard. For a classic white kitchen functional and elegant illumination is needed, therefore no massive victorian chandeliers or plastic lamps. In a working zone are point or wall lamps, in dinner is a crystal chandelier for a kitchen (or from the special glass). To underline the feature of classic style, in an interior add decorative patterns, fretted doors and ground glasses. And do not forget about a large wooden table in the middle of kitchen, where it is good to gather all family or warm company of friends.

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Scandinavian style is a wide gamut of tints white – from white-snow to cream-vanilla. Paul – made of board, covered by a light paint or varnish so that texture of tree was looked over. As a variant is a black-white “chess” tile. Furniture – simply-shaped, a screw-thread meets extremely rarely, made from the array of tree and painted by a mat white paint, here through her the invoice of wood-fibres is distinctly looked over. The doors of closets can be complemented by glass insertions or decorated “under old times” metallic by pens. A white kitchen self-possessed in Scandinavian style implies plenty of accessories are plants (necessarily – in white pots), candlesticks, bottles from the stained glass, varicoloured ceramic tableware, trugs, copper tea-pots and pelves.

Modern – a white kitchen acquires a modern, even futurism kind. Kitchen facades are smooth even surfaces, with the use of plastic, varnish or acrylic. Paul is a tile or wear-proof linoleum. The built domestic technique must be neat in style – she is an inalienable attribute of design. Illumination – multilevel, great number of point lamps creating even light field.


Provance is romanticism and special colour of the south French village. Primary colors are the muffled tints of white (beige, nearer to sandy), many floral patterns and living colors. On windows are easy window shades, much sewing and ruches, ceramic knick-knackeries. Furniture – wattled or wooden with the open shelves filled by tableware and different knick-knackeries.

Kantri is a comfort, character and simplicity, here what a white kitchen is in style of kantri. Only wooden furniture in “age”, new furniture needs to be artificially made old. To no reserve, openness and naturalness, furniture with open closets and shelves, much clay painting and solid tableware. Style of kantri is this abundance of comfort, that is created by a wall clock, jars with groats, nice knick-knackeries in rural style.

A white kitchen will never go out from a fashion, and a choice of this color in an interior will always be successful. Beginning a morning here, it is possible to revive positive emotions and lightness on all day, and returning there in the evening, it easily to recover forces and submerge in rest before a dream.

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