White oak kitchen, tips and photo

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A snow-white accommodation talks about a cleanness, refinement, air and freshness. At white mass dignity. One, from that there is expansion of space, that not insignificantly at a little kitchen. However everybody favourably behaves to the tsarina of colors from easily soiled.

Myth about impracticality white.

Firstly, on a white surface a dust, shallow scratches, is not visible. Herein the light prevails above dark. If very watchfully behave to the scratches from children, domestic animals or personal features, will stop to the not glossy surface, and mat. On her in any palette modifications are visible less.

Secondly. The degree of contamination does not depend on the color of surface. The white becomes dirty exactly as well as beige, green, red to and other of color, simply on him dirt is more noticeable. I do not consider it a defect. A grey or claret facade can for months, not decolorizing to procreate to the bacterium. The white vice versa will specify on a necessity to produce cleaning of surface.

Thirdly, white as well as other colors needs timely cleaning up. Coming from the presented variety at the market of cleaning facilities, moving away of contaminations is not difficult. Give preference to the sponges and soft brushes with a microfibra. Do not addict to abrasive cleaning facilities, as they are ruinous for any material. A glossy facade can clear by means of the special facilities and sponges for washing of windows. They will pass corresponding brilliance, not abandoning broad patterns. And however, basic rule in a care – to conduct the moist cleaning up regularly and to delete spots at once, not to wait while it absorbed.

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To obtain her very simply:

– to give up the system of opening one pressure, and to choose the hidden or applied pens.

– to give up texture surfaces, in particular uneven apron. That was not boring and sterile, texture and invoice however must be added to the apartment: by means of wooden elements, blockwork or noble material of floor. And the ideally carefully thought out game of light and shade will bring in accents.

-it is abandonment from facades with filenkie.

-it is abandonment from glossy facades and ideally-smooth surface.

Above-stated – did not govern, and only moments that require a careful care.

Style of interior.

The white is favourite many masters. One of reasons serves as is the easy getting used in any style.

Style of interior

Scandinavian style is initially famous white paints. A snow-white beautiful woman is diluted by bright spots (color of lamps, picture) and natural wooden floor.

In Minimalism will not make a mistake exactly, choosing a white color. Technique built, multifunction, celestial elegantness. Constructions closed, with even surfaces. Choosing white – dignities are underlined.

A cross-breed of high technology and constructivism is style of hi-tec. Absolutely all objects are under an obligation to be laconic, streamlined or strictly impermeable. Presence of the different light illuminating from beneath, also requirement of late modernism.

Diluting an ethnic tile and articles of decor, and choosing chairs and lamp in an industrial spirit, we will get unsurpassed, intriguing Eclecticism.

Aroma of fresh colors, made old, shabby, slightly rough, by the effect of patina white furniture and numerous refined decor – it and there is French style vintage.

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In Classic a beautiful woman is carried out only from a natural tree with elements, imitating a bronze, gold, silver. The presence of edging and filenkie is obligatory. In boho it is possible to use million receptions for accenting. One of them is naturalness.

Combination with other colors.

Nature endowed splendour of flowing and tints of greenery : olive, grass, mint, lettuce, bog. Choosing any of them, in the apartment will appearĀ  the most fresh harmony and peaceful nature.

Tints from blue to blue add an airiness. In combination with light there are the impressions of skies, where white are clouds, and blue is soaring sky. Perfectly for dilution white is a tree. Variations of execution enormous amount. From minimum accents on the wooden legs of chairs to, assuming attention, overhead facades and surface.

Choosing a raised-and-fielded decor, certainly, required more careful care. However as such variant looks delightfully! With red it is not needed to be overdiligent. Doing an apron or facades of closets, this decision will pall at the best, and in worst will press. I advise only to add accents wonderful (from an old slavonic word “red”) retro by a refrigerator, vase with branches, fruit and berries.

Wide possibilities of white color the White color is the classics, standard that rules roast and determines progress of kitchen design trends. White or beige kitchen – it simple and simultaneously brave choice. Such design always abandons the pleasant feeling. It is confirmed by many photos of interiors. Classic white furniture well combines with a green, blue and purple decor. A design is well perceived, if in a kitchen present of detail beige, cream and brown with gold of colors. A white facade with fikenkie will give a kitchen elegance.

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Monotony of palette compensates riches of invoices. The repetitive fragments of gold decor of moderate size complement not only a facade from tree but also oak, sandstone, concrete well, and even marble. Popular natural materials, such as oak, ash and array of alder, going in step with time too slightly turned white. And though a price on them is high, the bleached tree uses popularity for the customers of kitchens in different styles.

Whims of white color


At quality execution white furniture is blameless. A color can be tuned under any desires, transformed on any manner. If you need visually to extend an apartment, bravely choose a white color for a design. He with success will manage with this task. In spacious kitchens white with gold looks no less showily. The array of the bleached oak is here appropriate with the abundant decorating. If for you beautiful set, choose a quiet background for him. A modest fretwork is possible in classic style. A white ash or oak add new accents to the design and create an impressive contrast with an ancient patina. White furniture in classic style is chosen by those, who aspire to the cleanness and irreproachability. The unusual binding of the modules and game with light will convert the especially technological and functional zone of kitchen into space for domestic pastimes , chats and guest reception.

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