White subway tile kitchen, 14 photo

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To floor coverage for a kitchen enhanceable requirements are produced: it must be not slippery, steady to influence of moisture and cleaning facilities, to be not afraid of mechanical damages and make happy an eye. For this reason a floor tile is so popular variant for the device of floor.

Criteria of choice of floor tile for a kitchen

Complication of choice of tile on the floor consists in that she must be not only durable and rub-proof but also harmoniously written into the interior of apartment.

Choosing floor coverage, pay attention to his next descriptions:

  1. Durability and stability to the shots

These requirements an oneroaster tile having an enhanceable thickness of founding and small porosity conforms to to a full degree. The higher indexes of durability are characterize the glazed glazed tile. A basic index influencing on durability is porosity. What less than this index, the more durable material.

  1. Stability to the abrasion and influence of chemicals : depend on quality of enamel and special additions

On the degree of wearproofness a ceramic wall and floor tile is divided by five classes: PEI – I – PEI – V. What higher class, the coverage is more steady.

For a kitchen it is necessary to choose the class of firmness of PEI – III or PEI – IV.

On the degree of stability to influence of aggressive chemicals the glazed tile is also divided by five classes: AA, A, B, C and D. As floor coverage here is often exposed to influence of different cleaning facilities, choosing is necessary tile with the higher class of stability.

A tile for a kitchen on the floor must have a class of АА or А.

  1. Stability to skidding
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For the device of floor the best of all a relief or mat ceramic tile will suit crackershell. On such floor, even at presence of moisture, you will not slip.

  1. Stability to the overfalls of temperatures

What less porosity of the glazed tile, the he is more steady to the sharp overfalls of temperatures. Otherwise cracks on the glazed surface not to avoid. Stability of the extruded glazed tile to the increase of temperature is higher, than at pressed.

  1. Exact sizes and form of tile

The exact observance of sizes and form of material in the process of production notedly cuts down expenses on guy-sutures, and such floor looks much more attractive.

Dignities and lacks of tile for floor

The popularity a ceramic tile on the floor conquered due to the row of undeniable advantages :

High durability. The correctly put tile is sexual for a kitchen can survive loading to 30 thousand tons on 1 sq.m, that in 15-20 times higher than durability of the reinforced concrete.

Longevity. Due to the high indexes of durability such floor will last 15 more than, not losing the external attractiveness.

Moisture resistance. The glazed tile on the floor is not afraid of neither moisture, nor fat nor cleansers, does not absorb extraneous smells and prevents to reproduction of fungus and bacteria. The care of him is extraordinarily simple.

Stability to the fires. The glazed tile is steady to influence of high temperatures, and due to excellent heat conductivity allows to assemble warm sex.

Ecofriendlyness and absence of allergy. A floor tile is made from natural components, does not distinguish at heating of toxins and does not cause allergic reactions. Does not accumulate an electric charge. Due to absence of electrostatics, the glazed tile does not attract a dust, as the same parquet , saving a cleanness and order. Excellent aesthetic descriptions. Variety of forms, colors and invoices allows to material harmoniously to blend in any interior.

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Optimal correlation is price-quality.

Design of floor tile

From all variety of designer decisions, it is necessary to choose such variant, that harmoniously will blend in the interior of kitchen, will complement the colour gamut chosen by you or will play on a contrast.

Many designers recommend to pick up a tile for walls, sex and apron from one collection, offering the different elements of decor. However remember that on the solid light surface of floor it will be notedly even the least contamination, and on a dark background all cracks and defects are distinctly visible.

Assuredly the imitating a marble glazed tile becomes a winning variant in such situation. Piling of floor coverage with a geometrical picture will demand the considerable expense of material, as master will have to pick up a picture. That, undoubtedly, will affect price. By an excellent variant for registration of interior of kitchen in style of hi-Tec the use of floor coverage will become with built-in light-emitting-diode lamps.


For the device of floor the square glazed tile is mostly used 30х30 см. the use of the white rectified tile (cut away at right angles) allowing to create continuous jointless coverage, or material of small sizes, will allow to Increase space of small kitchen.

Combining of the mat and glossy floor glazed tile looks very showily, having an identical picture.

Presently the special demand is used by the ceramic tile of Imola (collections of I Sassi, Travertino, Forest), Gambarelli (collections of Vulkan, Magma, New York), Gomez & Gomez (collections of Madera and Taiga).

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