White undermount kitchen sink, tips 2018

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The uncomfortable washing is able to convert the process of cooking into the real torture. And it is a not overstatement. Scientists counted up: almost two one third of businesses on a kitchen in any case are related exactly to the kitchen washing. How to do so that did she serve long years, and also was comfortable, stylish and functional?

What washing will suit for your kitchen?

Determined with that, what variant will become the best choice for your kitchen, we will make a list of requirements to the ideal washing. Undermount for a kitchen must be capacious enough. In fact not only piattis and cups but also pans, frying pans, roasting pans and other kitchen utensil wash usually in her. The good washing must maintain high temperatures, casual shots and influence of different domestic chemistry. Thus she is easy-to-operate and saves excellent original appearance at a minimum of efforts.

Looking closely to washing is needed only since you will be determined with style of your kitchen. Then she harmoniously will blend in an interior and will combine with kitchen furniture, technique and accessories. Necessarily take into account culinary habits of your family – as you cook often, what foods here use and as much tablewares have to be washed every day. Will decide beforehand, what mixer you want to choose, what objects will hold next to a shell, whether will put a filter for water and grinding down of wastes.

Size of the kitchen washing and depth

The size of washing depends not only on the personal preferences. If for you a small kitchen, probably, will be to give up the by volume capacious washing with two or by three bowls. In this case the angular washing can the decision of problem become for a kitchen. Mostly she consists of one large or two small rectangular bowls. They can be situated on one line or under a corner to each other. Such washing not only allows to involve an emptying “uncomfortable” corner but also looks by sight more compact.

Besides the size of washing the depth of bowl is very important. It is not needed to choose the very deep washing, otherwise will be to be constantly bent. Unpleasant consequences are permanent tension and sickly feeling in hands, shoulders, back. If a bowl will be too shallow, high tableware will not be placed in her, and the sparks of water and fat will constantly get on a wall or surface.

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In opinion of specialists, a depth a 150-180 mm can be considered optimal – and to the hostess comfortably, and washing will be capacious enough.

Choosing washing, it is important to take into account and such criterion as her depth – so name distance between her front and back walls. This distance must be less than, than depth of floor closet or stand of your kitchen set.

Form of washing for the kitchen

Undermount, intended for the use on a kitchen, can have both fully traditional (round, square, rectangular) and the most whimsical form. Modern materials and technologies allow to incarnate in life brave fantasies of designers and here to take into account recommendations of specialists on kitchen ergonomics.

Classic kitchen washing as a rule, rectangular or square. Quite often it is possible to meet the round washings. Rarer are washings with an oval or three-cornered bowl.

At choice form of washing considerations of comfort influence. For example, the round washings for a kitchen at an equal volume with the shells of other form often appear more capacious. In addition, it is needed to take into account, what form of washing organically will blend in the interior of your kitchen, complementing him on style.

The good washing for a kitchen can have one, two or three bowls. What variant to give preference – depends on your desire and financial possibilities. Quality washing with two or will outvalue three bowls ordinary. In additional bowls it very comfortably to wash vegetables, fruit or greenery, unfreeze meat or fish.

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Undermount it is simpler to wash with one bowl, however she is less comfortable for doing and treatment of foods dishes. Kitchen washing with two bowls far more comfortable and more functional. They are very popular due to it. Мойка with three bowls can become the real working center on a kitchen. As a rule, she has two large bowls and one little, that is located between them.

Is mortise or superimposed?

Washings made from different materials can be mortise or superimposed.

The mortise washings “embed” in kitchen столешницу, id est set in opening done in her. As a rule, washings of such type it is recommended to use, if your kitchen has beautiful long general surface. The mortise washings can be set above or under surface, and also at one level with her. The choice of optimal variant depends on a model and your preferences.

The superimposed washings are simply laid on furniture from above, as a lid. Such washing is traditionally assembled on the special floor stand and as though replaces by itself surface . As a rule, such models the best of all befit for the kitchen sets made from the separate closets-modules.

Some producers offer another type of washings – integrated. Mostly they are assembled levelly with the working surface of surface. Their feature is ideal contiguity  of edges with surface. Unlike previous two kinds, editing of such washings builds enough and requires specific skills.

What material to choose?

The choice of material out of that your washing will be made depends on many things. First of all, from the design of kitchen and style of interior, desired descriptions and your budget. For a kitchen in modern style perfectly washing will suit from not corroding or composite materials (so-called artificial stone).

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For a classic kitchen designers recommend an artificial stone (for example, on the basis of granite) or ceramics. On a comfortable kitchen in the style under old times metallic washings (especially good in such interior of washing from a composition-metal or bronze) will well look in style of kantri, artificial stone or ceramics.

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