Why you need metal kitchen cabinets? 10 reasons

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Domestic manufacturer offers Solid natural metal kitchen cabinets. Imported products made from precious and rare woods, inlaid with bronze and silver. Design solutions allow you to create indoor antique interiors or arrange them in a contemporary style.

Material new generation

Many subjects kitchen environment is always carried out exclusively from natural metal kitchen cabinets: stools, tables, accessories, soft corners. At the same time it gained popularity of the furniture sawdust coated polymer laminate. This is, primarily, the panels of cabinets, countertops. Convenient attribute enables fast frill: the whole rub – again! – And you’re done. Purchase tables, cabinets made of natural solid wood edge put a new (well forgotten old) question: how to clean wood furniture in the kitchen

Maintaining a polished, lacquered waxed surfaces in decent condition requires quality care. Cleaning the dust in this case is the need for daily operation. Initial cleaning is done using a flannel cloth or flannel, thinner material requires a lint-free cloth – viscose jersey, for example. Devisor useful for the process is a vacuum cleaner. Chemical treatment of wood active reagents unacceptable. When selecting materials in the trade network should be guided by the instructions for use, which the manufacturer has made, and their own experiences. The substances are used in a different sequence or in combination. The most popular blend of vegetable oils and soda: the components are mixed in a ratio of 1.5 / 1; Get the composition process contamination. The treatment should be repeated every two weeks.

New manufacturing techniques of furniture sets

  • Wooden furniture in the apartments is gradually replacing the CPD. Natural solid materials formed the basis for the revival of the art of joinery. Products were decorated with carvings: hollow, carved, sculpted. Carved surface gained cabinet fronts and drawers body, the legs of chairs and tables.
  • The second element, who stressed the expressiveness of pieces of furniture, it was turning, the application of complex patterns.
  • Elegance planes and panels, doors of cabinets and countertops emphasizes surface finish. Mosaic combining and marquetry – decorative inserts made of veneer wood surfaces do artwork.
  • Gained popularity furniture manufacturing technology. The New Face of wood attached to a variety of stains and varnishes, machining -. New technologies have expanded the possibilities of interior designers. Interior design has got stylish, completeness. In urban apartments main rooms – living room, kitchen furnishes predominantly in the classical style.

Arrange interior

Bailiff arrangement “in-line” – typically the most popular. However, the design of the kitchen with wooden furniture under the individual order allows the use of floor space as possible. “P” – and “L” – shaped arrangement considered to be more functional.

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The island – a kitchen if you can: in the center of a furnace or desktop modules. Cornerstones point – washing – cutting and cutting zone – the oven. Several in the side of the dining area is located.

Old wooden furniture exported to the country. Often rural one-store house is filled with cupboards, cabinets, dressers, desks. Wood panels in harmony with the timber walls, floors, are part of the landscape: verandahs, pergolas, flower beds.

Modern design has adopted eclectic – style, consisting of different styles. An important place in an atmosphere of home furnishings occupy the sixties. Acquired classic furniture in the kitchen in a wooden house can be a dominant part of the “Provence” style – the French varieties of “country”. His expressive underlined gray with a pink tinge tones of the walls, white doors and window sill, natural linen tablecloth.

Vintage metal kitchen cabinets is comfortable

Kitchen in the style of the house is decorated with metal – bronze, silver, brass parts. Wooden furniture is in harmony with wrought iron accessories, purchased or made by hand. Color serves as a backdrop; The interior is dominated ornaments, cabinets plane arranged cascade and encrusted surfaces are prominent. Wooden furniture for the kitchen can be contrasted with the style or to complement it.

Late modernism brought into the interiors of high thin legs, gave the severity ceiling paintings Chandelier. Wooden furniture acquired elegant carved shape. Turned back chairs in harmony with shiny panels of the door leaves. The kitchen is devoid of ornaments. Variety style – minimalism is characterized by brightness, simplicity and functionality of each furnishings created with their own hands:

  • Metal  furniture for the garden can be the subject of a separate concern. Modern technologies allow to receive a piece of furniture, which are decorated with curved panels, twisted detail. Manufacturer and designer furniture sets can together create an architectural masterpiece. The kitchen and living room in the Victorian-style decorate any house. The special charm of the project will give a sketch, made the owner of the house with his own hands.
  • To draw an analogy, the kitchen – is, of course, the “heart” of the house or apartment. The place where we prepare meals, organize friendly gatherings, meet relatives after a hard day’s work, and going to a family dinner, to be comfortable, and have to communicate.
  • Decorating the walls, because of the functional characteristics of the room, it can be made of various materials, and this variety is much bigger in size than the options for bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. Today we want to share some ideas with which you can create in your kitchen a unique, non-standard and, nevertheless, intimate design.
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What to prefer

Normally, the main part of the room requires more coating material than “apron”, which is used in the area of the plate and the cutting table. This is because some of the moments of operation, and contributes to greater purity and order in general. There are several varieties of finish, which can be issued a major part, and refer to it:

  • waterproof wallpaper;
  • paint of different colors and textures;
  • panel made of plastic;
  • wood paneling;
  • decorative plaster;
  • Finish imitating stone slabs.

Working zone made to decorate tiles or patterned tiles, which is presented in incredible numbers and options. You can see examples from the best designers in which the kitchen area is no longer the standard and mundane.

Available vintage metal kitchen cabinets for sale

If you decide to choose vintage metal kitchen cabinets for sale, for processing and re-creation of author’s design, the first reaction might be confused because of the abundance of the proposed options, textures, colors and patterns. Therefore, first pay attention to the practicality and durability, which is offered by manufacturers. For this fit assessment according to three criteria.

A good help to be washable wallpaper, painted on a roll with a wave, or a wave and a brush. Papered their walls, you can always remove the contamination appeared, the usual damp cloth. Glue for work, you can choose from the antibacterial and antifungal effect, which will increase the service life. Great view of the kitchen can create wallpaper for painting, as leave room for the manifestation of fantasy and design of experiments.

Vinyl wall covering option saves them from moisture and prevents grease stains spoil the appearance of the premises. Fever, or a direct hit by the sunlight, absolutely no harm vinyl wallpaper. The material does not bring any inconvenience either in the beginning or during prolonged operation, hide small defects or irregularities of the walls, will please owners of their durability.

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The newest invention – a glass wallpaper that can be painted, apply to them drawing pictures, and they are not susceptible to mechanical and temporary changes, fire resistant, and reinforced the wall itself. On, you can see how interesting can be a design registration, which uses such a novelty.

A two-color inspiration

Decorating with wallpaper kitchen wall gives the opportunity to experiment. Alternatively, you can select the design of the space in two colors. This will clearly separate the area visually increase the size of the room, decorate one of the parts drawings, patterns or pints. Of course, the prerequisite for kitchen design, a harmonious blend of textures.

Even with the use of two colors, is to consider how in the future will be arranged the furniture that you want to emphasize in the interior, which zone should attract attention. As can be seen, the two colors in the design to withstand a certain style and show that the owner can choose for your kitchen. Bright solutions, color combinations, and always make the kitchen a place where pleasant and joyful stay.


A few words I want to say about decorating the space above the stove and sink, as these are the places that are quickly spoiled. Of course many are accustomed to lay tile or tiles, and they are really well-proven. But if you use washable wallpaper, the result can be the same, but for far less financial investment.


It is also possible to make the glass and apron, which solves the problem of fire, near the cooking plates, and resistant to moisture vapors, but in light of the new technology, can be manufactured in any variety of patterns and colors. Assemble and install the wallpaper on the glass wall is very easy, and the type of cuisine they only improve. Decorating the walls of the kitchen wallpaper, will see how a variety of interior styles can be played.

Small compact kitchen and a large and spacious kitchen facilities can be equipped with the latest technology and design. Creative solutions and classic interiors are acceptable if the corner kitchen.

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